Using a Pendulum

Back when I was a young autistic man in service of God, I wanted to hear God’s voice, like my peers did. I was told that because of my autism it was pretty certain that I would never have access to that kind of sensitivity, but I was able to create a mechanism through which God could communicate with me.

I wasn’t much, just a simple pendulum that would give me one of three responses to help me on my path of servitude. If it swayed this way, it was a “Yes.” If it swung that way, it was a “No.” And if it wizzed around in a circle, it was, “Run, David, run!”

As simple as it was, that pendulum saved my bacon plenty of times, and opened my eyes to looking into other ways of expanding my ability to live my life in an intuitive manner by studying other contemporary modalities, such as applied kinesiology, hypnosis, and neuro linguistic programming.

Whether I was in ministerial or therapeutic environments, the skills I gained from these methodologies were vastly helpful in my maintaining high energy performance and results.

The gift I’d like to share with you, today, is that which is referred to in applied kinesiology as a dowsing pendulum.

There are many types of dowsing pendulums, and they are used in a variety of methods from psychic readings to alternative healing practices, and they can be extremely fancy.

Now you can go get yourself a fancy one, if you like, but I am going to show you how to use a rudimentary pendulum which is every bit as effective as a fancy one in giving your that little intuitive edge, if you’re lacking in that area, like I was.

Now, we all know that we are surrounded by energy, and the energy which is all around us an runs through every cell of our bodies, as well as everything that is both seen and unseen all around us is infinite intelligence.

When I was young, I used this simple method to allow God to communicate with me, even in its most rudimentary form.

All you need is a weighted string to make a working version of a dowsing pendulum which can give you access to this vast energetic part of our universe which is all around us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It never closes, of goes on vacation, and if you have a tool, like this, you don’t need anything else, if you’re lacking the basic psychic energy or intuition that other people have, like I was.

My first dowsing pendulum was a nut tied to a piece of thread. So, I looked around the house to see what I could find to make a pendulum out of quickly, and I found this; an inexpensive party favor from a child’s party, a Yo-yo.

Now, a real Yo-yo might be better because it has more weight to it, but both are weights suspended from a string, so for this little experiment, you will be able to see that just about anything will work.

Okay, so you see I’ve got the Yo-yo, and I am going to let it dangle about 12-inches from where I am pinching the string between my thumb and forefinger.

For simplicity, I’ve marked out on this piece of paper, this way means “yes” and that way, means “no.” And, as I stated before, round and round means, “Run, David, run!”

First, still your pendulum in the center point, then ask it a question, like, “Is my name David.”

See, it’s saying “yes.”

Next, I will ask, “Am I a girl?”

And it says, “no.” (I’ll bet some of you were wondering about that, You never can be sure these days.)

Now, that is the end of my little demonstration, now it’s up to you to put this magic to the test.

And, here’s where you have to be careful.

While this looks like a harmless child’s toy, this is a powerful tool to accessing knowledge which is not limited to the 3D environment, where we – well most of us, anyway – primarily reside.

You will probably learn, as I did, that there are some answers that you’re better off not knowing, so don’t ask. And other questions, you might get the answer to, and a wise person knows when to keep some of these answers to yourself.

I also believe that everyone has a right to privacy.

You never have anything to prove to anyone, and in some cases, no one would believe the truth, if you told them, so just let it go. But if you’re like me, I don’t even ask those questions anymore.

When I use the pendulum, I only use it for myself, as my little communication tool between me and God, about things which pertain to me only. I don’t have all that time to get into anyone else’s business, my own busy-ness is already enough to keep me busy.

Questions I get about the pendulum?

What about this way and that way? Does the first way depict North and South?

The answer is, none of that matters. You create the parameters that you want the energy to communicate with you through. So, you could have those directions totally switched, where sideways means “yes” and forward and backward means “no.”

Round and round means “I don’t want to answer right now.” You could have it represent anything you want. For me, its, “Run, David, run!”

The infinite is vastly concerned with you, and me, every one of us, and it wants to communicate with us.

Infinite intelligence has a standard communication method with most people who “get a feeling.” They get a feeling that they should call someone, and if they respect this knowingness, they do. If they do not, they simply push that thought aside and find out later, that they should have made the call.

Can you use a pendulum for more than just a yes or no device?

Yes, you can use it for anything, if you know how. And if you study applied kinesiology, you will discover that you can use it to find out anything but the secret in establishing accuracy is two-part, number one is being a clean vessel (free from judgment or prejudice) and secondly (if not more importantly) asking the right question or being certain not to stop asking questions when more pertinent information remains unqueried.

This is stuff you will have to figure out on your own, if you want to. There’s plenty of information out there.

San this simple pendulum be used as a chakra pendulum.

The answer is yes. Eastern practitioners have used pendulums for years in therapeutic, spiritual, and metaphysical practices, and these practices, including the recognition and manipulation of chakras is melding with many Western practices.

Granted, chakra practitioners have advanced the use of the pendulum so far and have perfected the sciences surrounding geology, gems, and semi-precious stones, all serving different purposes in diagnosing, treating, infusing, and tuning all the chakras.

But this simple pendulum, as any pendulum, can be completely effective in determining the direction any chakra is moving In, which is part if the process.

Speaking of pendulum science

It has risen to astronomical proportions. Different substances are used in different ways, in different practices, and methodologies. You can spend anywhere from $20 to $200, or more, for a professional pendulum.

And I have seen all of them serve so many different purposes. Just be forewarned that the tools of any trade can be quite expensive, but sometimes, the tried and true basic handmade tools are the best (and sometimes not) depending on the application.

Do I use a dowsing pendulum in therapeutic practice?

I do not. But I know many people who use it religiously, and Shirsha, a friend of mine, uses hers all the time, for everything!

So, basically, it’s up to you.

Use it an any way that it suits you best.

And if you start to get freaked out about getting into other people’s business… Well, don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

You can always back up and just start using it for yourself, only.

Isn’t this just make believe? Really?

Okay. If you think it’s ridiculous, then do not do this. Kinesiologists have been using this practice for optimizing the performance of the human body for years. When metaphysicians got hold of the technology, well… it just went off the charts, and all the woo-woo folks took to it, like fish to water.

The metaphysical version, which I’ve demonstrated to you today, is called applied kinesiology )which goes far beyond the use of a dowsing pendulum), while the original, strictly human body science form is known simply as kinesiology. Many people do not believe in applied kinesiology, and reject it. No problem.

In fact, the government would rather you didn’t believe in it, but they do. They continue to spend millions of dollars every year using applied kinesiology and have many specialists on the payroll for all kinds of purposes.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to go to the dark side. I am not defending applied kinesiology in any way. If you can use it as a tool and it gives you a benefit, as it did me, then great.

If you think its just silliness, that’s fine, too. You’re absolutely right, and I will defend your right to feel that way, 100%.

If you want to find out more about pendulums or applied kinesiology, you can check in with my friends at St. Paul’s Free University.