Reprogram Your DNA

only one percent of your DNA is hard-coded, and you can actually change your DNA, you can, by how you live your life, and through diet and exercise. What? I can change my own DNA? Yes, you can.

This is far from the idea that we are all victims of our DNA, we are not really allowed to live an authentic life of our own because our parents cursed us with their DNA, so we are limited to the kind of life we inherited from those who gave birth to us, and little more.

Already, in 2020, and easily attributable to the COVID-19 pandemic, our DNA is changing, due to less traffic on the highways and the increase of telecommuting and working from home, it is affecting our DNA. Will it change forever, or revert to its original state as it existed prior to the coronavirus? This remains to be seen.

But you are not far from proactively changing your DNA from here on out, to live the longest life possible.

Personally increasing your life expectancy is not for everyone. Most people are just tired, and look to death as a welcomed reprieve from stress and strain that comes from daily life that can be an ongoing struggle for survival.

But for a growing segment of our population, daily life is cherished. Each and every moment is an incredible blessing, and many of us have a life calling, a passionately empowered purpose which beckons us to prolong our existence, thereby increasing our efficacy in the world. If this is you, increasing your life expectancy is an important component of achieving your highest and best.

I was part of a seven-year long experiment group in human DNA alteration project through introducing different substances into the diet of participants and charting the changes in DNA over time. We are changing our DNA all day long, and we can thank out parent for pre-determining what we will start off with in our own DNA, as well as their parents before them, and on and on, right back to our earliest origins. Every generation passes on a new set of genes to start off with.

Now I don’t have to tell you that the world we live in today, has been tweaking our DNA every day for a hundred years without our permission. Now, not only me, but many of us in the world are starting to take responsibility for our own DNA, and the crap DNA we inherited from the last four to five generations, it’s gotta go, and we’re are taking back our genome.

For most of us, we have not known about self-engineering our DNA early enough in our lives to benefit our children directly. But our children can start reprogramming their own DNA at any point in time, possibly earlier than we did, so that they can give the next generation its best start possible.

I wish I knew then, when Mary and I were bringing our children into the world what I know today, I would have liked to have taken a more proactive approach to downloading premium DNA strands made with love and the best intentions which would have been passed onto future generations, but that wasn’t anywhere on my radar back in those days.

So, Mary and I bundled up our DNA and this was our gift to our children. Knowing what I know now, we could have done better, but we didn’t have this knowledge when we were passing on our genes to our offspring. We, like the rest of us, were just doing the best we could with what we had at the time.

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