Surviving Abuse in Grace

For the exceptional survivors of abuse, they are surviving abuse in grace, achieving their highest and best, living their best life, and making the world a better place. You could join their ranks if you so desire.

One day you wake up and realize you cannot go on another day, trying to convince yourself that you are living a normal life, when the truth is, you’re willingly subjecting yourself to emotional and/or physical abuse. Looking at your life from some vantage point outside of your self-made prison walls, you can see your previous denial and captivity, and you ask yourself what can I do about it?

In this lucid moment, you can shrink yourself back down into your previous state of denial and allow yourself to suffer even more because it is what you know. The abusive relationship feels like home, even if it is incredibly painful and destructive.

Somehow you feel like this is the life you deserve in some way because you feel unworthy of a happy and healthy life. So, you resign yourself to accept this as your lot in life and continue to pretend as if this is your destiny and continue to submit to your own self-victimization. Even so, there is a part of you following your momentary lucidity, which acknowledges that all you would have to do to live a better life would be to remove yourself from the abuse.

The abuse you subject yourself to could be at the hands of another but there is a far more pervasive abuser to whom you could submit yourself to. It is much more difficult to separate or protect yourself from the abuser who does not come from without but within. Nobody can abuse you worse than you can abuse yourself.

When the abuse from without meets the abuser from within face to face, sometimes it can be too much for a person to handle. If embracing the possibility of an epiphany is not an eminent option, the pain can be so overwhelmingly great, that notwithstanding another day can feel like the only way to stop it would be to stop another day from coming, leading to suicidal thoughts.

If you can find hope within yourself, you can begin to see where you are is not where you wanted to be. If you can reclaim a vision of the life you wanted, the one you intended to have and can see how you are living a life in conflict to your calling, you can take the time to revisit your initial idea of what a good life might be for you.

In this moment, the you that has submitted yourself to abuse dies, you no longer have to be a shock absorber, and you are reborn as the child of God you were originally born to be.

You have lived a great deal of life not respecting the divine life which is your calling. While you have been reborn, there is some work that needs to be done to figure out how to rectify the life you’ve lived up to this point in time. Not doing the work will suppress the emotions which could be detrimental you living a healthy life,

Thankfully, if you have access to the Internet, there are many resources available for you to get a grip on your new life and how to overcome the victimization you’ve subjected yourself to in the past enabling you to heal and grow.

The key which unlocks the treasure chest of your divine life is the realization and acceptance that while it appears that you have deviated from your life path by subjecting yourself to abuse, in fact, the abuse has indelibly provided you with the exact education, skills, abilities, and experience you need to go forth, fully empowered to live not only a better life, but your best life, and make the world a better place.

Nothing happens by coincidence or accident. Look for ways to uncover the treasures hidden in the experiences you’ve endured to reach this pivot point in your life. If you allow yourself to step back from the perspective of victimhood, and to see it from a more divine perspective, you can see how you can come out of this life of training to be fully equipped to live your best life and now are more qualified to impact others in a positive way. No one is more fully qualified than you because no one has endured what you have, and if they have, you are the only living person who can offer them hope of a better life.

As you heal and grow you can see more clearly how you were so blessed to endure the life you’ve led up to this point and how you could not have such a bright future awaiting you without having been so exquisitely educated by your unique experience(s).

As you move on from your previous life it is a good idea to mark the segmentation of your new life from the old with a period of grieving. It may include taking a time of sabbatical to grieve, heal, and let go of the past. Forgiving yourself and preparing yourself for moving on takes as long as it takes, and there is no right way or wrong way to do this. It is unique to you. Take as long as you need for this transformative process. It doesn’t matter what other people think, or if they judge you in the process.

When you are ready, you can allow the new you to fully emerge.

Will it be easy? Probably not. You will face new opportunities and challenges along the way, but you find satisfaction and peace that you are more prepared than ever to face whatever you encounter on the road ahead.

Your new life will have new friends, new players, as you go forth in a new direction. It is easy to feel like the lone wolf, but life will bring to you new faces and personalities. Some will need you, some will support you, and others will challenge you along the way, but all are there for increasing your highest and best potential.

Celebrate the new you, honor your past and retain all the blessings, lessons, and wisdom which has been bestowed upon you.

You are so amazing.

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