Success Characteristics

You can determine whether someone has the innate characteristics of a person who is likely to succeed if you know where to look for clues revealing their potential for success.

Amidst the landscape of prolific achievers are wolves in sheep’s clothing who understand these attributes and find ways to appear as though they possess these qualities in an effort to manipulate or defraud their unsuspecting prey.

While predators attempt to play the part to take from others to achieve their goals, there are also the authentic and integrous successful people who always seek win/win scenarios and to do no harm in the process.

success characteristics

You will find clues to one’s true character by observing the following six areas of one’s life:


Maintaining a level of intimacy that stands the test of time is an excellent characteristic that begins at birth and continues throughout life. Intimacy in relationships are not restricted to romantic relationships, though one’s romantic relationship does have strong indicators.

Being able to maintain intimate relationships indicates the ability to trust and be trusted, to make commitments, be at least somewhat dependable and willing to compromise in a give-and-take relationship.


It’s more than good things happen to good people. Successful individuals have a strong moral compass and are empathetic. They can imagine what it must be like to walk a mile another man’s shoes.

A good person who can enjoy a high degree of success possesses a full range of emotions and has the ability to control them, so as not to let them interfere with the greater good of his or her project or quality of life.


While the most successful people may not have a lot of inner circle friendships, they do maintain friendships that stand the test of time. This indicates the ability to relate to others with a certain degree of social adeptness while indicating degrees of tolerance and endurance.

A lack of close-knit friendships are likely to indicate excessively self-centeredness, inability to play well with others and may be insensitive or rude.


While they might not be the smartest person in the room, they command an intellectual awareness and exude a certain confidence in their ability to think on their feet, problem-solve, access and process data efficiently.

They are good sports, have a propensity to look outside the box for solutions, possess the ability to convert their thoughts into actions and have a good sense of humor.


They have an inner compulsion to do things. They have the habit of setting and achieving goals for themselves, supporting their ability to push through barriers and achieve success.

Their drive is not powered by sense of duty or in lock-step militaristic fashion. Instead look for the person who enthusiastically embraces challenges and pursues life with passion and independence. One who is likely to succeed regardless of nay sayers.


The person who is prone to being successful exudes a joyful countenance. They find happiness within and find it in meaningful relationships and simple things not materialistic keeping up with the Joneses.

They find pleasure in examining obstacles and find peace in resolution of challenging circumstances. The most successful individuals may be as fearful of engaging difficult situations but are willing to take the risk to enjoy the fruits of expansion and personal growth.

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