Spirit Guides

Q: Do you have spirit guides? A: Yes.

Having spent a great deal of time in the Beyond Science Labs getting access to science, technologies, quantum energies, and metaphysical phenomena, I have witnessed and actively documented concepts which elude rational thought. Regardless of all the concepts which may be unbelievable for the masses, spirit guides are real.

You have many spirit guides which are not visible from our 3D reality, but we do have a sense of them, and they do support and influence you for good along your life’s journey. It is generally accepted information that you have three spirit guides at the very least, or many more (some people have up to twenty or more spiritual guides).

So, who are your spirit guides?

As you might have guessed, they are other-dimensional beings. If you could see everything that happens around us 24/7 it would be overwhelming and could make you crazy. There are some people (who are commonly referred to as “mediums” among other labels we try to put on them) who have the ability to see, hear, feel, and interact with these other-dimensional beings.

They are not 3D beings, like you and me, but they may have been. It is not uncommon for at least one of your spirit guides to be someone, a relative, a friend, or a mentor from this life, who has passed over to the other side. They may no longer be a part of your physical life, but you know, you can feel their presence, in the absence of their physical presence.

But wait, there’s more. For those of the Christian, or similarly faith-based, community, you will be pleased to know that angels are among your spirit guides, and everyone has at least one angel who is assigned uniquely to you and your life on this planet. This one is referred to as your Guardian Angel but know that there are many more around you also.

I would be interrupted at this point by fear-based religious-types would interject and insist that “anything that is not an angel is a demon.” You might want to consider releasing some of these primitive beliefs, but if not, no problem, because you are absolutely right. Nonetheless, there may be more out there than meets the eye.

Are there demons?

Think about it, if there are angels, are demons, which is one-third of the angelic population which do have access to those who open themselves to them. Not surprisingly, demons are attracted to those from whom they get the most attention. It just so happens that many religious folks are focused upon them, so that is where these dark beings congregate. Interesting.

Demons are not your spirit guides. Spirit guides are only positive light beings of pure love who only love you and want you to have everything your heart desires, but they will not interfere with your free will, though they may give you signs to encourage you or influence you to make a better choice.

You are your own spirit guide

What? That’s right. There is that larger, higher part of you which resides off-site, outside your physical experience. There is that part of you which chose to come here to this planet at this time to have the experiences which you are engaged in, and this part of you is also one of your spirit guides.

Other Spirit Guides

Other types of spirit guides include other types of other-dimensional beings who have taken an interest in your life path. Their origins can be vast, and there are those who specialize in this area of research who are attempting to classify and categorize these types of spirit guides. This is not my area of expertise, but I am blessed to work with those who specialize in this area in the Beyond Science Labs.

Now that you know your spirit guides are there, isn’t the time now that you started tapping into this spiritual resource?