How is COVID-19 Affecting You?

There is a great deal of media focus on the COVID-19 chaos. It’s enough to make anyone upset. Your stress levels are growing just to try to cope with the constant barrage of US vs. THEM, that you are force-fed every day, while you have to comply with what seems like unreasonable circumstances. You may even feel like you are being personally attacked by being expected to offer some basic human courtesy or kindness to your fellow man as if it were a threat to your “rights.”

How do you think this is affecting those marginal families, just trying to get by?

The media is so overflowing with promoting panic about the coronavirus that you don’t hear about what’s happening behind the scenes, or more importantly, how it is affecting our people. The people next door, our neighbors, and those who are struggling.

For some reason, the media feed is not including the data about how the lockdown is affecting our families who were dependent on the system to provide some sense of normalcy in an otherwise already chaotic situation. Jobs? Gone. Businesses? Closed. Schools? Closed.

Though, there has been some effort to allow minimal support, like restaurants allowed to provide drive-up services, and schools? (God bless ‘em) many of them are continuing bus routes to deliver meals and homework to their shut-in students.

Look at the toll it’s taking on you. Even if you, like many, are convinced that,

“It’s not really affecting my way of life much.”

Except for minor inconveniences, like having to wear a mask while shopping, missing church services or other meetings (which many can still be held online), or not being able to socialize much. But that’s offset by your unlimited freedom to do whatever it is else that you’d like. You can sleep in as long as you want, you can run around in your jammies all day. You can eat, and binge-watch all those shows you’ve been missing, play videos to your heart’s content. For many of us, it ain’t half-bad, even kind’a nice to take a break.

But how is this affecting you?

How is it affecting others?

You see people acting out, protesting, rioting, looting, being further polarized against each other. You may have even noticed yourself falling into the trap of judging others, staunchly disagreeing with someone else’s point of view, when it wasn’t that long ago that you would have defended their right to their own opinion, but now, all you care about is your own. That happens in isolation.

All the while, when a husband beats his wife, parents abuse their children, or someone commits suicide, these are just quietly counted as casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic, and rightfully so, but you’re not hearing about these details. You’re only fed the news of the fantastic, the dramatic, as politicians, peoples, and essential workers further separate themselves by focusing on what they think is wrong with anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

This is taking an immense toll on all of us.

It is in these times that some of us are starting to discover a looing emptiness inside, as if something was missing. You may start thinking that so much of this isn’t making sense. You’re starting to ask questions that society and your peers would rather you not ask. You are expected just to ignore your questions about the inconsistencies that you are starting to notice. Just keep your head down, but move forward in blind obedience. That’s what they expect.

Yet, every day, people are beginning to awaken. Beginning to see that things may not be as they appear. Noticing that there is something else going on here, something more than meets the eye.

What are they doing?

They are turning off the media, disconnecting from the propaganda and hype, and focusing their attentions within.

They are discovering a higher sense of being, looking for meaning and purpose in this life. They are expanding and growing personally while gaining a higher sense of self-esteem and independence. They are likely to have a better sense of a higher power, seeking to connect with it (whatever it is).

Those who are now awakening and amidst this process of individual evolution are finding their own center of gravity, discovering their own source of inner peace, joy, and a growing love for themselves and others.

They will emerge from this lockdown having experienced a major metamorphosis. Their hearts will be full of love, more generous, compassionate, and be driven to make a contribution.

Their numbers are not being reported amidst the coronavirus statistics, but their numbers are growing every day, and you will notice them when these restrictions are lifted.

And you can be one of them.

Maybe you’re ready to live a better life, your best life, and make the world a better place.


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