Assemble Your Dream Team

Ideally, you would surround yourself with a team of superstars; individuals who are the best I their field, at the top of their game and respected as leaders in their respective field.

A skilled orchestrator will have the ability to ferret out these powerful people and persuade them to join your team. While you could go it alone with any project of idea you may have with the particulars of your otherwise ingenious idea hidden under a bushel, a team can help you get from where you are to where you want to be. The most effective team will rocket launch your project faster and farther than you might have imagined.

building your dream team

Surrounding yourself with the brightest and most amazing people means

You Should be the Least Qualified Member of Your Team

It’s a generous serving of humble pie for some, though if you’re ready to think and take action like the greats, surrounding yourself with people who are better than you at their area of specialization is not only prudent but necessary if you desire stellar success.

This applies to all areas of life, whether in business, education or in one’s quest for higher meaning and purpose in life.

When assembling such a team, you can avoid potential pitfalls by

Know the Basics

You must have enough of an understanding of the skill set you’re looking to add to your team to keep you from getting ripped off. Industries are plagued by swarms of powerful marketers and stealthy conmen poised to drain you and your organization of your precious resources.

Having a sense of what to look for, checks and balances to ensure performance and effectiveness will keep you from inviting a black hole to join your team. If you are cautious and prepared, you can make adjustments accordingly without compromising – or allowing too much damage – to your project or the rest of the team.

Don’t assume everyone is out to get you. This is not an invitation to instill fear, only to be aware there are wolves in sheep’s clothing in all professions. You don’t need to be an expert in every field but you should know enough about each field to keep your teammates accountable.

Allow for Diversity

While there are different strokes for different folks, don’t overlook the diamond in the rough with the potential stroke of genius disguised as an introvert. You will have all types of cats on your team and they will all have their particular strengths and weaknesses. Not all of the most valuable team members will be highly driven A-type personalities, some will be meek and mild Clark Kents delivering Superman-like results if properly acknowledged and supported. Expect and promote personality diversity within your team and manage it effectively.

Manage and Mediate

Having such a diverse team, will lend itself to a certain degree of discourse. It’s up to you (or your designee, though this will play-out better with you performing this function while supporting your helmsmanship) to guide the team, while encouraging all members to fully contribute and minimizing dysfunction.

That said, occasionally members of your team will passionately disagree. Do not allow endless debate or disrespectful arguing. You need to be willing and able to allow all ideas to be expressed and understood with as little conflict as possible, while keeping in mind that you are in charge and ultimately have the power of veto.

Recognize and Reward

When your teams helps to accomplish a major coup, make certain that the team knows that you are deeply grateful by recognizing their effort as a group, but also key individual contributions. Recognizing and rewarding an individual’s performance will raise the bar for other members of your team, who might like to be recognized accordingly.


Celebrate the team wins as a group to show your appreciation and thereby fostering cohesiveness among teammates. Celebratory events need not be expensive but should promote camaraderie.

Don’t Overdo It

Don’t look for excuses to recognize, reward or celebrate. Doing so will create a sense of entitlement and will devalue earned rewards. Keep it honorable, real, integrous and an effective representation of your respect and gratitude for a job well done.

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