Moving On With Your Calling

You’ve gotten in touch with your Purpose, Message, Passion, and Mission (PMPM). You’re comfortable (yet a little freaked out) and ready to start moving on with your calling.

You’ve done the work. You have a pretty good idea about the big picture. You’ve used your power of imagination to see yourself fully engaged and empowered in the fullness of your calling, but what do you do now?

Take a step. Do something right now that moves you closer to your vision, and every day, do something that closes the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Consider making a plan consisting of many mini achievements which would be in alignment between where you are and where you want to go and check them off one-by-one while moving on with your calling.

Every day take a step, and when you can, check off a new achievement.

Every step you take, every move you make, brings you closer to achieving your highest and best.

Notice how the landscape changes as you get closer and closer to your destination.

When you can, invite others to join you, when you meet those chosen few you will meet along your journey. When you are actively moving toward that which you desire, the energy that is created attracts others who are headed in a similar direction. This is how God supports your taking action to serve the greater good.

Remain open, honest, and integrous as you move forward in diligent humility, never looking back but loving, learning, growing, and ever expanding, as you continue to answer the call and continue to take consecutive steps.

Do not be discouraged by the taking of small steps because it may not feel like you’re actually going anywhere. Trust that even if you’ve only moved slightly toward that which you desire, you are still closer than you were the day before and have faith in the cumulative value in every thought and action in anything that you do which honors and draws in your vision of your calling.

If you veer off course, not to worry. Look around. See what hidden treasure can be found in your detour, for there is always something there to find that will help you later on your journey. Respect it. Recalibrate and continue the moving on with your calling.

Find opportunities to serve others as you move forward. The giving to others will not only move you closer to where you want to be, but it pays into the eternal escrow account investments which will benefit you in dividends by allowing you to be blessed to receive what you need, when you need, and then some, at the perfect time along your journey.

It’s not going to be all happiness and joy as you embark upon your personal journey and this is to be expected because it is likely that you will need to acquire new skills and attitude adjustments along the way.

Accept this is all in divine order. It’s God’s way of equipping you with all the skills and abilities you will need to maximize your effectiveness when you arrive at your destination in the perfect time.

Make Your Dream Come True or Not

I know you’re hearing people tell you that you should, “Do what you love,” and the most optimistic encouragers might add, “and the money will come.” While a good part of my work is helping people find their passions and monetizing them, when you hear someone say you can make a fortune doing what you love (which is true) you may have noticed that while it sounds so good at first, something inside you is making you feel like this is not true. You can make your dream come true or not.

Both thoughts are right. While it’s true that you can do what you love and get paid handsomely for it, it is also true that you might not be able to make a dime doing what you love.

When I meet people and they have an idea about the work I do, most of them tell me they have this great invention, business idea, or unwritten book that will change the world and will make a bazillion dollars overnight. Great!

These are the kinds of people that I work with every day, but most of them disqualify themselves as a prospective client by answering the following questions:

1. What have you done today to promote your project?
(Talking to me doesn’t count.)
2. What have you invested in your project before today?
3. What other projects have you completed in the past?

If you don’t have passionately positive answers to these three basic questions, you are a dreamer. No problem with dreamers; we love them, we need them, life would be lackluster without the dreamers in our lives.

Not to be dissuaded by feeling like their answers may have disqualified them, they usually follow up with something like, “No, I don’t want to do it. I want you to do it; you can even put your name on it. I just want you to do it because you’re the master doer. You make things happen. Just do my thing and we’ll split the bazillion dollars 50/50.”

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are serial marketing money making masters who are always searching for the next thing they can exploit, make as much money as they can, then bail out and go on to the next thing. These are not the kinds of people that I work with (okay, maybe I do work with some people, like that).

My preference is to empower someone who is passionate about their project, mission, or message, and they’re actively doing something about it.

Make Your Dream Come True

You can make your dream come true; no doubt about it. I see it all the time, people making their dreams come true, and there’s little more satisfying for me than being able to watch the transformation take place in real time. But the key to making your dreams come true is found in the first (most important) word, “Make,” your dreams come true.
Just like you can’t just imagine a chocolate cake, or repeat the affirmation, “I am enjoying the chocolate cake which is materializing in hands,” and expect it to materialize before you, like magic (although, this can happen, it takes more than just imagination and affirming statements), so it is with your dream; you must “Make,” your dream come true.

The manifesters and creators are busy doing the work of making their dreams true. This is “the secret” to their success; they do the work of making their dreams come true every day.

Everything is Energy

Energy creates all things and if you’re a fan of Einstein, you know that Energy equals MC squared. M represents mass; that means you must have something to work with. C represents speed (the speed of light in a vacuum). So you need something physical to start with, and speed; moving in a particular direction… Squared. That means you’re actively moving twice the speed of anyone else. This is the formula for manifesting or creating anything from energy (which everything is).

Even when you hear about an overnight success, you have no idea what work went on that no one was privy to, going on diligently behind the scenes, laying the foundation for the sudden impact of the idea burgeoning into full expression.

There’s nothing glamorous about doing the work of building your dream when it appears to be fruitless. The law of sowing and reaping is never more clearly apparent than in your life as the manifester or creator. You diligently work your project until you reap the reward of your efforts, the juiciest and most satisfying fruit of all.

Or Not

“Oh, that’s too much work for me. I don’t need another job.”

Awesome. Instead, then, focus on your innate skills, what you’re really good at, and do that. If this is your calling, do that. We need you just as much as we need the manifesters and creators and by all means,

Keep Dreaming

You never know when your dream will fall into place, in the perfect planetary alignment, in the right hands at the right moment in space and time.



Those Who Take Action and Those Who Don’t

There are two kinds of people, those who take action and those who don’t. All of the people on this planet are born with a dream, a dream to believe, achieve, be or do something unique and meaningful, but few, very few, do what is necessary to realize their dream; that is to take action.

How can you tell the difference between those who take action and those who don’t take action?

Those who don’t take action are all around you. Wherever you see large groups of people, most of them are just like the majority of the rest of us. They are passive in their pursuit of life. At best, how they spend their time and efforts are basically focused on being a supportive part of the machine, which is integral to the continuation of the machine.

They engage in all the activity the powers behind the machine have given them to distract them from the dream they once had and keep their minds so busy, I mean frantically busy, so they couldn’t have the attention or time to focus on their dream if they had one.

Then there are those who vaguely remember their dream, and think about taking action. These people might even start to research about their dream and taking action to start creating their dream in an attempt to raise their awareness about their dream. They spend the spare moments they are able to glean from the crowded highway of life to research, to increase their knowledge, until they feel confident enough, that they know enough, to take action. But there’s so much to learn. So much information, in fact, that you will never feel like you are informed enough or prepared enough to take action. You’ve spend so much time on preparation and learning that there is no time left for taking action.

Then there are those who boldly take action. You may not know them, personally, but you know who they are. We spend our time and money on them and we focus our attention on them. We watch and support the people who have taken the action to live their dream. We watch them living their dreams in the movies, on TV, on the stage, or on the field. We buy their tickets, play their games, and wear their clothes. We admire the way they think, display their skills, and share their lives with us. We listen to their music, their words, and pay attention to the action they take. We see them, we watch them, we love them and we hate them for what they do.

And what is it that they are doing?
They are living their dream.

Sometimes, we wish we could live a dream, like they have, but feel that we’re just not good enough, or lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time for good fortune to shower down on us, like it did those people. But the truth is,

There are two kinds of people, those who take action and those who don’t.

The people whose work we admire had a dream and took action. In fact, they took massive action.

They didn’t have the time; they didn’t have any more time than you or me. They made the time… Every day.

They’re no better than you, anyone you know, have ever met, or anyone else on this planet. They’re just like you and me.

You might be sitting next to one of them right now. It’s easy to tell the difference between someone who has taken the action to achieve their highest and best and someone who hasn’t. Want to know how?

Ask them what they did today.

You can tell if a dreamer is tracking their dream and taking the action to make it come true by what they did today to move closer to their dream.

Oh, they might talk the talk; talk is cheap. Did they take action, today?

If they did not, they are still a dreamer, and that’s a good thing. Sometimes our dreams are all that we have, and even if we don’t live our dreams, maybe our dreams can inspire someone else to break free from the mob and take action.

It’s so simple. The people, who achieve their dreams, take action to move them closer to their desired outcome every day. Every day.

Just the fact that you have a dream alive inside you means that dream has already come to pass in the future. It’s already there, already a done deal. Your dream is just waiting for you to arrive. And right now, it’s wondering where the hell you are.

Do you have a dream? Are you ready to take the necessary action to achieve your dream, to make it come true once and for all? Are you ready to live your life on the other side of the screen? Not always watching, but becoming the person you were meant to be? To do the things you were called to do?

Then do it.

Yes, study, raise your awareness, courage, and prepare. But don’t get stuck there.

Take action.

Take action every day.

Be the best you can be.

Live a better life, your best life and make the world a better place.

Remember Your Dream and Make It Come True

How many of us had a dream of living a better life, but just couldn’t seem to get there?


It just seemed so far away, out of reach, or impossible, because of all the reasons or excuses you could think of that would justify not even trying to a achieve your highest and best. By now, you might have given up on the dream or erased it altogether, just so you wouldn’t be bothered by it any more. Maybe it’s time to remember your dream and make it come true.


That’s right; I said it, “Maybe it’s time to remember your dream and make it come true.”

That’s part of what I do and have been doing pretty much my whole life, in my ministry of helping others achieve their highest and best. There are many paths that lead to realizing your dreams but before you can start your journey to making your dream come true, you must know where you’re going.

Since most of us have forgotten our dream, or have had it beat out of us by family, friends, teachers, other societal influencers and/or naysayers, you must start at the beginning by remembering and recapturing the vision of your dream, which is a projection of what you really want out of life, and you know in your heart that this represents your highest and best.

Try to get a grasp of what your dream was, and if you can’t remember it (which is very possible if you lost track of it very early in life) you retain a sense of it, a longing to be or do something significant, which does not seem possible from your current vantage point, this is your dream.

Your dream may not be complete, but it is there. Like you might know that you’d like to write a song, or a book, but don’t know what type, style or subject matter might be. But you know that creating something using language is in the right direction.

Find a way to give meaning and life to your dream, attach a strong sense of purpose or benefit for you, your friends, family, the community, or the world at large. Make your declaration of the significance so great that it gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment for following through. Answer the question, “Why do I want to do this?” And answer it with meaningful benefits. Attach as much emotional energy to the achievement of your dream, that this sense of purpose will be able to fuel and carry you through those times, when the journey to your dream gets tough. Create a journey-to-my-dream journal, and put your list of whys on the first page. We all hit rough spots in our journey to our dreams; the meaningfulness of the outcome can help you to keep moving toward it and making progress, even if you’re not feeling it.

While keeping your eye on the dream, create mile markers from where you are now that will lead you in the direction of your dream. For instance, if you wanted to be a songwriter, or author, your first mile marker might be something like, “Writing 100 to 400 words every day.” It doesn’t really matter what the content is at this first mile marker. After you’ve accomplished this for a while, you might think about the next mile marker which might mean reading a book about songwriting or writing a book. Keep going, creating new mile markers or goals that lead to your dream, each one getting you closer and closer to realizing your dream.

Make a map, numbering as many sequential mile markers or goals as you can between where you are today and your destination, where your dream is waiting for you to arrive.

Make time to take action. A dream without taking action will never be realized. You need to do the work of taking action, every day. It needn’t be a huge gain in your journey, but even if it’s only the slightest movement in the right direction, you can rest assured that you are closer to your dream than the day before, even if you’re a fraction of an inch closer, you have made progress again today.

If an entire day has gone by and you haven’t had time to contribute something to your journey, do not beat yourself up over it, quickly forgive yourself and be determined to make even more progress tomorrow. A little guilt over not taking any action yesterday might motivate you to do better today.

Be willing and ready to make sacrifices in making progress in the direction of your dream. There are things that you find fun or exciting that keep you from achieving the progress you would otherwise be making. It may be time to put some of these things that could be distractions on-hold, while you’re staying focused on moving toward your goal.

Be aware and willing to make the necessary sacrifices, which might feel like you’re actually giving up something you really like and might make you feel good. Good things like meeting with friends after work, valuable time at the gym. or hanging out with family (having to sacrifice family time in the short-term can be very hard if you have a tight-knit family). There’s nothing bad with these things (and you might miss some really significant life moments) or any other activities, unless they’re taking up time that you could be using to move closer to your dream.

Know that dreams take time to come true and documenting your progress in a journal can be exciting and rewarding. Your path to your dream journal can also come in handy when things are not progressing rapidly or easily. A quick review of your journal can remind you how far you’ve come. Even if it is not very far, you are still closer than when you started, and if you give up now, all your efforts will have been in vain, so rationalize and realize that continuing to forge forward is the only way to assure that you get there. Recall your whys (they should be on the first page of your journal).

Make your journey to your dream as exciting and fun as possible. Try to integrate joy in the process of reaching your mile markers, or goals. You may be surprised as you are reaching or have reached your dream, you might be entertaining the idea of charting a path to a new, even grander, dream. This is normal for dreamers who take action. Once you’ve achieved one, many others appear for you to enjoy, and it’s always easier, once you have one conquered. So, by all means, keep dreaming.

Dream Catcher vs. Dream Smasher

You have found an amazing treasure… the most incredible, life-changing discovery (or one of the most significant treasures, if you’re in the habit of uncovering them often). You are so excited. You can’t wait to share it with the person whom you care about the most.

Have you ever brought something of powerful personal significance home to share with your partner (or to some other Very Important Person, someone whom you give significant importance to in your life) whose first response was one of disregard, or worse to make fun of you for considering any value in the thought, idea or focal point of your inner most emotional connection to your discovery?

How does that make you feel?

How do you feel about your newly discovered treasure now?

How are you feeling about your partner or VIP?

Depending on who you are and who your partner/VIP, you’re likely to either to toss your discovery in the trash and walk away from it, or put it on the back burner, feign respect for your partner/VIP but feel a disconnect from that person. If you’re disconnecting, your respect and affection for your partner/VIP is waning and you find yourself drifting away, especially if this has happened before, or you expect it to happen more often.

This is the conundrum you can find yourself in if you’re in a relationship where the roles played are,

Dream Catcher vs. Dream Smasher

Dream Catcher

Obviously, you are the dream catcher. A dream catcher is so much more than just an optimistic person. The dream catcher is constantly not simply aware of or actively seeking to see the good in things (like the optimist) but is foraging for meaningful, hidden treasure in life (and beyond). These precious treasures, when uncovered attach themselves deeply within the treasure hunter, often including a direct connection to the heart.

Invariably, every dream catcher has a dream smasher lurking in the wings, not far off from where the treasure has been discovered. Sometimes the dream smasher is very close, maybe a friend, roommate or someone you share your most intimate moments, whom you care about, respect and/or love.

Dream Smasher

The dream smasher is more than just a pessimist or a cynic. The dream smasher is compelled to disregard, ridicule, or totally squash your newfound treasure. They are compelled not to just do so once. Try to share another breakthrough of epiphany and they will laugh it off, or otherwise smash your dream again. Why? Because the dream smasher is hard-wired for this dream smashing response.

The dream smasher hard-wiring can be due to a life-long chemical balance in the brain, like that of a psychopath, or it could be learned behavior. Why would someone learn behaving like a dream smasher? The answer is: Fear.

People will smash your dreams out of fear.

Fear that you will follow the dream, and leave them behind.

Fear that you will move forward in some way, which would make them feel bad about their lack of desire to move (in thought, lifestyle, or time and space).

This fear can either be imagined, or based on a life experience when they experienced loss due to someone else who abandoned them for something better. This person will smash anything that threatens any potential loss or disconnect.

Interestingly, the learned behavior dream smasher will smash your dream in an effort to preserve and save your relationship with (and /or dependence on) them, when in reality, it has the opposite effect; refusing to embrace and support another’s precious treasure(s) only causes disconnect and a falling away.

While there is no hope for the psychopath who feels a sense of power and superiority from smashing the dreams of others, there is hope for the dream smasher who is smashing your dreams out of fear.

If you cannot break through the dream smasher’s issues, you will continue to drift apart. If you can break-through, heal and create a more intimate connection, the relationship will continue and may thrive.

You may be able to share your treasures, learn to catch and explore dreams together.

Don’t Stop Believing

Remember, back when you were in school and your classmates and others would ask, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” If you were an ambitious dreamer, like me, you would spin tales of unlived possibilities in an unknown future that lies just around the bend beyond the familiar terrain of the present.

You were young. You had dreams. As a young adult you were just starting your life’s journey and may have been willing to take the midnight train going anywhere, just to get a chance to experience something new and exciting. You were bold, adventurous, and though you may have been afraid, you were willing to roll the dice just one more time just to see what fate might tempt you with.

You were alive. The whole world was yours for the asking. You had a belief that you could do anything – and you could – all you had to do was to take the step and doors would open. You believed a vast world of possibilities held treasures in store for you, and if someone dared ask you about it, you could tell stories of a future yet to be realized, like a movie that never ends, and go on and on…

Then something happened

The rude awakening – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – you want the reasonable basics of life. And you start pondering more base questions about life, like “Where will I live?” Where will my next meal come from? How can I support myself? What do I have to offer a potential mate?

While you still believe and are willing to continue to dream, life grabs you by the wrist and hurls you into a sense of duty and responsibility as you reason, “I need to get a job.” Or some other sobering thought, as you hear the door to the cage close, realizing you’ve just been caught in the trap of life.

Life in prison

Day by day, your enthusiasm wanes as your dreams fade and you stop believing in a fabulous future. You resign yourself to the mundane day to day lifestyle of a reality where dreams no longer exist and become accustom to the engine’s drone as you taxi into your life of mediocrity.

The little, rare fanfares interrupt your otherwise “normal” life, where every day is just the same as the day before. The alarm goes off, the scurry to do what needs to be done. The hustle and bustle of your daily routine, which could probably be conducted while blindfolded, all to find yourself safely at home. Relax for a few minutes, until “lights out.” And it starts all over again.

And you go about making the best of your life in prison, without a thought of what’s going on outside, because to allow yourself to think of it would just be too tragic. That is, until you meet that young person, of whom you ask the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

In that moment you remember a time when you believed in all the possibilities, and you hope maybe to get a glimpse in the life of this young person of the flame that once burned in you so brightly. You think, even though you wasted your chance, maybe you could recapture the feeling by living vicariously through the life of this youth. Then, invariably, the young person with a dream of a brighter future begins to ask, “Where will I live?” and you know what comes next, as you shrug your shoulders and resign yourself to believe that belief is folly.

Don’t Stop Believing!

And that’s just how society has trained you to think and react. When you stop believing, the machine wins as you become nothing more than a functioning part of it, without hopes, dreams and unmotivated to disrupt the status quo.

It’s never too late to start believing and resuming your life’s journey again. All you have to do is to start where you left off. Have the courage to ask yourself, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Don’t think of yourself as someone whose future has already been spent. You can ever continue to grow and change, embracing a brighter future and daring to do something to make the world a better place, no matter what station in life you may be in or what your age might be.

Dare to dream about the bright future that lies ahead, waiting for you in the next season of your life.

As you step back into the driver’s seat, ready to embark on your renewed life’s journey, you can continue to grow, evolve, write and rewrite your life’s script, like the movie that never ends, it goes on and on, and on, and on…

Don’t Stop Believing