Doctors and Longevity

If we were to depend on the commitment and generosity of doctors to assure our survivability and longevity how would that look? The life expectancy of the average American is 77 years and change. So, if you’re an average American, you are likely to outlive your doctor by about four years.

That’s right, you would think your doctors, the ones who are charged with looking after our health and long life would hold the keys to longer life, and their families would live longer than you, right? Not so much.

Why is it that so few of us live to be a hundred, and even fewer of us can make it a few years beyond a century? The answer cannot be found in medical science, which is based more on a profit model than actual science.

If it was based on science, the science would prove true that,

Up until the day you die, your body is making new cells with every intention to live a long life.

So, what’s the problem?

It’s as if, those who profit from the world’s populace would prefer that our lifespans should be cut short, to live at the very most maybe a hundred years, or so, and for certainly not longer than 100 years, when our bodies cease to function.

Okay, there are a few, say 65 doctors who have lived to be over 100 years old, but none of them will make it to 110. It’s as if that were just too impossible. Even with all the good medical and technological advances, we have made in the last century.

Then there’s Ohio’s Doctor Howard Tucker who is the oldest practicing doctor in the USA, who is 100 years old and states he has no intention of retiring any time soon even though the traditional retirement age for doctors is 65 years of age.

But know this, by being under the care of a family doctor, you will be able to outlive him or her for four years. So, Doctor Tucker’s patients are particularly well-served.

Interestingly, those charged with the care and tending of expansive minds, like teachers, are likely to live longer, men 18 years or so, and women teachers 23 more years than their contemporaries.

So, why do you think you die?

The government will tell you that you will die from any of these disorders in this particular order:

          1. Heart disease.
          2. Cancer
          3. Unintentional injuries.
          4. Chronic lower respiratory disease.
          5. Stroke and cerebrovascular diseases.
          6. Alzheimer’s disease.
          7. Diabetes.
          8. Influenza and pneumonia.
          9. Kidney disease.
          10. Suicide.

Note: Number 3 on the list includes diagnostic errors such as, “Medication Errors, Delayed Treatment, Understaffed Hospitals, Surgical Errors, and Healthcare-acquired Infections.”

But the truth is, your body has no intention of dying at 76-ish years old. But what does happen is that your blood has become so toxic that it fails to move any longer.

You need these two things to stay alive:

1. Blood flow

For the human system to keep operating it needs a clean pathway to move cells through the bloodstream. The bloodstream must be moving to be a stream, otherwise, it is a swamp.

It’s easy to claim the heart is the culprit when the blood flow stops if it is a pump, but that’s not it. The heart is not a pump, the heart is a valve.

2. Clean oxygen to breathe

The other thing you need is pure air, which is really hard to come by these days.

Right there is where most people interrupt me, saying what about nutrition, what about what you eat?


I know you’ve been told that you need this, or you need that to keep your body in a healthy state. Well, you’re doing that, and how long do you expect to live? 900 years?

It is true, what you put in your body through your mouth and lungs is probably what’s mucking up your ability to transport cells via the bloodstream throughout the body.

There are plenty of indicators that many people on the earth lived to be 900 or more years before the flood. That should be our target. Right?

I think we could do it, if we kept the bloodstream clean and free-flowing, and fill our lungs with toxin-free air averting the accumulation of sludge that has the power to slow our blood flow down to a stop.

Ergo, the end of life.

You must stop listening to what the FDA tells you about food and nutrition. They tell you what all the rest of us have been told, and if we follow their advice to the tee, we will be lucky to see 76 or 77. That’s it. 77 years old, tops. Have a nice day. NEXT!

I know this is a tangled skein to unravel, but you could do it.

I’ve given you enough clues to do your due diligence and discover the truth for yourself.


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