The Top 40 Reasons Love Does Not Exist

Many people don’t believe in love and believe that love doesn’t exist.

Prior to attending our Awakening to True Love Workshop, here are the top 40 reasons love does not exist:

1. If you fall in love with someone it is only based on your perception of that person at the time. It is unrealistic to think they could be like that in real life. When you find out, the love you had fades away.

2. Love is lust’s wanting to own and control someone else for regular source of sex supply.

3. Being in love is the same chemical reaction in humans as eating a volume of chocolate.

4. Love is a repackaging of a system that justifies manipulation and control to get what you want from someone else.

5. Love victimizes the person in a relationship that is weaker.

6. Love is an excuse used to encourage someone to play the martyr in the name of love.

7. People are selfish, so they use love to get what they need.

8. People who are in long-term relationships only survive because one of them gives up and gives in to make it last.

9. Love brings nothing but pain and disappointment.

10. Love can bring happiness but only for a while, then it fades and disappears altogether.

11. If you deeply love someone else, they will disrespect you and always be looking for someone else to make them feel good, no matter how hard you try.

12. If people could commit and keep their word, love could be possible, because they cannot, it is not.

13. My parents said they loved each other, got married, had us, were never happy and are divorced. There is no such thing as love.

14. Scientists have proven there is no such thing as love. It is a chemical reaction in the brain associated with the hormone called Oxytocin.

15. Since there is no concrete definition of love, what it is, what it means, two different people could not plausibly share the so called, “love.”

16. The feeling of love may last for a moment, but not for long, then it’s time to move on to the next one.

17. Long-lasting love isn’t anything more than a fairy tale told by fantasizing mothers to their daughters.

18. One’s ability to love changes with their moods, so there is no such thing as true love. You love when you feel good, not so much when you’re not feeling good.

19. Love requires trust. Since you cannot ever really trust anyone else, you can’t have love.

20. Look at the rate of divorce, it tells you love is not real.

21. People who are married for a long time fake it to make it.

22. I won’t ever love somebody, because I am honest. No one can love an honest person. If you want love, you must be a liar.

23. Back in the day they came up with the idea of love an marriage as a way to survive on the farm. Now, we know better.

24. If anyone could have loved me, I would believe. Since no one could do it, I don’t believe in it.

25. I believe I can love someone but cannot believe anyone can love me, like I can love them, so there is no love it if it is one-sided.

26. If you fall in love with someone, get ready to have your heart broken, lose everything and never believe in love again.

27. Being in love with someone is foolish and dangerous. Only an idiot would fall in love, and I’ve been an idiot more than once. Not doing it again.

28. Love is an outdated dream, that cannot be realized in modern times.

29. Men do not have a capacity or capability to love, so cross-sexual love is not possible.

30. The idea of love is inside your head and cannot be realized in real life. Love is an illusion.

31. You can love everyone, or no one, but you will never find “the one” you can love forever. That is ridiculous.

32. Love is not love, it is an addiction. You can’t help looking for love because you’re addicted to it, and you will never find enough of it to satisfy once an for all.

33. People fall in love with things that fade with the time and end up being in love with what doesn’t exist (or may have existed earlier).

34. If you’re saving your love for the perfect person, forget it no one is perfect.

35. Why does everyone even talk about love? It’s just a word you say, when you want to get laid.

36. Love implies commitment. No one can commit to anything in our disposable society today.

37. In humans, love is polyamorous. To expect monogamy from a species designed to enjoy multiple partners is just wrong.

38. True love is really only lust that morphs into friendship and may be survivable in the long run, if you’re willing to lower your expectations.

39. Love is a government imposed scam to create more taxpayers and consumers.

40. There is no such thing as love. If true love were possible, you wouldn’t be asking me that question, would you?

Why do you think love doesn’t exist?

See you at the Soulmate Wizardry event.

18 thoughts on “The Top 40 Reasons Love Does Not Exist”

  1. 29 is the usual anti male drivel always spewed out from the mouths of women…it goes both ways…women cannot love either as love does not exist in reality it is a big commercial lie to perpetuate vast profits. for someone if you like and be with them for ever like some other species do…but like most apes…we live to mate…survival of the fittest..not line the pockets of commercial con artists who use the word cynically. Read Sperm Wars by Robin Baker.
    Only one can and should be loved..GOD THE POWER.

    1. You live to achieve your own life goals. I’m only starting to realize that now. I was stupid to let myself fall in love with someone.

      1. Ya I realized it now…need to love myself there is no such thing as love we come alone go alone…do something that makes us best so when we die we die in peace.

  2. Thank you for this article. I think you’re a genius. It makes sense to me. If love does exist, it’s probably quite rare. I agree with numbers 8 and 21 because I’ve become aware of marriages like that. It’s not because anyone admitted it, but because I’ve noticed it by chance and was surprised. It’s better to be practical and realistic regarding relationships to avoid disappointments and not assume it’s real, special or guaranteed. I feel better after reading this article because it’s opened my eyes.

  3. It’s an illusion on planet earth. In heaven in exists except for the thousands of angels who gave it up and got kicked out for ruining love. Then they came to earth and ruined us. When the earth is restored it will exist again because those who believe in love will live in it and have it in their hearts. But it doesn’t exist anymore in this God-forsaken hole. Satan ruined it with his sick devices like television which destroyed unity and corrupted people’s minds.

  4. Look, if love was real why woould you abandon them? Love is appearantly a feeling where you want to be with them forever. Someone can say they’re in love but then they cut the person they “love” off. It’s a very empty word with no meaning other than strong sexual attraction. Or emotional. Its simply just yet another empty ohrase people use to make others happy. Its manipulative and it doesn’t matter how many times one says it, in the end theyre just going to move on to the next person to be with. People claim I’m a pessimist about it, bit honestly thisnis just realistic facts no one likes to think about because they cannot deny it. I’m sorry, but try and prove me wrong.

  5. I came to this page because I am feeling the pain so brutally and the illusion. But yes.. I guess that this frustration is supposed to lead us to the fact that there is One who does love.. Yhwh.. our God.. oh my goodness.. there would be no other reason to live but this.. and yes.. goals.. learning to love is the ultimate goal.. but it does seem so true that the more honest we get.. people absolutely hate to love honest people.. real people.. emotional people.. caring people.. this world has become cold and cruel.. “Because of the increase of lawlessness.. the love of most will grow cold.. but those who endure to the end will be saved!” Before you want to die.. find yourself a 24/7 house of prayer.. international house of prayer.. any house of prayer for that matter.. you might find a few awesome people trying to love honestly.. very good choice for a gathering place.. still messed up people.. just trying people.. a few are still trying.. I know that it is hard to believe.. just very badly wired brains these days.. only the bravest souls to seek their God to unwind it :).

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