Do Dream Then Do

If you do dream then do what is necessary to bring your dream to fruition, it is yours. Having a dream, an illusionary desire or goal that inspires you, makes you feel good when you focus your thoughts upon them is the basis of readying yourself to receive your heart’s desire. If not followed by inspired action, your dream may just remain a fantasy.

Walt Disney taught us all to dream, and the Law of Attraction took us to the next level of transforming a dream to reality, but in general, there was more of an emphasis on the act of dreaming and less on the doing, and currently, there is a wave of thought that promotes the idea that the act of “doing” is counterproductive to manifesting one’s dreams.

Let me ask you this,

If you dream and do nothing,
can your dream come true?


This does happen occasionally, and we have all heard the stories of this happening. When this occurs, it is miraculous, and it affirms our belief in miracles.

If you look at the numbers, miracle manifestation accounts for less than one-tenth of one percent of all dreams that do come true. Just examining the statistics reveals that all the other dreams that come true are followed by generous portions of doingness.

Your act of doing added to your active dreaming greatly enhances your manifestations. Any movement via inspired action moves you closer to your dream, and all steps that you make toward your dream are cumulative.

Every action you take, no matter how small, moves you closer to what you want.

And for those who are in the habit of making their dreams come true repeatedly, they take massive amounts of action steps toward what they want.

These masters of manifestation may look like workaholics to the average fan of the Law of Attraction, but when all this effort may look like hard work to you (some of it is uncomfortable, difficult, or “hard”) to the master of manifestation, it is fun because this work is performed enthusiastically, powered by the passion of seeing one’s dream come to life.

This is the sweet spot of manifestation, and it is where the majority of all dreams that come true happens.

So, by all means, do dream, then do whatever you can to move yourself toward what you want.

You could start by submerging yourself in the vibration of what you want. Like if you want to manifest a yacht you should join a yacht club and start hanging around people to have yachts.

If you want a Mercedes, start collecting Mercedes merch, display it prominently, wear the pin on formal occasions and the T-shirt informally, and hang out with people who already own Mercedes and as you do, you will be moving closer to having one to call your own.

When the club that represents what it is that you want sponsors a fundraiser, volunteer to assist in any way you can. When you are hob-knobbing and rubbing elbows with the people who are actively plugged-in to the things your heart desires, you will be able to take advantage of rare opportunities to manifest even more.

Make opportunities to hang with the people who are already in the full vibrational flow of what you want to have or where you want to be, and you will increase your rate of manifestation exponentially. This is all a part of the inspired doing that you could be accomplishing to get what you want.


Quantum Manifestation: Intention, Empowerment, and Co-creation

Quantum Manifestation is a complex issue to tackle, so tick with me as I help to guide you through the basics which include intention, empowerment, and co-creation.


Consciousness plays a crucial role in the process of manifestation. Our intentions, fueled by conscious awareness, direct the quantum field and allow us to bring our desires into fruition. By aligning our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs with our intentions, we harness the creative power of consciousness, shaping our reality according to our highest aspirations.

Within the depths of our being lies a remarkable power—a power that can shape the fabric of our reality. It is the power of intention, fueled by conscious awareness, that holds the key to unlocking the creative forces of the quantum field. With intention, we become architects of our own destiny, co-creators in the grand tapestry of existence.

Intention is more than a fleeting thought or a passing desire. It is a focused and deliberate choice—an unwavering commitment to manifesting our deepest desires and aspirations. When we harness the power of intention, we align our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs with our desired outcomes, becoming magnetic forces that draw forth the manifestation of our dreams.

The process begins with conscious awareness—a heightened state of presence where we observe our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs without judgment. Through this awareness, we gain clarity on what truly matters to us, discovering the desires that reside in the depths of our soul. We transcend the noise of external influences and tap into the infinite wellspring of wisdom within.

Once aware, we infuse our intentions with purpose and conviction. We clarify our desires and imbue them with the energy of belief, envisioning them as already manifested. We step into the realm of possibility, transcending the limitations of the rational mind and embracing the expansive potential of the quantum field.

With intention set, we navigate the quantum landscape with unwavering focus. We become attuned to the vibrational frequencies of our desires, aligning our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs with their manifestation. We release any doubts or fears that may arise, replacing them with unwavering faith in the creative power of consciousness.

In this process, we become active participants in our own transformation. We take inspired action, aligning our thoughts and behaviors with our intentions. We seek opportunities that resonate with our desires, surrounding ourselves with environments, people, and resources that support our journey.

As we move forward with intention, we open ourselves to the synchronicities and miracles that unfold along the way. The universe conspires to bring our desires into fruition, presenting us with signs, opportunities, and serendipitous encounters. We trust in the unfolding of the divine plan, knowing that every step we take is guided by the intelligence of the quantum field.

Through intention and conscious manifestation, we witness the extraordinary power of our own creative potential. We become living testaments to the interconnectedness of consciousness and the vastness of our own capabilities. We tap into the universal dance of co-creation, where our intentions merge with the intentions of the cosmos, weaving a tapestry of possibilities beyond our wildest imagination.

So, I invite you to embrace the power of intention, to harness the creative forces of consciousness within you. Set your intentions with clarity and purpose, aligning your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs with your deepest desires. Surrender to the magic of the quantum field, trusting that as you move forward with intention, the universe conspires to manifest your dreams.

Remember, you are a co-creator in this grand cosmic symphony. Your intentions hold the power to shape your reality and manifest the extraordinary. Embrace the journey of intention and manifestation, for within it lies the profound realization that you are the architect of your own destiny.


By harnessing the principles of entanglement, superposition, and observer effect, we become active participants in the manifestation process. We align our thoughts, emotions, and intentions with our desired outcomes, leveraging the quantum field’s infinite possibilities to transform our lives.

In the fascinating realm of entanglement and the quantum world, we discover the profound implications for personal transformation. It is here that we unlock the secrets of empowered manifestation, harnessing the principles of entanglement, superposition, and the observer effect to shape our reality and transform our lives.

Empowered manifestation is the conscious and intentional creation of our desired outcomes through the utilization of quantum principles. It is the recognition that we are not passive observers but active participants in the co-creation of our reality. By aligning our thoughts, emotions, and intentions with our desired outcomes, we tap into the infinite possibilities of the quantum field and catalyze profound transformation.

To embark on the path of empowered manifestation, we must first cultivate a deep sense of awareness and understanding of the interconnectedness of all things. We recognize that we are not separate from the universe but intrinsically connected to it, influencing and being influenced by the energetic fabric that underlies all of existence.

With this understanding, we shift our perspective from one of limitation to one of infinite potential. We let go of restrictive beliefs and societal conditioning that hinder our ability to manifest our desires. We step into the realm of possibility, where anything is achievable.

Harnessing the principles of entanglement, we recognize that our thoughts, emotions, and intentions have a direct impact on the quantum field and the outcomes we experience. Just as the observation of quantum particles influences their behavior, our focused attention and conscious intention shape the energy around us.

Superposition becomes our ally on this journey, expanding our perception of who we are and what we are capable of. We transcend the limitations of linear thinking and embrace the idea that multiple potentials exist simultaneously. By holding the vibration and belief in our desired outcomes, we collapse the quantum wave function and bring them into our tangible reality.

The observer effect reminds us of our power and responsibility as conscious creators. We understand that our observations and beliefs shape the outcomes we experience. Therefore, we choose to align our thoughts, emotions, and intentions with the reality we wish to manifest. We become mindful of the quality of our focus and consciously direct it toward our desired outcomes.

Practical techniques such as visualization, affirmations, and gratitude play a crucial role in empowered manifestation. Through visualization, we vividly imagine ourselves living our desired reality, engaging all our senses to create a powerful energetic imprint. Affirmations act as declarations of our intentions, reinforcing positive beliefs and aligning our subconscious mind with our conscious desires. Gratitude opens the floodgates of abundance, allowing us to appreciate the blessings already present in our lives and attract more of what we desire.

Embracing empowered manifestation requires trust in the unseen, surrendering the need for control, and allowing the universe to orchestrate the intricate dance of creation. It demands perseverance, as the manifestation process may unfold in unexpected ways and timelines. But with unwavering belief, aligned action, and an open heart, we unleash the full potential of our quantum selves and create a reality that resonates with our deepest desires.

So, let us step into the realm of empowered manifestation. Let us harness the principles of entanglement, superposition, and the observer effect to shape our reality and transform our lives. May we embrace our innate creative power and co-create a world where love, abundance, and joy flourish. The quantum field awaits our conscious participation. Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary journey of empowered manifestation?


Understanding the quantum self empowers us to become active participants in the process of co-creating our reality. By harnessing our intentions, we can direct the quantum field and manifest our desires into tangible experiences. Through focused intention, we tap into the infinite possibilities that the quantum realm offers, catalyzing profound transformations in our lives.

Within the realm of personal transformation lies a profound understanding that we are not merely passive observers of reality but active participants in its creation. Co-creation and manifestation are fundamental aspects of the quantum self, offering us the ability to shape our experiences and bring our desires into tangible existence. In this article, we will explore the implications of co-creation and manifestation in the context of personal transformation, guiding us on a path toward spiritual mastery and the realization of our superhuman potential.

Co-creation is the recognition that we are not isolated beings but interconnected threads woven into the fabric of the universe. It acknowledges that we have the innate capacity to collaborate with the cosmic forces and actively participate in the unfolding of our lives. Co-creation involves aligning our intentions, thoughts, beliefs, and actions with the universal energy, harnessing its power to manifest our desires and bring about positive change.

At the heart of co-creation lies the power of intention. Intention acts as a guiding force, directing our focus and energy toward a desired outcome. When we set clear and conscious intentions, we send powerful signals to the universe, initiating a ripple effect that influences the events, circumstances, and opportunities that come our way. Intention acts as the bridge between our inner world and the external reality, shaping our experiences and materializing our visions.

The quantum self recognizes that the fabric of reality is composed of vibrating energy fields, constantly in flux and responsive to our consciousness. By understanding and working with the quantum field, we tap into a limitless reservoir of creative potential. Through practices such as visualization, meditation, and energy work, we learn to attune ourselves to the quantum field, accessing its infinite possibilities and influencing the outcome of our manifestations.

Co-creation and manifestation require a harmonious alignment of our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. Our thoughts carry energetic vibrations that shape our experiences, and when aligned with positive emotions and empowering beliefs, they become potent forces for manifestation. By cultivating self-awareness and consciously choosing thoughts that support our desires, we can overcome limiting beliefs and emotional blockages, paving the way for the realization of our dreams.

While intention and alignment are crucial, they must be accompanied by inspired action. Co-creation involves actively engaging in actions that are in resonance with our intentions. Inspired action arises from a place of alignment, intuition, and inner guidance. It is not driven by force or struggle but flows effortlessly, propelling us toward our desired outcomes. As we co-create, we remain open to synchronicities, signs, and opportunities that arise along our path, trusting in the wisdom of the universe to guide us.

Co-creation and manifestation require a delicate balance of intention and surrender. We set our intentions and take inspired action, yet we relinquish the need for control and trust in the divine timing and orchestration of the universe. Faith and surrender allow us to release attachment to specific outcomes and embrace the unfolding of our desires in ways that may surpass our limited imagination. It is through surrender that we open ourselves to receive the gifts of the quantum field.

Co-creation and manifestation are transformative processes that empower us to step into our quantum selves and manifest our highest potential. As we recognize our inherent co-creative abilities, we become active participants in the unfolding of our lives, shaping our reality with conscious intention, aligned thoughts, and inspired action. Embracing co-creation and manifestation in our personal transformation journey allows us to tap into the vast reservoir of universal energy, unlocking our spiritual mastery and embodying our superhuman potential. Let us embark on this journey of co-creation and manifest our dreams into reality.

Understanding the interconnected nature of consciousness and energy empowers us to become conscious co-creators of our reality. Our thoughts, emotions, and intentions have the ability to shape the energetic field around us, influencing the unfolding of events and the manifestation of our desires. By aligning our consciousness and energy with our intentions, we harness the creative power of the universe itself.

Within the fabric of existence, there is a remarkable power that lies dormant, waiting to be awakened—the power of co-creation and manifestation. It is the recognition that our thoughts, emotions, and intentions hold a profound influence over the energetic field around us, shaping the unfolding of events and bringing our desires into tangible reality.

Co-creation and manifestation begin with the understanding that we are active participants in the creation of our lives. It is the realization that we are not mere observers, but co-creators with the universe. Through the power of our consciousness, we have the ability to mold and shape the energetic forces that underpin our experiences.

The process of co-creation and manifestation starts with our thoughts. Thoughts are like seeds that carry the potential for creation. They hold the power to initiate a chain reaction in the quantum field, setting into motion the unfolding of events and circumstances that align with their vibrational frequency. It is said that energy flows where attention goes, and our thoughts direct the flow of energy.

But it is not enough to merely think positive thoughts or affirmations. Our emotions play a vital role in the process of manifestation. Emotions are the fuel that ignites the creative fire within us. When our thoughts are accompanied by positive emotions such as joy, gratitude, and love, they become magnetized, attracting experiences and opportunities that resonate with their vibrational frequency. Emotions infuse our thoughts with a powerful charge, amplifying their manifestation potential.

Intention acts as the compass that directs the course of our co-creation. When we set clear and focused intentions, we provide a clear roadmap for the universe to follow. Intentions are like a guiding light, steering our thoughts, emotions, and actions toward the realization of our desires. They align our entire being with the energetic frequency of what we wish to manifest, creating a harmonious resonance between our inner world and the external reality.

To harness the power of co-creation and manifestation, we must first become aware of our thoughts and beliefs. It requires a level of mindfulness and self-reflection to recognize the patterns and conditioning that may be blocking the flow of manifestation. By cultivating a state of inner clarity and alignment, we create a fertile ground for our desires to take root and flourish.

Practices such as visualization, affirmation, and meditation can greatly enhance our co-creative abilities. Visualization allows us to vividly imagine and embody the reality we wish to manifest, engaging all our senses in the process. Affirmations serve as powerful declarations of our intentions, imprinting positive beliefs and thoughts into our subconscious mind. Meditation, on the other hand, quietens the mind, allowing us to tap into the deeper realms of consciousness where our creative power resides.

Co-creation and manifestation also involve surrendering to the flow of life. It requires us to trust in the inherent wisdom of the universe and let go of attachment to specific outcomes. When we release the grip of control and surrender to the greater intelligence at work, we open ourselves to infinite possibilities and unforeseen avenues for manifestation.

Remember, co-creation and manifestation are not magical incantations that guarantee instant results. They require dedication, consistency, and a willingness to align our thoughts, emotions, and intentions with our highest aspirations. It is a process of growth and self-discovery, allowing us to unlock our full potential as conscious creators in this grand tapestry of existence.

So, I invite you to embrace the power of co-creation and manifestation. Harness the energy of your thoughts, infuse them with positive emotions, and set clear intentions aligned with your deepest desires. Engage in practices that support your co-creative journey, and surrender to the flow of life. Through this dance of consciousness and intention, you become an active participant in the unfolding of your reality, shaping a life that resonates with your truest essence. Embrace the power of co-creation and manifestation, and watch as the world responds to the magic you hold within.

Imagination and Creation

The first order of creation is thought. Everything that ever was, is, or will ever be was preceded by thought. Sometimes an unintentional thought brings a thing into being, sometimes intentional. You can create change by brute force, with determination, will power, and rigid discipline.

But if you really want to take an active role in seeing anything change in your life, or the world, you can actively take part in the creation process by engaging and incorporating other systems which come from outside of your flesh, which can magnify your efficacy exponentially.

The most powerful tools you have to live a better life, your best life, and make the world a better place from what you know today as being your reality and not only bridge the gap but cause your heart’s desires to show up in your life are your imagination and inspired action.

Let’s take a look at imagination.

The powers that try to control you, the world, and keep us subdued, know how powerful your imagination is, so they have built sociological constructs which make you believe that imagination is nothing but a fanciful toy used by children. And by all means, you and everyone you know should abandon such silliness if you are to become a responsible adult and effective member of society.

If you are caught using your imagination or daydreaming, your peers who have been programmed just as you have will speak up and attempt to correct you. The correction may take the form of a warning or reprimand, an assertion that you get your feet back on the ground and grow up. In essence, to “get real.”

If you do not snap out of it, you may be at risk of being diagnosed with any number of various psychological disorders for which there is a treatment regimen that will knock the imagination right out of you. So, be careful about using the power of your imagination, and be cautious as you continue to practice using it because your strength and expertise in wielding such a powerful tool will grow as you learn to embrace this source of creation.

Regardless of what other people might think or say, I challenge you to dare to invite a bit of imagination to your life, right now. This little exercise doesn’t require changing your environment or achieving a state of relaxation, it can be done anytime anywhere. I mean, if you’re watching or listening to me right now, you’re already multitasking, so just keep going, and imagine your life.

By using your skill of daydreaming, you can function normally and exercise your skills of imagination while having very little impact on your waking and otherwise productive life.

Using your power of imagination, think and answer this question, “If you could have anything you want any way you want it, all the love, health, and wealth you can envision. What would that look like?”

Just for a moment, suspend your disbelief, and actively visualize, see in your mind’s eye, all the things you would really like to see and be around you in your life.

In your perfect life, if you could have everything the way you wanted it, what car would you be driving? What kind of house would you live in? Where would you live, if you could live anywhere in the world, and money was no object.

What would the people who are close to you look like? What would your friends look like? How would they support and respond to you as you were living your perfect life? If you could have your family members be any way you wanted to be, how would they be?

Would you have a job? If you had a job, what kind of job would you love to have more than anything? Would you be financially independent? How would you achieve that? Might you be a business owner, inventor, artist, actor, singer/songwriter, game or app creator, or the recipient of an inheritance or some other financial windfall?

Remember, reality plays no part in this exercise. Push your desires out beyond their logical limits, where anything and everything is possible. After all, this is just your imagination.

What would your health status look like? When you look in the mirror in your imaginary perfect world, what do you see? What’s your default facial expression as you’re living the life of experiencing the desires of your heart every day in every way? What does your happy healthy body look like? What clothes are you wearing?

In this place, what would you do for fun?

Would you travel? Have your own swimming pool? Throw parties for your friends, celebrating everything, in your own event center or on your yacht? What would you do that you would love to do more than anything? What would make your heart sing?

Okay, bask in your imaginary life for a few more moments, imagining what your life would look like if you could have it any way you want it.

And while you do that, I want to make a confession to you. I just played a trick on you, and you fell for it. Now don’t worry, a beautiful thing just happened. While anyone else in their right mind might have cautioned you against it, what you just did is amazing.

Using the power of your imagination, just now, you created all those things that you ever wanted and they are coming toward you to be realized in the 3D world for you in all their glory. This is taking place, right now. They are coming to you.

This is the power the greatest minds of our time from Aristotle to Tesla, Einstein, and Jobs, who knew how to use this tool to bring us a planetary status and quality of life where we can have access to anyone anywhere in a heartbeat. Anything you can think of, it’s either already here or on its way.

And everything that is, started just like that little exercise you did. You planted those seeds and you germinate them with your thoughts and they continue to grow, mature, and get closer and closer as you do, but it will take more to bring them to fruition mort rapidly.

Manifest a Yacht

Ever wonder where the frequency of your life vibrates at? You should. Because if you know what frequency you’re at, you are better equipped if you desire to change your life, to have more abundance, live a better life, your best life, and make the world a better place. So, where’s your vibration?

If you want to experience the manifestation of an abundant life, know this: You are attracting all the things into your life which you are a vibrational match to, right now.

In our Beyond Science Lab we’re working on a device which reads your standard energy frequency vibration, every thought you think, situation, circumstance, or media hit you are exposed to will raise or lower your human vibration frequency. But there’s no need to use complicated electronic devices to determine the frequency of your vibration.

So, look around, and you’ll see exactly what you’re a vibrational match to. The life that you are living is always a perfect match to your current vibrational frequency setpoint. Always.

But you want more!

Who wouldn’t? And you’re mere wanting of a better life, lover, car, home, financial status, and whatever else is in your idea of the having of an abundant lifestyle are all important pieces of the puzzle which can bring all these things to come to pass.

How Can You Raise Your Vibration?

So, how can you raise your vibration to match the frequency of what you want? The answer is important because this is the quickest way to manifest the desires of your heart with the least amount of effort. And the answer is simple, but it may not be easy. The answer is,

Change Your life

Make your life a vibrational match to what you want. Now there are a couple of ways to go about this. The first will sound a little more reasonable.

Become a Financial Match

This is not always the best way but it is the way which is more commonly embraced by society. If you can raise your financial frequency, the pure number of dollars or financial resources over which you have control, you can affect a substantial change of life, and manifest more abundance.

Using this approach, you will need to evaluate where you are financially now to establish a starting point and then to find out at what level of income you need to be at to have all the things you want. Let’s just take a look at one thing, for example:

Your Very Own Luxury Yacht

You can get an entry-level yacht for around $100,000.00. You don’t have to pay it all at once if you have good credit and a 40% debt to income ratio (that means you have 60% of your monthly income to spend on whatever you want besides living expenses). You will need a $10,000 down payment, $1,500 for personal necessities including life jackets and $600 for insurance, Oh, and you will have to pay for a yacht pilot when you want to take it out as well.

To become a financial match, you need to make at least $50,000 a year and live moderately enough that you can have enough left over to enjoy your yacht at least once-a-month.

You can call vendors of any item your heart desires and ask them what the average cost to buy, own, and maintain it. You can inquire about the financing options, what it would take for the down payment and monthly obligations, even asking what the average income of someone is, who normally owns such an item.

With this data in hand, you can reverse engineer how much you would need to make it happen. Then find ways to raise your income level to match the item(s) you want.

Or you can manifest your yacht in another manner using primarily your vibrational frequency to match the boat you want.

Become a Vibrational Match

You could, using your imagination and power of thought, achieve a state of mind equivalent to that of having your yacht, then when your thoughts along with the feeling of having your yacht match, the yacht will fond its way to you.

This process does not involve making a financial plan but making an energetic plan. You will be focusing your attention every day on the object of your affection. You will cut out articles about it, read news articles and blog posts about people who have a yacht, like the one you want.

You will make vision boards, and spend time imagining every detail about what it would be like to have that yacht and even join a yacht club in accordance with your desire to have one (except for the most exclusive yacht clubs, you don’t have to own a yacht to join the club).

Joining a yacht club has you enjoying the company of people who already have yachts, love talking about them, and these could potentially become your new friends, effectively raising your vibration to match that of the vessel you desire, and may open up the avenues to allow your yacht to appear when you are a perfect match for it.

There is no doubt, there are countless examples of this working efficiently even for those who are not in a financial situation which would normally be required to achieve such an abundant lifestyle.

What Did You Do Today?

When you’re on a path from where you are to where you want to be, the best you can do is to move a little each day toward the vision which is desperately waiting for your arrival. So, what did you do today?

It’s easy to reduce your action of moving toward your heart’s desire to those things that are easily quantitative in the “real world,” which is a lot less real than you might think.

If you had a dream project journal, there are the 3D things which are easy to track, like putting five dollars in your special account which you have set aside for your dream project, and you feel good about doing it, because maybe it’s the $5 you would have sent on coffee and a donut, and now you can see that you moved one priority from today and invested it in your future.

I don’t have to spell out the math of this, but that’s $1825.00 a year that you can easily accumulate toward your dream, fairly effortlessly, and you can account for it.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of thing you could do each day which move you, even if only the slightest bit toward those things in life that are calling you forth. The $5 is just a simple example which anyone could easily relate to.

What happens on the day you open your dream project journal and you stare at the blank page? After reviewing the day which has gone by you might think you don’t have anything to jot down on the page.

What Did You Do Today?

You’re thinking of your interaction with life as it is and you’ve been sidetracked by this and that, and you know there’s no such thing as a good excuse, and you’re thinking you’ve got nothing to show for you’re moving closer to what you long for today.

Not true.

What you may have failed to account for is something far more powerful than what you could possibly do in the natural world that moves you further ahead and so close to what you want that you can almost taste the fullness of it.

These are the energetic investment of your heart and thoughts.

Do not forget that

Everything is energy

This is your secret weapon to achieve and have anything, everything, and so much more than you could possibly want.

You say, “Oh, I can want a lot.” And I can tell you that no matter how excessive your desires could possibly be, there is so much more that is waiting to be endowed to you.

Ask anyone who you think might have it all, they all want something more, and if they keep moving, even more keeps vectoring in to show up in their lives. Of course, at this point, they – and you – will have built up incredible momentum, so manifestation is much quicker and easier.

Energy is Far More Powerful than Physical

Your energetic work is far more powerful than your physical work, but it’s a little tricky. You are always doing energetic with your heart and thoughts. If you are not diligently aware, you could allow your heart and thoughts to move you away from that which you seek.

You must, therefore, guard your heart and mind to make certain this vast energy supply is working for you and not against you.

Thinking about the desires of your heart can move you so much closer to what you want, but it depends what you’re thinking. If your thoughts are powerfully positive about what you want and you’re allowing your heart to engage in the thinking about what you want so much that it pretty much feels like you already have it.

But, if you think about what you want and are feeling the lack of it, you are moving away from it.

If you’re thinking about your dream project, like, “Oh, I wish it would come,” or worse, “Why isn’t this here, yet?” or “I cannot see any sign that it is coming.” You know these are not good thoughts because when you engage in thoughts, like these, you do not feel good.

On the other hand, if your thoughts infused with your own heart’s energy are positively supporting your dream, this looks more like… Let’s say you want to buy a house.

When you think about your house, you use your imagination to see the house you want. If your thoughts and feelings are excited about having the house, just as if you already owned the house, and you add energy to it, like imagining installing a sauna. What will it look like? What will if feel like, having this new addition in your home?

Just doing this exercise has moved you far further toward your new home energetically.

Even if you’ve not done another thing this day (nothing you could rationalize as moving you closer to what you want).

What did you do today?

You powerfully and energetically supported your dream project by Imagineering your new sauna.

Jot it down in your dream project journal. And when you’re looking at a blank page; take some time out for Imagineering and document it.

Don’t forget your positive emotional investment, and guard against negative thought patterns. When you feel a negative one coming on, switch it to imagining what you want in its fullness (not in the lack of it) and make it even more magnificent.

If you imagine yourself being in the fullness of what you want, one day you will open your eyes, and there you are standing amidst it all and even more.

Then, hopefully, you will want more and dream a new dream, for there is so even more ready and waiting for you.

Expect Miracles

The holidays represent a magical time of year where goodwill and love for your fellow man abound. For those of us lucky enough to spend time with our families, it is a joy and love wells up within us, especially if you’re able to hold a newborn baby in your arms. We anticipate the possibility of miracles but you can expect miracles at any time of year, not just over the holidays.

With the new year just around the corner, it might be time for you to expect miracles every day and see what surprises lay in store for you throughout the coming year.

To put yourself in the state of being which attracts miracles, you can establish a state of awareness and expectation that miracles will occur on a daily basis. Some of the things you can do include creating a vision board, a montage of images representing the things you would like to attract into your life. Put it in a place where you can view it every day. Starting a journal of miracles is also a good idea.

In your journal of miracles, you can jot down all the miracles you witnessed throughout the day. These may not be huge manifestations, but could include anything, like being treated nicely by a server, someone opening the door for you, someone complimenting you, or your receipt of a genuine smile. The more you look for the little miracles, the more they appear, and they grow in their magnificence.

The more you cultivate the frequency of expecting miracles the more the vibration becomes a normal state of mind for you and your life. Like changing the thermostat setting on your climate controller. If it was previously set for 50, the temperature may rise or fall but the climate control works to return you to its set point of 50 degrees. If you change the setpoint to 70 degrees, then the climate control seeks to maintain that temperature instead.

Changing the frequency (or temperature setting) on your body’s vibrational control system can take as few as 21 days in succession. Then your expectation of miracles will be your set point and you will be seeing more and more blessings headed your way. Your ability to bless others will also increase.

As you create an environment where you expect miracles, you influence the ability for others to expect miracles with whom you interact with throughout each day, without even trying.
The expectation of miracles is found within the love vibration, so maintaining an environment around yourself which fosters love will help to substantiate your expectation of miracles being manifest in your life.

Find things to do and purposefully place yourself in situations where you can feel love and love the environment around you. Snuggle a little baby and look into his or her eyes, pet your cat, play with your dog, compliment someone in the supermarket, hold the door for someone with an armload of something, or take a walk amongst nature.

Any acts of kindness you gift to someone reinforces your love vibration and will support your ability to open to receive miracles that are waiting to show themselves to you.

At least within the first 21-day frequency reset period, think about limiting your exposure to media which is negative in nature, and avoid talking behind other people’s back. Try to maintain as much positivity and love in your heart as possible for the first 21 days.

People who have done this, and have succeeded, note they’re being introduced to challenges to maintaining a positive, loving state of mind. Those who have fully been engulfed in regular miracle manifestation faced the challenge(s) and overcome it/them in a positive way, with a positive outcome.

Those who saw the challenge as an attack and found themselves succumbing to the pressure, found themselves returning to their normal setpoint and claimed that expecting miracles could not work for them.

Many of those who failed to achieve the state of miracle expectation the first go-round were able to maintain the state by facing the challenges positively as they presented themselves and were able to find and maintain the love vibration and found themselves expecting miracles.

Miracles come in many shapes and sizes, and this thing I know, there are a great many miracles waiting to be revealed to you even now.

84% of Americans believe in miracles, you may as well be one of them.

Expect miracles.

Power of Intention

You have to start somewhere and that somewhere is found in your intention. If you have an idea, concept, calling, mission or something you want to achieve or accomplish in your life you can set your intention to see it through, combined with the attention to detail(s) and taking actions necessary to see it through creates a divine recipe for the coming to pass of anything you can visualize.

When you align your sacred intention with the desires of your heart the ability to follow through is inspired and supremely effective. You are able to see your efforts expand exponentially as you align your intention with passionate determination.

This affects all areas of life such as healthy wellbeing, attaining material things, healthy relationships, business building, spiritual awakening, the care and feeding of others, or romantic love.

Your intention is like a seed with the potential to grow into the fullness of that which you desire to see manifest. Just as any normal seed, it is not enough to possess the seed. The seed must be planted nurtured and cared for, and the more attention you give it, the more grandiose the outcome.

The seat of intention is in the heart, not the brain which separates it from mere determination. Intention is powered by the source of all life which originates in the heart. This allows you to be deeply connected to the object of your intention and allows the support of the energy of life to uphold your vision.

In this way, you are creating sacred space for your project to come to fruition, surrounded by the energetic field of empowered love in harmony with the integrity of your entire being while being connected to the source of all life.

Your intention is divinely attenuated to you, your life, your mission, and purpose in life, which gives you the ability to be a deliberate creator as you live in an inspired vibration of expansive love which attracts to you everything you need to manifest that which you desire.

By sparing the mechanics of the brain and letting the power of love provide the creative and energetic support, there is a peace that comes from not creating from sheer force of will but allowing the universe to provide as you see your dream unfurl before your very eyes.

Seeing through the eyes of love will allow you to see the energies at work as they vector in all the components necessary to see the object of your intention come to pass. For this is the natural way of manifestation by deliberate intentional creation.

Once you begin to apply deliberate intentional creation to your life, your life expands as all things become possible.

This is the difference between two successful individuals, when compared one to the other, they may have achieved similar degrees of success. One is surrounded by drama and chaos, the other peace and harmony. What separates them is how they go about conducting their daily business.

One utilizes their own strength and determination, the other sacred intention and allowing deliberate creation to manifest.

Which one would you rather be?

There is no wrong way, there is no right way, everyone gets to choose to live their life any way they want. Some prefer the drama and struggle, some not so much. There is no judgment here.

The world is changing, and its inhabitants are starting to see that life need not be a struggle.

If your intentions are inspired and empowered by love, you can have your heart’s desire without compromise or sacrifice.

Make Your Dream Come True or Not

I know you’re hearing people tell you that you should, “Do what you love,” and the most optimistic encouragers might add, “and the money will come.” While a good part of my work is helping people find their passions and monetizing them, when you hear someone say you can make a fortune doing what you love (which is true) you may have noticed that while it sounds so good at first, something inside you is making you feel like this is not true. You can make your dream come true or not.

Both thoughts are right. While it’s true that you can do what you love and get paid handsomely for it, it is also true that you might not be able to make a dime doing what you love.

When I meet people and they have an idea about the work I do, most of them tell me they have this great invention, business idea, or unwritten book that will change the world and will make a bazillion dollars overnight. Great!

These are the kinds of people that I work with every day, but most of them disqualify themselves as a prospective client by answering the following questions:

1. What have you done today to promote your project?
(Talking to me doesn’t count.)
2. What have you invested in your project before today?
3. What other projects have you completed in the past?

If you don’t have passionately positive answers to these three basic questions, you are a dreamer. No problem with dreamers; we love them, we need them, life would be lackluster without the dreamers in our lives.

Not to be dissuaded by feeling like their answers may have disqualified them, they usually follow up with something like, “No, I don’t want to do it. I want you to do it; you can even put your name on it. I just want you to do it because you’re the master doer. You make things happen. Just do my thing and we’ll split the bazillion dollars 50/50.”

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are serial marketing money making masters who are always searching for the next thing they can exploit, make as much money as they can, then bail out and go on to the next thing. These are not the kinds of people that I work with (okay, maybe I do work with some people, like that).

My preference is to empower someone who is passionate about their project, mission, or message, and they’re actively doing something about it.

Make Your Dream Come True

You can make your dream come true; no doubt about it. I see it all the time, people making their dreams come true, and there’s little more satisfying for me than being able to watch the transformation take place in real time. But the key to making your dreams come true is found in the first (most important) word, “Make,” your dreams come true.
Just like you can’t just imagine a chocolate cake, or repeat the affirmation, “I am enjoying the chocolate cake which is materializing in hands,” and expect it to materialize before you, like magic (although, this can happen, it takes more than just imagination and affirming statements), so it is with your dream; you must “Make,” your dream come true.

The manifesters and creators are busy doing the work of making their dreams true. This is “the secret” to their success; they do the work of making their dreams come true every day.

Everything is Energy

Energy creates all things and if you’re a fan of Einstein, you know that Energy equals MC squared. M represents mass; that means you must have something to work with. C represents speed (the speed of light in a vacuum). So you need something physical to start with, and speed; moving in a particular direction… Squared. That means you’re actively moving twice the speed of anyone else. This is the formula for manifesting or creating anything from energy (which everything is).

Even when you hear about an overnight success, you have no idea what work went on that no one was privy to, going on diligently behind the scenes, laying the foundation for the sudden impact of the idea burgeoning into full expression.

There’s nothing glamorous about doing the work of building your dream when it appears to be fruitless. The law of sowing and reaping is never more clearly apparent than in your life as the manifester or creator. You diligently work your project until you reap the reward of your efforts, the juiciest and most satisfying fruit of all.

Or Not

“Oh, that’s too much work for me. I don’t need another job.”

Awesome. Instead, then, focus on your innate skills, what you’re really good at, and do that. If this is your calling, do that. We need you just as much as we need the manifesters and creators and by all means,

Keep Dreaming

You never know when your dream will fall into place, in the perfect planetary alignment, in the right hands at the right moment in space and time.