Manipulated Much Lately?

Have you been manipulated much lately? Manipulators are all around you. They cloak their manipulative activity in caring and well-meaning coverings in order to make you do their bidding. They cleverly weave their story using words that sound like you are the most important concern as they get you to do what they want you to do for them.

You thought you were being loved, protected, and cared for, then, all of a sudden, you look around to find you’ve been stealthily manipulated by a smooth calculating manipulator, and wonder, “How did I get here?”

The manipulator snickers under his or her breath and says, “What? I was just looking out for your best interests.” (Right.)

They have a whole bag of tricks for getting you to do their bidding. They put on false fronts that make you think they’re your best friend. They can be compassionate, empathetic, and caring, and they will eagerly brush away any red flags that you might notice as your overactive imagination.

They will often use your own words in ways that you never intended to use them, distorting what you’ve said so it barely resembles what you were thinking when you delivered the lines initially. It might be enough to make you think you’re losing your mind… another of the manipulator’s tricks.

They will leave out important details of stories they tell as they spin tales to support their own ideas, will exaggerate or distort the truth, or right out lie to persuade you to see something from “tier perspective” (which is no perspective at all only another way to sway your thought process.

Often, you will not see the manipulator for who he or she is until it’s too late.

Manipulators are often passive-aggressive as they wrap you in their web of drama and are able to remain calm while you’re starting to panic from all the pressure, they’ve imposed onto you. And if you notice what they’re doing or challenge their motives, they turn it all around, accusing you of manipulating them, and immediately start playing the role of the victim.

Manipulators are not intimidated by bullying you into getting you to do what they want as they intimidate and try to apply guilt to any situation.

There are also overtly demanding, controlling, and abusive manipulators who are easier to identify and use more vicious methods to make you comply with their desires.

They will threaten, belittle, and force you to whatever they want you to do or suffer the consequences of their unbridled wrath.

Regardless of their tactics, it’s up to you to be aware enough to protect yourself from being manipulated by those who seek to exploit your caring sensibilities. Stay true to yourself, your own sense of right and wrong and don’t let someone drag you into drama which is not rightfully yours for their own amusement or nefarious reasons.

Avoid infectious toxicity in relationships and be aware that things might not always be as they seem as you may encounter a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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