How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself

You want something, would pretty much do whatever it takes to get what you want, yet you get in your own way enough so as to prevent yourself from ever getting what you want. Isn’t this bass ackwards? If only you knew how to stop sabotaging yourself.

This one step forward two steps back lifestyle of self-sabotage has got to stop. You’re growing, changing, expanding, then your emotional frequency plummets in a sort of vibrational sabotage.

You desire all the good things this life has to offer, yet you still find yourself doing things that prevent you from getting what you want, either by making decisions and taking action, or by not decisively taking action, and you end up missing the opportunity to get what you want.

People who are watching you do this to yourself might chime in with, “Man, you have the worst luck,” or may offer advice, like, “You just need to be more diligent,” or assume that you have an inability to follow through or have a lack of commitment, and you know yourself better than that.

Deep inside, you know you have what it takes.

There’s an powerful underlying energetic part of you that has every cell of your body that you are unworthy of having the things you want, and for any number of reasons your shadow self fears that you will suffer greatly if you get what you want.

Has that ever happened in the past? Did you get something you wanted, just to see your feelings get hurt in the end? If so, this part of you, which unbeknownst to you works in the background of your life, doing whatever it can from keeping you safe from suffering by preventing you from getting the things you want.

This subconscious part of you is busting its ass 24/7 to keep you from suffering and was programmed to do so over the course of your life, and it started accumulating data even before you were born.

This part of you seeks to see that you are kept safe, warm, fed, and somewhat connect to others, enough so to help support you in getting the things you need to get by. It also buries dangerous emotions, hiding them from your conscious mind to protect you, but these suppressed emotions could be the death of you.

This is the primary force behind your struggle for survival and has gotten you this far, but it can easily upset any possibility of good things coming your way, because you are not worthy, or may fear your potential for suffering or loss.

Then there’s the other part of you that wants it all. It sees other people having nice things, fame, fortune, happy, healthy, and living long prosperous lives. But because all these things have potential risk attached to them, they are in conflict with your survivability, so that part of you which wants to keep you safe will do just about anything to sabotage your desires.

How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself

First of all, you must decide to take the wheel and not give up in the taming of your survivability program, recognizing that this is a valuable (and powerful) part of you, and you are grateful for it’s getting you this far as safely as possible.

Now that you know this program is running in the background all the time, you can do things to tweak it, in a sense reprogram it, to actually support you in attaining your heart’s desires and achieving your highest and best.

There are many methods to get in touch with this inner part of you, to love and educate it. Once you can get this subconscious part of you to understand that you are powerful, deserving, and that there is no reason to be fearful or so protective all the time, this part of you can actually help you do what it takes.

By getting more in touch with your heart, your heart’s consciousness can reprogram your subconscious mind to serve you in a more supportive fashion as you receive more information, data, and connection with your higher self.

By doing the deep work which may be necessary to repair a lifetime of rote learning for the sake of survival, you will be able to reprogram not only this part of you but repair damage which your cells and even your DNA have suffered in your lifetime of bad programming.

Your awareness will expand, your intuition grows, and you will start to see things are they really are, not as you were previously programmed to perceive things previously. You may dare to be you, the “you” you were born to be.

Look inside, be honest and talk to yourself, start challenging the thought patterns which are holding you back. This deep inner work is a process which does not happen overnight, but you can do this. And as you do this work, it gets easier, and all the things you want start coming to you.

It’s up to you to do it.

Are you ready for the change?

Maybe it is time for you to live a better life, your best life, and make the world a better place.

You are not alone. Join those of us who are doing so, we’ve been where you are, right now.