Why Judeo-Christian Businesses Are More Successful

In my work with business people I work with all kinds of folks from all kinds of backgrounds. Many of the most successful businesspeople that I work with are Judeo-Christian (Jewish and/or Christian), that is to say they profess a belief in the Jewish religion and/or follow the teachings of Jesus, the renegade Jew.

Among the Judeo-Christian businesses, they believe that because they are aligned with churches (covering a wide spectrum of religious variety) who follow the teachings of similar texts of the Torah and the Bible, their businesses are more blessed as they go about their day-to-day business.

There exists a network of Jewish and Christian businesses, and their supporting one another in their businesses in a you-scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yours approach to supporting other business owners who also profess Judeo-Christian beliefs, is also attributed to their success.

Judeo Christian businesses supported by God Almighty

I am in the unique position to be working with these businessmen and women in the trenches and I see them having the same challenges behind the scenes of their businesses as other business owners who do not profess religious beliefs, yet the fact remains: businesses owned by practitioners of these sects out-perform their secular competitors, with better bottom lines and increased longevity.

From my point of view; I believe I have a clearer understanding about why these businesses are more successful and my conclusion may surprise you.

There is an Abrahamic cevenant referenced by the Judeo-Christian believers that imbues them with certain preferences toward financial abundance and increased blessings by God for being God’s favorite and faithful.

You might think that’s the reason they are more successful… but I have a different idea. (Mind you, this is only based on my own first-hand observations of these business people in the field… That said, please continue to read on, if you dare…)

These business people face the same challenges as everyone with two decidedly and important distinctions:

1. They believe in the power of God

When they face struggles in their businesses, they can pray and/or appear to the faithful for support. And what better business assistance to accept than that of the Almighty God from heaven and all His angels!

It’s an amazing gift to be able to reach outside of one’s self and be open to the idea that you have access to the divine for solutions to one’s problems. Though unexplainable by science, the statistics prove the power of faith and prayer, both effective when used as business tools.

2. They believe in the Devil

This is the one that’s likely to catch you off-guard. Like, how could belief in the devil help increase businesses owned by believers? Isn’t the devil the bad guy?

The devil actually gives these believers the extra wherewithal to withstand the ongoing battle for their business success. Why? Because (it is assumed) the devil wants to break the Abrahamic deal with the believers and will do anything he can to make their businesses struggle and fail… and if he (the devil) can thwart their business efforts, he may be able to even shake their faith in God.

Being able to quickly identify an adversary can help a potential victim take massive action to create an effective defense and countermeasures to increase one’s odds of emerging victorious.

It is this good vs. evil and support of a deity in business that gives the believers the business advantage over their non-believing competitors, who are more likely to abort their businesses when their day-to-day business dealing become problematic; while believers have greater stamina through hard (or lean) seasons.

What do you think?

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  1. Don’t you think that belief in Jesus might have something to do with successful Christian businessmen?

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