The Student Becomes the Teacher

In the life of an educator, teacher or trainer, there is no greater honor than the moment when the student becomes the teacher.


The student has persevered, struggled through late nights, studied rigorously and may have isolated themselves somewhat from ordinary life while immersed in the learning process. No one ever told you it would be easy, but you knew on day it would be worth it.

It is one thing to complete one’s studies (it’s the alternative to dropping out, which in itself can be another learning process or continuing to study ad infinitum) but to put what you have learned into practice is where the satisfaction leads to action.

There is no greater action, or honor to the teacher than seeing the student become a teacher. It is the secret hope of one who bestows education to the learner, that one day the student will take up the gauntlet thereby multiplying the efforts of the teacher.

Life is the School

When you made you debut in this life, you enrolled in the University of Life and just like any other student, there are many responses and choices to be made throughout your course of study, and you will study under many teachers.

Will you drop out? Will you do that which is minimally necessary to get by? Will you put what you’ve learned into practice? Will you opt for higher levels of learning? Or,

Will You Become the Teacher?

Is it too difficult to stretch your thoughts just enough to include the possibility that there is a specific reason that you have endured certain scenarios in this life (or survived difficult but specific trainings) all to increase your expertise in your field of study?

Your individual curriculum has been divinely structured for you.

This could be preparing you to achieve personal growth imbuing you with certain tools, skills and ability to better navigate the remainder of your journey, or there could be an underlying higher calling beckoning you to teach others what you have learned – or better yet – you are so motivated to teach others while you are still learning.

There is no better method of learning than to teach others.

When you share what you are currently engaged in learning, you maximize your learning exponentially. You are also the beneficiary of new insights that may not have been gleaned by following your structured field of study. You have access to statistics, data and responses of students that you could have never experienced had you not become a teacher yourself. In this way, the learning process flows in both directions, the student learns from the teacher and the teacher learns from the student(s) also.

As a student/teacher your information processing kicks into high gear, because your students are relying on that which you can bring to the table for them to examine. You are more attentive while you are learning, and you look for unique perspectives while peering between the lines of structured study texts.

Your Calling

Ultimately, the greatest satisfaction comes from surviving a difficult field of study… a tragic life course that might devastate someone else. Yet, you, with your individualized abilities to do what is necessary to successfully manage the harshest circumstances have made it – or are making it – to the other side.

More often than not, when a client comes to me faced with tragedy it becomes clear that he or she has been selected to be the recipient of a full scholarship in this most complex field of study.

Have you suffered through a difficult learning experience or are you neck-deep in a personal course of study that seems like there’s no way out?

Then you may have been called to the ministry of teaching.

What’s your best course of action?

Reach out to others who may also be enrolled or struggling with the same classes, and teach. Answer your call, reach out to others and

Become the Teacher

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