To Blog or Not to Blog My Favorite Blogs

It was a tough decision for me to decide to start a blog. It is not something I take lightly. To open one’s self up and make a commitment to expose yourself a little more on a regular basis; it is a challenge.

And a challenge is what it was from the get-go. I recommend that my clients engage in blogging regularly as a means of connecting with their audience; because that’s what it’s all about. Certainly there is a lot of data available for anyone to access via Google 24/7, but to actually connect with someone is a difficult task – a regularly updated blog can make the difference – bridging the gap between a stream of analogous unlimited data and real people.

As a coach and supporter of blogging (even wrote a book on the topic) I am, more often than not, encouraging my clients to consider taking on the challenge – and responsibility – of blogging.

To blog or not to blog my favorite blogs

Because I realize how important it is to proceed with both caution and commitment, no one is more aware of the fact that such a decision – to blog or not to blog – should not be taken lightly or made haphazardly.

Think about it; what if I told you that I would be at the Starbucks on the corner, every weekday morning from 8:30 am to 9:00 am. Then, I invited you to sit with me and I would give you five minutes of my time, just giving you a few ideas about what was on my mind in that moment.

You might think, “Oh, what a thoughtful gesture,” and the following Thursday, you thought you’d give it a go and see what Masters has on his mind. Sure enough, you show up and there he is sipping away on his venti mocha. The two of you make eye contact and you are invited to take a seat at his table. Then just as promised you hear five minutes of whatever appears to be on his mind.

This is the Blog Experience that you want to capture with your audience, only instead of a face-to-face one-on-one interaction, with a web site blog you can interact with your people en masse. There is nothing more beautiful and revered by your followers and supporters, who are becoming your friends.

What happens if you came to the Starbucks to hear what I had to say, for that little extra eyebrow-raise for the day – a little something to make you think – and I wasn’t there? You might think, well, last week I was here on Thursday, and today’s Wednesday; maybe I’ll try again tomorrow.

The next day, still no Masters. Even though you may not stop by every day, the days that you do stop by, I’m still not there.

How do you feel now? Okay, so it’s nothing personal; there really was no obligation or commitment. We didn’t have any kind of a deal or contract, even though you may have like having that to look forward to, now it is gone; Que sera, sera. No harm – no foul – but not feeling great about it.

Letting down you audience is not a marketing method that I encourage; though sometimes it is necessary to move on, streamline one’s operation and sometimes projects will have to be cut to make room for others.

So, I accepted the challenge and agreed to stretch myself in good faith. We will see how it goes.

Here are some of my favorite blogs that exemplify the commitment that it takes to create and maintain a good blog:

Brian Tracy Blog

Deepak Chopra Blog

Human Performance Research Center Blog

Jack Canfield Blog

Joe Vitale’s Blog

Mind Hacks

Research Digest Blog on Brain and Behavior

The Blog Herald

Tony Robbins’ Blog

What’s your favorite blog?

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2 thoughts on “To Blog or Not to Blog My Favorite Blogs”

  1. To Blog or not to Blog?

    Seriously and sincerely the question is irrelevant. The current and modern Blog or Web Log is merely the most modern alliteration of the what has been prominent in society for hundreds and hundreds of years.

    How so you may ask…..

    Allow me to share:

    Greatest blogger of the 20th century? Who do you think it is?

    Jack Kerouac
    James Joyce
    George Orwell
    Joseph Heller

    OR maybe you find folks like:

    JRR Tolkien
    CS Lewis
    F Scott Fitzgerald
    or was EB White more your speed.

    What about of the 19th Century? The 18th Century? Did the Canterbury Tales speak to your soul across hundreds of years or was is Beowulf?

    While all the discussion of which writer each person enjoyed or connected with more is fascinating it is largely irrelevant. Understanding the why of why writers write is much more germane to the question of blogging or not blogging.

    To quote one of my favorite writers, ” Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.”

    While that may seem strange, looked at from a different perspective Mark Twain’s message becomes crystal clear.

    It is sometimes like this that things that matter are obscured by fluff and chaotic thoughts so capture all the words that come to your pen and cross out the ones that are wrong.

    AS a challenge I ask you to take the above sentence and cross out the wrong words.

    For me… that sentence captured in a few moments of unfiltered expression would read like this: ‘Sometimes things that matter are obscured, so capture all the words.’

    So to be concise…

    to blog or not to blog?

    I don’t care… how about you just write.

    Prose, Lyrical, or poetry

    Fictional, biographical, or nonsensical

    Put your words on paper so my great great grand children can stubble over your written word and find your soul.

    Or maybe….

    Just so that you….

    Can EXPRESS it.

    Bleeding your soul out in graphite, ink, or digital representation is such a better expression of fears, concerns, anger, pain, hatred, and loves that some of the things our world has witnessed today.

    You see
    today, some people blew themselves up…
    today, some people were blown up…

    today, some people had to comfort…
    today, some people had to be comforted…

    today, some people had to be hard…
    today, some people wish they had been…

    Today, some people lost brothers and sisters…
    Today, some people lost parents and children…

    and TODAY

    ALL OF THIS HAPPENED because….

    Some people were NOT BRAVE enough to expose their thoughts, hopes, beliefs, and dreams in written word…

    Some PEOPLE were cowardly!

    Some people could not let theirs words stand alone…


    To the world.

    Those people lashed out, in fear, in anger, or in ignorance. Rather than having the courage to express their words and being who they are for the world to see; those people silenced other people to carry their message. I can imagine no more cowardly choice than forcing another to carry a message I felt compelled to share.

    Be brave…
    Let your words be…

    Stand them up alone…

    Let the light of their expression shine for others to see.

  2. So many people start a blog and dump it with no regard to others, which I guess is their right. There are so many blogs that I find that I think are cool, but haven’t been updated since 2006. What a waste.

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