Guard Your Heart and Mind

In life, many times, as we keep moving gleefully along our merry way we are awakened to the idea there are others who may not have out best interests at heart, when suddenly our attention is seized and the realization becomes clear.

You discover that someone you trusted may not have been as trustworthy as you thought, authority figures are not as compassionate as you had imagined, a friend – or lover – betrayed you, or you may have been a victim of a random act of violence perpetrated by a stranger, etc…

In this moment you have the thought of the world not being as nice a place as you once thought it was.

It is natural and normal for your initial reaction to be one of self-preservation as you begin to shut yourself off from being vulnerable to the world and others, though, I think, most of us realize this approach does not lead to much satisfaction in life and would certainly prevent one from enjoying all that this life has to offer.

Guard your heart and mind Defend your right to live laugh love

The key is to guard your heart; to be mindful and cautious about whom you let into your innermost self.

Sure, you say, “I was being careful, but someone I trusted betrayed and hurt me.” True.

If you look back on the relationship from this vantage point, you’re likely to be able to see things that you overlooked prior to – and during – the relationship that (had you been looking) could have been interpreted as warning signs.

This is the life-learning process, for which you are deserving of a Masters’ Degree (yes, you can get one from me) declaring that you have mastered this difficult process the hard way; but grueling and diligent life experience. I don’t think it can be adequately addressed or learned from books or story-telling. Unfortunately, when you’ve learned it, you’ve felt the pain of its learning.

You must not let this person or circumstance prevent you from achieving your highest and best.

If you really want to experience the best from this life, you must defend your right to live, laugh and love.

Take living action

Make certain to take action to achieve a quality of life that brings satisfaction to you. Get out in public, mingle, see a show, make new friends…

Create opportunities to laugh

Find ways to enjoy life by embracing joy whenever you can. Start by smiling more. Maybe start with smiling at yourself in the mirror, then share your smile with others, wherever you go. You will be surprised at how your joy (even though it may be uncomfortable at first, feeling as though you’re just going through the motions) is infectious. Your smile not only puts you in a state of joy, but it helps others feel better. Go to a comedy show and yuck it up, and start watching more comedies for your viewing enjoyment. Laughter really is good medicine.

Love more

I don’t know if you could ever love too much, but in this day and age, it is prudent for you to proceed in unbridled love without restraint; but with your wits about you.

Be aware that there are people who might not be a good fit for your all-out love. Allow yourself to offer them some love without putting the innermost you at risk.

Guard your heart and mind; defend your right to live, laugh and love.


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