How Can You Live a Life of Love?

If you want the best this life has to offer, you must find a way to love. Love more, love better, give love and allow yourself to receive it. This is your best and highest work.

Love is the spice that brightens up everything this life has to offer. Oh, you can be happy without it, but to experience the most joy from every bite of life, top it off with love, and it just gives everything that something special.

Love changes you and how you look at other people. You’re more understanding and empathetic. Looking through the eyes of love, allows your heart how it could feel like, had you walked a mile in his or her shoes.

When you live in love, you see it everywhere, in nature, in the city, in restaurants and at the bus stop.

It’s easier for some to love more than others, but easy love is not always the best love. The best, deepest, most meaningful love of all, is the love that is learned the hard way. Granted, very few people are up to the task. It’s easier do say, “Forget love,” or, “There’s no such thing as love,” and walk away.

Of course, love starts with you. Sure, we’ve all heard about how we are to love our self, but what the hell is that supposed to mean?

Well, it means many different things to many different people, because it’s not about anyone else but you, and we’re all very unique, but there are some similar characteristics among all of us, when it comes to loving our self.

You can learn to love yourself by letting go of the past, living in the present and moving forward in your life. This means forgiving others for what they might have done in the past. And it also means forgiving yourself for any missteps you have made along the way.

You also want to stop judging other people so harshly, and especially yourself as well.

When you make a mistake in real time, don’t beat yourself up over it. Step back, look at the facts, and look for the treasure. The treasure may be key information that you can take into the future that will keep this circumstance from repeating itself.

Giving an unsolicited compliment to someone is a loving way to be encouraging to another person. How about complimenting yourself, patting your self on the back for a job well done. Maybe even reward yourself if some small way. Think of ways to treat yourself nicely.

Loving words are very powerful. Start using them, with others, as well as in the mirror.

Once you start loving yourself, you will find it easier to express your love to others (though you may not want to throw the “love” word around too much, especially when you’re getting started, because it can freak people out.) Relatives is a great place to start.

Unfortunately (okay, actually, “fortunately”), loving, or learning to love, is going to involve other people. This can be uncomfortable for even the most privileged of us.

It will mean putting aside your negative thoughts about love (if you’re harboring them) for at least as long as it takes to get out and mingle a little bit.

Think about it, swing by a restaurant or night club after work. See what “Happy hour” looks like. These are like-minded individuals, meeting after work, and having a good time just enjoying each other’s company for a minute on their way home from work.

You might think to yourself, that these are just a bunch of phonies, but that’s just because you haven’t tried it, or can’t relate to it. To help you out in this area, you might need to make a few new friends.

Remember not to come on like gangbusters. Be conscientious and don’t turn yourself into the next love guru, but love in the best way you can.

Too much love can bring negative results. Like, if you see someone who is engaging in an activity that they love so much, with no regard for other people. This can be awkward, if not painful, and can alienate the other people who you would otherwise be encouraging or trying to express your love to.

So, love, but be mindful of others.

If you’re looking for true, it starts right here. Right now, with you.

True love is calling you.