Domination is the bane of the human condition. In the beginning, God bestowed domination upon us over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth (Genesis 1:26).

Then we fell and it all went to hell in a handbasket, and our ego determined to dominate everything and everyone, each other, and our selves.

Of course, we can’t dominate everything or everyone, because some people are more powerful than we are, so we seek to dominate everything and everyone that we can. In the event that our attempts to dominate someone or something is unsuccessful, we play the part of the abused victim but find a renewed sense of superiority by finding something that we can dominate.

There’s an obsession with domination wrestling to exercise itself within all of us, and it’s gotten out of control.

If you’ve been dominated by someone or something and you’re unable to find someone or something to usurp your authority over, you want to destroy someone or something, if that is not an option, the least you can do is put someone down, or so something disrespectful… something.

Of course, not all of us want to dominate or destroy everything. Some of us have either refused or given up on the idea of demonstrating our ability to have dominion over someone, these are the martyrs.

This is the cycle of domination. We are the dominated, the dominators, the martyrs.

Many of us are unaware that we are being dominated by others who exercise their domination with the most effective sleight of hand. Smoke and mirrors keep us distracted and obscure the high-level domination that has been taking place every day for thousands of years.

You can see how the cycle of domination has terrorized and caused great suffering to our planet, all life upon it, as well as among countries, peoples, races, families, and personality types, affecting all relationships in a destructive manner.

Some of us are breaking the cycle and putting the ego on notice. We’re opting out of this cycle of domination.

This is part of the evolution of the human race.

We are coming to the realization and beginning to see that we are caught up in this cycle of domination.

If you’ve opted out, you don’t seek to dominate others. Instead, you are the supporters and edifiers, seeking to find your own source of power without having to usurp your authority or dominion over others.

Destruction is not present within your personal vibration as you seek to love and edify yourself and others.

This is the current state of affairs of the new evolution of the human race. Domination, violence, and control are the unsustainable virtues of the human race which will only lead to our eventual extinction.

Love begets love and life flourishes in love’s vibration.

There’s a new world coming, full of life, love, peace, and harmony.

And you, yes you, are an integral part of this burgeoning evolution… if you dare.

Choose to Change EMP

Feeling uncomfortable? Things not turning out the way you had planned? Are you stuck between a rock and a hard place?

When the going gets tough, it’s easy to turn and run and proclaim from the rooftops that you’re a victim of ________________ (fill in the blank).

On the other hand, you could consider the idea of choosing to change. You might reply to such a suggestion with something like, “Of course I would like things to change! Yes, let’s change this thing!”

More likely than not, you are not able to change that thing which is troubling you at the time, but you could choose to change something, right now, in this moment, that could change your life forever.

In fact, it’s the only thing you can do which delivers immediate, measurable, impactful results in a heartbeat. Know what it is?

You Can Change You

This is no wimpy, namby-pamby, rinky-dink, woos-out, whiny, “Well, if I can’t do anything else, I guess I’ll just try to look for the Brightside,” BS. No, this is the strength and the power that is your birthright to have dominion over any obstacle or challenge you might face.

It is your Ctrl-Alt-Delete Trump Card, which you can wield like dropping an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) bomb, and Wham! Out go the lights.

In that moment, the whole world changes, from the inside out. You’re no longer the victim. You are in charge of your world, and let the world take notice; for you are a formidable, unlimited, sole-battalion of power with hair-trigger laser accuracy.

“Don’t even think of screwing with me.”

Because you are unscrewable.

It is only possible if you choose to take charge. If you choose to take responsibility and control and change, making the adjustments necessary, you become invincible.

Sound frightening?

Hell, yeah; it means saying, “goodbye,” to the weak-kneed sheep being led around by media and society, like a mindless victim in a zombie-like state, accepting life as its doled out to you, just like you (and everyone you know) were robotically programmed to respond.

This is the juncture in your life, where you say,

“I’m not taking your shit anymore!”

“I wield the most powerful force in my universe!”

The times are a changing, and you’re becoming a part of that change if you choose to.

To be a part of the change, you must become the fully-empowered changing-weapon, always looking inward first to change and charge your weapon for deployment.

Don’t be fooled by the sinister sleight-of-hand move or others who will try to keep you small, your power minimized, by thinking you need someone else to help you do this. If you want to do this thing, you have to do it on your own.

This is not a follow-the-leader approach to making yourself feel better. No, that’s the false flag of the enemy, meant to distract you, while secretly maintaining control of you.

No, it’s time to break-free and embrace the powerful you that you were born to be.

Sure, you can take hints from others who may have forged their own way, but you must not follow their footsteps (although you could momentarily) but your real power lies within you waiting to be released by you and you alone.

Are you ready to choose to change and launch your highest and best you?