Your Shadow Self

There is a deep dark you hidden deep within yourself which is devout in the protection of your self and will stop at nothing to prevent you from living your best life because to do so would put you at risk. Your shadow self protects from exposing yourself to potential failure, pain, sadness, longsuffering and grief, and in doing so actually blocks you from experiencing true love, health, wellness, and ultimate happiness.

Hidden from you by your shadow self are all the negative life moments you have experienced, so as not to hinder you’re being able to face tomorrow. Associated with all these dark moments are litanous associated programs which run silently in your unconscious to prevent you from being at risk of future negative physical or emotional impact.

While these systems have been accumulating for years unchecked for validity, they continue to perceive threat and trigger your fight or flight sensations, even if there is no apparent threat in the current reality or real world in the moment, or possibly ever.

Debbie Ford

Which reminds me of Debbie Ford’s shadow work, for which she is renowned, and she insists that within each trauma hidden by your shadow self, there is a sacred truth which if dealt with through her shadow process will contain an enlightening treasure which will empower you to realize exponential positivity and personal power.

Profound wisdom is hidden within your shadow self and these treasures are the keys which unlock all the best things this life has to offer.

Let’s say you want something deeply which seems to elude you, like massive success or long-lasting romantic love (or anything else your heart desires). While you may desire these things with all your heart, your shadow self is there to protect you from the potential pain associated with exposure to the risks which would be necessary to achieve the results you desire.

On the surface, in a therapist’s office or as noticeable by you or your friends this might look like self-sabotage, but it is your shadow self, hard at work, preventing you from being exposed to potential pain or loss.

Debbie Ford insists that within the darkness of your shadow self, you will find the key to unlock your strength, your happiness, and your ability to live out your dreams.

In order to enjoy all the best things of life with all its possibilities, you must be vulnerable, and vulnerability is the enemy of your shadow self.

Carl Jung

Carl Jung, who introduces us to our shadows, suggested that our maximum potential could be realized by making peace and standing in the middle between, “his shadow and his light simultaneously.” In effect seeing yourself from both sides.

Yet, due to the excellent abilities of your shadow self to keep you from seeing that you, as well as the rest of us suffering from the human condition, are a mixed bag of contradictions.

For instance, it is highly likely that the things you dislike the most are actually a part of who you are, though you are unable to see it, as these details about yourself are so effectively hidden from your conscious mind by your shadow self.

Delving into the secrets hidden within your shadow self is part and parcel of the deep inner work which you may choose to encounter if you are to truly have the ability to achieve your highest and best in this life.

2 thoughts on “Your Shadow Self”

  1. I made you forget- so you could be whole.
    But over time it crushed your soul.
    I couldn’t keep out all the dark
    Though I tried to protect your heart.
    I’ve been here with you this whole time.
    Protecting what I know is mine.
    A sad little girl lost in the rain.
    Drowning quickly in her pain.
    I knew my actions must be fast.
    So I made you forget your ugly past.
    A future untainted but what you’ve seen
    A world so cold, and dark, and mean.
    I gave you hope- when you lost it all.
    I was there to catch you-when you fall.
    I watched as you cried yourself to sleep…
    Your sadness thickening as you weep.
    I tried to wipe away the tears….
    But I’m afraid my touch leaves only fear.
    I live in darkness ..
    But your my light.
    And I need for you to be alright!
    I know your scared
    But your not alone
    And one day soon I’ll bring you home.
    But please for now just breathe in deep.
    And know you can always count on me.
    I’m your shadow
    I’ll follow you anywhere.
    If you need me – I’ll be there
    You’ll never feel alone again.
    I’m right here…
    Under your skin

  2. Hello.
    This is the first site I’ve found that explains …well unexplainable.
    20 years ago…something terrible happened to me…I didnt remember until just a few months ago. The memories are back now though -and they are physically painful to remember. The memories are like they JUST happened…I can FEEL them.
    I am what they call scitzophrenic..
    It started about a year before my memories returned. I hear things that cant be explained…. a girl….she tells me “she is me” …she is in no way threatening and seems to only want what is best for me. ..the craziest part is she seems to know things I do not…she will wake me out of a dead sleep if I’m running late for something…she gives me like a 3 second warning before I trip over something or fall..and if I’m really upset and I asked to be comforted I will be washed with a feeling of calm…she’s always felt more like an angel then a psychological figmant… I have had past attempts at suicide-i should not be alive- no excuse why I am….she’s says she saved me. ..she’s says I cant die yet.
    When I cry she let’s me know she is there for me and I am never alone…and she tells me one day i can come home….but not yet.
    I know this is definition insane….but thing is she tells me she forget what happened….she told me I was too young to handle the pain…she says she could not change what happened …but she could make me forget…at least until I was strong enough to handle it…..and so she did… now i wonder every day what else i dont remember….what else happened to me…if i would even want to know if I could….
    I spent 20 years with people I should of never allowed in my life…simply bc I did not remeber….and now that I do….I dont know how to handle it…my shadow self is the only one in my corner …and i dont want to lose her. …but I’m aware that I’m crazy, and people shouldn’t talk to things that aren’t there and I dont want to end up in a mental institue….please tell me…what would you do?

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