Do Dream Then Do

If you do dream then do what is necessary to bring your dream to fruition, it is yours. Having a dream, an illusionary desire or goal that inspires you, makes you feel good when you focus your thoughts upon them is the basis of readying yourself to receive your heart’s desire. If not followed by inspired action, your dream may just remain a fantasy.

Walt Disney taught us all to dream, and the Law of Attraction took us to the next level of transforming a dream to reality, but in general, there was more of an emphasis on the act of dreaming and less on the doing, and currently, there is a wave of thought that promotes the idea that the act of “doing” is counterproductive to manifesting one’s dreams.

Let me ask you this,

If you dream and do nothing,
can your dream come true?


This does happen occasionally, and we have all heard the stories of this happening. When this occurs, it is miraculous, and it affirms our belief in miracles.

If you look at the numbers, miracle manifestation accounts for less than one-tenth of one percent of all dreams that do come true. Just examining the statistics reveals that all the other dreams that come true are followed by generous portions of doingness.

Your act of doing added to your active dreaming greatly enhances your manifestations. Any movement via inspired action moves you closer to your dream, and all steps that you make toward your dream are cumulative.

Every action you take, no matter how small, moves you closer to what you want.

And for those who are in the habit of making their dreams come true repeatedly, they take massive amounts of action steps toward what they want.

These masters of manifestation may look like workaholics to the average fan of the Law of Attraction, but when all this effort may look like hard work to you (some of it is uncomfortable, difficult, or “hard”) to the master of manifestation, it is fun because this work is performed enthusiastically, powered by the passion of seeing one’s dream come to life.

This is the sweet spot of manifestation, and it is where the majority of all dreams that come true happens.

So, by all means, do dream, then do whatever you can to move yourself toward what you want.

You could start by submerging yourself in the vibration of what you want. Like if you want to manifest a yacht you should join a yacht club and start hanging around people to have yachts.

If you want a Mercedes, start collecting Mercedes merch, display it prominently, wear the pin on formal occasions and the T-shirt informally, and hang out with people who already own Mercedes and as you do, you will be moving closer to having one to call your own.

When the club that represents what it is that you want sponsors a fundraiser, volunteer to assist in any way you can. When you are hob-knobbing and rubbing elbows with the people who are actively plugged-in to the things your heart desires, you will be able to take advantage of rare opportunities to manifest even more.

Make opportunities to hang with the people who are already in the full vibrational flow of what you want to have or where you want to be, and you will increase your rate of manifestation exponentially. This is all a part of the inspired doing that you could be accomplishing to get what you want.


Your Life Matches Your Vibrational Frequency

Then some people protest and say, “I’ve tried to raise my vibration, and I can’t see me being any closer to what I want,

But it looks like chaos!

Once you go about the work of purposefully raising your vibration, it can be difficult to see the powers of the universe vectoring in all the details to provide the full manifestation of your heart’s desires. At times, it can look somewhat chaotic, but you must not give up, or give in to doubt, which causes your desires to move further away from your current vantage point.

There are minute details, which you may have not even considered, that may have to be in place for your desire to be realized in its fullness. While what you want is in the process of manifestation, all these details are being tended to as you are becoming a vibrational match to what you want. Trust the process.

Allowing doubt, unworthiness, uncertainty, or fear to enter into the equation will keep you separated from your heart’s desires. It takes a bit of tenacity to see your dream through to fruition, but you can have whatever it is that you want in this life, if you keep reaching for it and imagining how magnificent the having of it will be in all of its glory. If you can do this, regardless of what it looks like, what you seek will find you.

“Okay,” you say, “That’s all well and good, but I just don’t want this one thing, I want the good life.


These two keys unlock the vault of the wild abundance of those how are now fully living an abundant lifestyle. They have it all, and you can have it, too. This simple truth of what is commonly referred to as the Law of Attraction is what I’ve been sharing with you today.

While you may not be ready to hear this, yet, simply stay with me. Don’t disengage, and just let this wash over you, even if you disagree with it right now. If you’re feeling a little defensive, no problem. Just let it sink in and consider it at a later time, whenever it suits you.

I’ve alluded to it before, but it all comes down to this,

Key #1: Your Life Matches Your Vibration

The life you’re living right now, every detail of it, the lack of finances or love, the drama, the trauma, the uneasiness, the fear, the brokenness, the chaos, all the things you might experience in your life emotionally, physiologically, and throughout your life daily. All of it is a perfect match to the frequency of your vibration.

We could hook you up to our equipment in the lab and test you to see what frequency your body is vibrating at, and the number value can be related to a chart, like this

Your resting state vibration is what we refer to as your vibrational set point. That is related to, like the set point on the thermostat in your home. You set it at 69 degrees. When the temperature goes down, the heater kicks on until the temperature returns to 69. If the temperature rises, the air conditioner turns on until the temp returns to 69 degrees, your thermostat’s set point.

The same is true with your body’s vibrational frequency set point.

Throughout any given day, your vibration can go up or down as you experience any of the frequencies on this chart, but you will always return to your base vibrational frequency, whatever that is.

If you really want it all, that means that everything in your life is really going the way you want it to, the life that you deserve to live, no matter what you’ve been through in the past, then the best move you can make, right now it to raise your vibration.

While my goal in my life is to maintain a vibrational frequency of 500 and above, I might notice things appearing, affecting, or taking place in my life which have a lower frequency on this chart. That’s how I know the at what frequency I am vibrating in that moment. Knowing that, I can choose to remain at that lower level vibration for a while, or I can opt to change my vibration.

And that’s the second key.