Reprogram Your DNA via Stress Response

In my investigation about what to put in my body, I have decided to disregard what the FDA and the doctor tell me, though I do take their input under advisement, so as to not throw the baby out with the bathwater, the buck stops here. I make my own decisions about what goes into my body.

You have to decide what is right for you. God blesses you for what you do and you can tweak your process as you go along. It only gets increasingly better.

When you are exposed to any stressful situation or environment, even on a microscopic level, the body exercises its regeneration process, which empowers your physiology to grow and expand to strive to survive and thrive longer. It is as if

What doesn’t kill you makes you live longer

Secret #1 Stress Response

And you say, “Now, waitaminit Masters, you mean to tell me that I should intentionally put myself in stressful situations, to extend my life?”

As unglamorous as it sounds, this is part of the key to a longer, more meaningful, and incredibly fulfilling life. Though it is not just your exposure to potentially stressful or even life-threatening situations that increase your lifespan. No, it’s the way you respond to these challenges that unlock the vault which holds all the energy, vitality, and long life you could possibly want.

Your stress response is the part of your DNA reprogramming that is changed by the way that you live.

It is not enough just to meet your challenges head-on. If you encounter something big and it initiates your fight or flight method of self-protection, you are headed down the default path of your DNA. To change your DNA you need to change the way you respond to stressors from life circumstances, down to the smallest molecules that make up the various components of your biology.

No doubt, fight or flight will buy you another day. This translates to what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but if you want to live longer, living out a completely different approach to any type of stress or crisis with honorable lovingkindness? This is what reprograms your DNA bit by bit.

Instead of reacting to conflict defensively, respond with love and acceptance. Find ways to see life from a greater sense of perspective. See all things as sacred and divine, even conflict, or scenarios that are undesirable.

Approaching life with a firm sense of peaceful resolve, seeing the balance of all the universe being held in perfect harmony, even in its most minute and intimate details, this not only reprograms your DNA but is the path to immortality.

Every time you practice this reverence for humanity and all life, you are reprogramming your life for longer life.


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