How’s This Year Gone for You?

You are heading into the final lap of the year, and if you’re like me, you take some time out to reflect the progress you’ve made over the last year.

How is this year different or better than last year?

What have you done to make adjustments, to be a better person, to live a better life, and potentially make the world a better place?

Have you achieved your highest and best and been true to fulfilling your purpose? Did you share your message, embrace your passion, and perform your mission in life?

If you desire to have a highly productive and successful life, you have the best of intentions, but the intention is not enough to make the significant changes you desire to make in your relationships, your career, your health and financial well-being, or to live your best life.

You need to take action.

What good are your dreams or desires if you are not moving closer to them?

Your dreams are valid. So valid, in fact, that in the moment you dreamt or visualized the life you want, it was manifested and made so. That vision is just as real as you and I are, you only have to move from where you are to where the life you dream of waits for you… and it’s a lot closer than you might think.

You know where you are, and you know where you want to be. All you have to do is to move closer to what you want a little bit each day. At the very least, every year you could be 365 steps closer to where you want to be. Now, that might not be enough to get you from here to there, depending on the average size of those steps. Not to worry. Even if they were the smallest of baby steps, after a year, you can look back and clearly see the cumulative effect of each step.

You are closer to having everything that you’ve ever wanted than you were last year.

In my life, I am blessed to be working with people who are proactively making major steps to achieving their highest and best, living their best lives, and making the world a better place. This is my mission.

Whether my ministry is labeled coaching, consulting, or counseling, being in the room with someone when they have a breakthrough or epiphany is the icing on the cake of the work I do. For me, or anyone in my line of work, this is the blessing; it’s what makes it all worth it.

Why might you seek out someone like me to join you on your journey to a better life?

Because by this time next year, you want to look back and see the massive change, maybe have many breakthroughs and epiphanies yourself.

If you want more control over your life, to map out, plan, and execute strategies to achieve your goals, whatever they may be, you will be far ahead of the game if you have a coach, not unlike an Olympic athlete, acting as your accountability partner.

Other benefits include better management of your resources, discovering and exercising your unique gifts, skills, talents and special abilities, thereby maximizing your potential.

Improving your relationships, increasing your social value in the community, seizing opportunities, and making the best decisions along the way. Living your life with less stress, better health, more happiness, excitement, and satisfaction from achieving your highest and best.

You can do this on your own, or you can do it better with third-party support.

Don’t be looking back next year thinking that you might have made better progress if you had a little support, felt better about yourself, had more energy, more time, more money, better friends, or had been born into a more successful family.

Life can be overwhelming, full of things that could distract you, potentially get in the way, or throw you completely off-track, derailing your best efforts to make better progress.

Sometimes it looks like life has the deck stacked against you, maybe it feels like success is not even within your grasp and you’re feeling like you just cannot see light at the end of what appears to be an endless dark tunnel separating you from what you want.

Don’t believe the lies.

You are closer to what you want than you might think.

Vulnerable and Honest Director’s Cut

Up ’til now, you’ve seen the theatrical version of your life. Maybe it’s time for another look at this work for the new expanded, vulnerable and honest director’s cut.

If you desire to grow and expand into the best version of you, you need to take a look at what lies beneath the surface. Like a tree, the condition of your soil, the vastness of your root system and vital nutrients (fertilizer) all contribute to what is realized topside. Beneath the surface is the dirty work of self improvement, exposing our vulnerabilities.

Tracing our hidden root system with honesty and transparency can be frightening, looking the ghosts and demons of our past in the eye, studying our less than honorable moments and connections, opening old wounds, administering healing is the deep work.

Let’s face it, no one’s perfect, especially me. But this digging deep, working with the fragile infrastructure of my life, helps me to take out the trash and preserve, honor and cherish the antiquities that I treasure, more precious than diamonds. Left buried and un-treated these hidden wounds fester, leading to disease, deterioration and death. Tending to them openly and honestly, risking the sensitivities or our most vulnerable self allows us to turn them into energetic nutrients encouraging massive new growth, expansion and the juiciest fruit you’ve ever imagined.

This no-holds-barred approach to the deep work helps us find the beauty in what we may have discarded or buried as trash, while maximizing the nutritional elements of each buried experience that otherwise promotes rot and decay. This work allows us to look back at less than favorable moments in our lives with gratitude and joy.

We all are imperfect; yet hold ourselves to unbelievable levels of perfection, often punishing ourselves for missteps and failures. An honest review, looking at our darkest moments, broken dreams, betrayals, denials, punishments (of ourselves or others), denials, sacrifices, suffering and despair can be the most difficult work, but little else is so effective. On the other side of this work is an embracing of life as it is, with all of its jagged pieces, which if held in the light of love, sparkles like diamonds in the sky.

We live in a world with a forced set of parameters that are all imaginary. We are raised and forced to believe we are restricted by limitations imposed by nothing more than invisible self-policed thought processes, effectively imprisoning our experience in this life. These life restraints are challenged and the chains broken as we are set free to explore our untethered possibilities.

When you are able to break open all those tender wounds and face your demons with vulnerability, you can endure the entire process and look back with a sense of frivolity. After all, from an alternate high perspective, someone, somewhere, our higher self or God is looking at all this from a completely different point of view. And from this perspective, we are able to see things as they are and even laugh at ourselves as if watching a slapstick comedy.

Being able to find the humorous moments in the tragedy of our life can be as easy as changing the soundtrack. The background music can change most any scene from dark drama to lighthearted comedy. When you are able to look back on those moments, with respect, honor and a smile (if not a full on laugh), you are finding joy in a life that is. This is the key to true and lasting happiness.

Lightening up and loosening our restrains, allows us to find the joy via our newfound lighthearted approach to life. There is no need to make life so hard.

Aren’t we all in this together? We are all just actors playing parts in each other’s life teleplay.

Though some are born with an innate ability to play out their parts, most actors have trained and honed their skills, to learn how to take a fall without hurting themselves. It takes the same skills of agility and strength to be a death-defying stuntman/stuntwoman or a physical comedian. The soundtrack determines whether we gasp in fear, or laugh our ass off, watching the scene play out.

You’ll be surprised how much valuable story line was left on the cutting room floor. You can re-edit the theatrical version by filling in between the lines, enjoying new camera angles and changing the soundtrack in your Director’s Cut of your life.

Get ready to approach life with a new sense of vigor for all the fun that lies ahead on your enlightened journey.