Plug In Turn On

Whether in personal or professional life, you excel at certain things because the activities you enjoy maintain a certain vibration. The activity’s vibration matches a vibration within you and as sports professionals say, you are “in the zone.”

When you are in the zone you sort of get lost in the activity. The resonance is such a perfect match to your inner core that it appears to create an effortless vortex and time just fades away as you are immersed in the activity.

This kind of focused attention maximizes your performance and while it feels good to get lost in this particular task, you might consider finding methods to channel it into other portions of life to benefit not only yourself but the community at large.

When you plug into this energy vibration you turn on your pleasure centers and expand your mind’s concentration as you engage in this activity, so finding a method to plug in can affect all areas of your life and increase productivity.

plug in turn on brain chemistry increased concentration creativity unplugged plugged in brain scans the zone

Also note when you plug in and turn on your zone vibration it not only lights up your brain’s processing centers but it simultaneously promotes emotional stability by naturally reducing cortisol (the stress hormone) relieving anxiety, depression and the tendency to feel frustrated or irritated.

Plugging in and turning on for a structured 20 minutes per day can optimize you brain’s chemistry and enhance your personal performance. Think about structuring a break in the middle of the day, or when you’re approaching burnout, unplug from the chaos and plug into the zone for twenty minutes.

When you emerge from your trance of focused concentration following your 20 minute charge, the vibration carries over into the task at hand. You now have an increased clarity and ability to more effectively deal with issues and tasks that were difficult prior to plugging into the zone. The zone vibration will fade commensurate with the more challenging the task at hand might be, but your heightened sense of awareness at the outset may be enough for you to more easily push through the process of dealing with a less than desirable task.

Your freshly recharged state improves mental and physical acuity while enhancing your ability to create offensive strategies rather than being on the defensive. You are calmer and experience a heightened capacity for deescalating potentially stressful circumstances.

Spending time in your vibrational zone also promotes creativity, opening up your subconscious flow to make new connections for problem-solving, looking at things from an alternative perspective leading to inspiration and better creative expression.

Look for clues throughout your day, when you feel a shortage of coping skills or are having feelings of frustration, irritation or feeling anger rearing its ugly head. Try to create an opportunity to take a 20 minute break to plug in and turn on in these moments. Also note the time of day you are having these feelings. You may find scheduling a personal zoning session for that time of day hugely beneficial.

By plugging in and turning on to charge your vibrational inner powerhouse, you not only increase your personal performance but you also enjoy reduction in fatigue and a greater sense of being more effectively present in the moment, with an increased ability to tackle difficult tasks and challenges.

The 5 Senses of Laser Focused Concentration

By engaging all of your information receptors in the attenuation of your end result, you can avoid distraction and increase your attention to manifest anything you want giving you the ability to make all your dreams come true.

5 senses to success attraction attenuation prosperity

First of all, create a multi-dimensional experiential representation of what it is that you want to achieve.


My primary sense is visual. This is where I start to create my vision of what it is that I desire. You could find a photographic representation of what it is that you want. If it is a particular item, it is easy enough to find a photo of the item that you want… the more photos, the better. Put them in places where you find your attention throughout the day. Some places might include the refrigerator, your bathroom mirror, on top of the TV, hanging from the rear-view mirror in your car, even carrying a card-sized photo in your pocket that you can refer to throughout the day, and on the nightstand next to your bed.

If what you’re focusing on is more complex, like an idea, concept, career, mission, etc… you may need to develop a visual montage including may images, or a vision board. A vision board is a poster-board featuring a collection of many different images that represent what you want to attract.


Next up is to create an audio representation of that which you desire to engage your ears.
If it is a thing, like a new Harley Davidson Motorcycle, make an MP3 (CD or mix tape) compilation of songs about riding on your motorcycle with a sound clip of the vroom-vroom (or guttural potato-potato-potato) sound of the motorcycle between tracks.

Get a portable recorder and interview owners of Harley Davidson motorcycles and ask them what they like best about their bikes and listen to these periodically throughout the day.

You get the idea; you can listen to audio recordings that help you to pinpoint the attention of your auditory senses via the input device of your ears.

Use your voice to engage your ears. Nothing is more attractive to your ears than your live voice. Ever notice that when you listen to a recording of your voice, it sounds tinny in comparison to how it sounds when it resonates within your head?

Make a list, create affirmations or a mantra that you speak aloud to command the attention of your auditory interface.


Engaging your sense of touch (contact via hands, feet or skin) could take many forms…

If you desire a Harley, then a ride or test-drive would be an excellent multi-dimensional experience, but now you need something that you can touch and feel to focus your attention on throughout the day, when you may not have access to a physical representation of that which you seek.

Create and use a talisman. A talisman is a physical charm or representation of what you desire. In fact, no other company provides more talismans for potential customers than Harley Davidson. You can easily obtain a key-fob with the Harley-logo (or any other object or form from bumper-stickers to underwear)… something that you can contact to your vision periodically.

You can use any item that you want to be your talisman, including a ring, pendant, business card, silicone bracelet or wristband, a small stone or string tied around your wrist… whatever it is, it is something that you can physically touch while you daydream about your goal.


Your nose knows what it is that you want, and by entertaining your sense of smell, it can create neural pathways in the brain that engage the attention of the universe to begin to vector in all the components that are necessary to bring your desires to fruition.

In some cases, you may be able to have a multi-faceted talisman. For instance, if your Harley talisman is made of leather – the smell of the leather may be your mind’s nose candy.

If your goal is financial, maybe the scent of cash dollars engages your sense of smell in this daily exercise. Many fragrances, potpourri, incense, essential oil scents or other items that are pleasant odiferous representations your desire(s) can be used to sniff your way to success.


You might find it difficult to think of way to have your goal create an association with your mouth and tongue but it is a lot easier than you might think.

In our Harley-example, you might associate the motorcycle with an energy drink (or some other non-alcoholic drink).

There are a variety of hard candies or chewing gums that come in a wide variety of flavors; some which you have never tasted. You can select one of these flavored-items (that you have not tasted before, so that the taste is not associated with anything else from your past) to represent you wildest dream(s). Focusing on what you want while you excite your flavor receptors will increase your laser focus.

Attraction Attenuation

By engaging all five senses, you attune your vibration to that which you seek. Just the fact that you have the desire means the universe has already matched this desire to you. Now, all that is left is for you match your vibration to what seems illusive. It has already taken place; you just need to do the work to align yourself to the end result.

Get the sense that your senses can get you from here to there, and they will.