Be Still and Meditate

So much talk about meditation but there’s nothing to fear, it’s just enjoying a relaxed state of unfocused focus, which enables you to expand your consciousness and wellbeing, empowering you to enjoy a better, higher quality of life.

There may be hesitation to embrace the idea of meditating due to its being strongly associated with mystical and spiritual disciplines. You needn’t worry because you don’t need to believe in anything to receive massive benefits from meditation. Don’t let your preconceived ideas keep you from some safe exploration and experimentation to see for yourself how beneficial meditation can be.

If you seek out information on meditation, you are likely to stumble across a wide variety of methods of meditation, some practitioners will assert some methods are better than others. There is truth to be uncovered here, but meditation is not unlike medication, in that different things will work differently for different people. That said, if you keep an open mind, and are willing to allow yourself to explore the possibilities, you will discover what works best for you, but know that in the practicing of any of the many forms of meditation that you will receive great benefit from the meditating in whatever form you practice.

You need not be concerned about what other people might think about your meditating for it can be done in private without anyone aware that you are even doing it. If you’re living in a busy home with lots of activity, you can go to your room, lock yourself in the bathroom, or meditate while soaking in the tub.

The main thing is to find some solitude and to quiet your mind from all the constant barrage of information and thoughts associated with navigating the world you live in. As you know, your mind is overwhelmed by thoughts about everything all the time. Your family, the bills, other drivers, your to do list, and endless questioning, what’s coming up next for you? What’s happening in my family, with my friends, my community, the world?

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s plenty of (mis-) information constantly vying for your attention to add to the flood of emotional drama and trauma via any method of delivery, though at the moment, the Internet, Google, and social media seem to be the largest purveyors of emotional distractors which overwhelm the average human being, and these distractions are not beneficial to the human condition nor the body.

Meditation helps to mitigate the damages suffered by those of us (any, mot, or all of us) who are suffering the effects of this constant overwhelming thought process which is causing us to deteriorate mentally, emotionally, physiologically, and spiritually (if you are so inclined).

Meditation is a safe and effective method to retreat from all the crazy thoughts and mind chatter which can be exhaustive, even debilitating. In this relaxed, sacred space of meditation, you are able to cleanse your mind and your soul from all the stress, worry, and distractions of the world to find a place of peace in solace.

In this profound emotional state, your body recovers, your cells thrive, blood vessels relax, and your immune system gains power, while you are able to from this place of clear consciousness allow higher thoughts to come to your awareness. This is the place where some of the deepest, meaningful, inspired thoughts, and creations emanate from.

You are in a sense, “in the zone.”

Many people approach this state of mind for many reasons, some for the biological benefits, some for freedom from emotional overload, some for relaxation or peace of mind, and others for inspired data for problem-solving, among hundreds, if not thousands, of other reasons.

Once you start calming your mind, you may find yourself becoming more aware of the natural life which exists all around you. In your meditative state, you may become aware of life going on which you previously took for granted. You will become more aware of your body, feeling your breath, blood pumping, feeling the fabric touching your skin, and the world around you, the dew droplets, the bird singing, the grass growing, etc.

You might associate meditation with the Lotus position, the cross-legged pose of perfect posture, though be aware that this is not necessary, as the vast majority of people who practice meditation do so more casually, for it is far more about function than form. You can practice meditation, comfortably seated in a chair, lying down, standing, or while you are walking, as long as you have the wherewithal to focus and relax. Note that relaxing enough to find yourself “sleeping” is not meditating.

Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing will help you to relax and focus while meditating.

Some people prefer to have a designated space to practice their meditation techniques. If you are so inclined, do create a sacred space where you can feel safe and secure. Decorate your space in such a way that it will make you feel calm, peaceful, serene, creating a soothing, meditative atmosphere.

Not having a lot of distracting sounds can make it easier to concentrate and enter a meditative state more easily. Having a location where your attempt to focus is more likely to be uninterrupted will be helpful. If you have some scented oils that make you feel peaceful, a little aromatherapy while you meditate can be a good thing.

You might feel intimidated if you’ve seen or heard traditional monks chanting, singing sounds, or otherwise vocalizing while meditating. You do not need to do this. They are practicing a mantra or particular ritual which is not necessary. You could hum if it helps you to concentrate and keep from being distracted by the world around you, but I think you will find focusing on your breathing, in and out, is more than satisfactory.

You can meditate with either eyes closed (which is more common) or with your eyes open focused on something, like a flickering flame of a candle.

Meditation is an effective method of releasing tension throughout your body. Once you’ve achieved a meditative state, simply scan each of your body parts silently by name, and as you focus upon it, just allow any tension in that area to release.

There is nothing to fear in practicing meditation. It is 100 percent safe and effective, and there is no wrong way to do it. Just allow yourself to enjoy a bit of experimentation and find out what works best for you.

I’m gonna go enjoy my meditation in my place in space now…

Peace out.

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