Is Time Running Faster?

I have a client who had a near-death experience (NDE) who reported while he was out of his body, he found himself outside the confines of earthly time as we know it. From a simulated aerial view, he was able to view his life as a timeline and could zoom in to particular moments, even enter his own body at will throughout his life at will.

I think we would all agree that this would be a somewhat normal reporting of an out-of-body near-death experience, only while out of his body as his lifeless body lay dead, here in the 3D we all know and love, he notices something peculiar about his life’s timeline.

Time Compression

The distance between birthdays was shorter, the older that he got.

Again, we would all agree that this is a general feeling that we all have, that the older that we get, the faster time seems to go by. Only my client was seeing this from an outside view vantage point and could see the actual compression taking place as he recognized the shorter distance between birthdays with every passing year, though so slight that someone without his keen sense of measurement would not likely notice it.

Before he came back…

Then, before this journey concluded and he came back (ended this experience and was reunited with his body) he was able to ascend to a place where he could get an overall view of many lifelines, not just his, stretching back to two hundred years in the past to today.

The last thing that he remembers, before he came back was the shocking realization that from 200 years ago to a hundred years ago, everyone’s birthdays were perfectly and evenly spaced.

Progressive Time Compression

But for the last hundred years, everyone’s years have been becoming progressively minutely shorter.

He related this story to me in confidence, and I promised not to reveal his identity. He is an upstanding member of the community and does not want to be known for revealing this information. Nonetheless, he is haunted by this experience and feels as though his witnessing the shortening of time is somewhat of a revelation.

He also agrees that there is no way to prove his experience. Time as we know it marches on. As far as I know, the second-hand of timepieces run at the same pace. To my knowledge, the moon moves around the earth, the earth still revolves, and moves around the sun all at the same pace. Day and night do seem to remain constant, etc.

Therefore, evidence and science as I know them would indicate that my client’s experience was merely an NDE fanciful expression of thought unbridled by consciousness, like a vivid dream and not the revelation of some unfolding phenomena of a universal conspiracy.

I admit that as I get older the days do seem to go by more quickly, but I think this feeling is present in almost all of us as we progress in age (something to do with encroaching on the end of life as time is running out for us to accomplish all the things we still want to do).

Still, after hearing this story, I can’t help but wonder if there is something going on outside of our collective timeline that we are not aware of.

Is it possible that time compression is taking place?

If it affects our entire universe, is there any way to document it?

Probably not.

I tried to collect data on this aspect of progressive compression of time in the last 100 years, and I could not find any data to support such an idea.

I also could not find anyone asking the question,

Is time as we know it running faster?


Even though I did not have this experience myself, I admit, I have been very curious about the potential of there being some veracity to the idea, and so I pose the question to you, in hopes that someone out there might have some opinion or data that might help answer the question,

Is Time Running Faster?



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