Good Things Happen to Good People

We all know that there is a common nomenclature which suggests that bad things happen to good people, but also good things happen to good people. And if you think about it, more good things happen to good people than happen to bad people.

The truth is, no one is totally immune from experiencing something bad, and as some of us know, bad things, while they may be very bad, also come pre-loaded with lessons to be learned and blessings to receive (though some are harder to find than others).

We generally think the especially good people should be able to avert suffering altogether, though this is not true. We think they are more deserving of good things, and they are.

All that said, there are good things that happen to good people. Though some bad things may happen, it is far more likely that good things happen to good people. It’s just that when the bad things come, you notice it more because you’re more acclimatized to the good things in life.

I don’t really know if we really have a definitive explanation which describes what “good people” might be. Good people can be found in all walks of life. All we know for certain is that when we think of them, we think of them as good people.

I try to be one of the good people, but I am just as human as anyone else, for who of any of us is perfect? Certainly not me, and I’d rather be anything but “normal.” Nonetheless, I strive to be good and given the chance to err on the side of good, that would be my intention, and I would like to think my base reaction.

I think that you and I, we can consider ourselves as among the “good ones,” and I think people do notice how grateful we are for the good things that happen to us. We are grateful for the good things far more often than upset about things which catch us by surprise.

We maintain an attitude of gratitude and a general humility about the good things that happen without the propensity to brag or boast about all the good things in life that find their way to us.

For onlookers who are watching me, they are upset when something bad happens to me, but I find it curious that they are jealous if something good comes my way. Maybe they only voice,

“I wish something good, like that, would happen to me.”

But, deeper inside, there is a darker egoic thought pattern at work, and there’s nothing wrong with that. They might even wish that some bad would befall me to kind of keep me in check or balance. It’s all quite normal, and there is no judgment here.

We’re all doing the best we can with what we have.

Want better things?

If you want better things to be occurring in your life on a regular basis, you might consider trying to be a better person. What that means, who could say?

No one is saying that you’re not a good person already, certainly, you are. But who of us couldn’t be better?

The more you spend time and energy loving, giving to and caring about others, the more good things happen to you. It just is.

Have I Got a Deal for You…

You know what I’m talking about… You’re working along, building your business, following your path, executing your mission, doing your thing, and all of a sudden you run across an inspiring individual who presents you with the deal of the century, as he says,

“Have I got a deal for you…”

Oh, this deal is so great, a real ground floor opportunity. You’re presented with “facts and figures” mixed with optimistic speculation, and it sounds like such a good deal. You’re reminded of all the rags to riches stories you’ve heard throughout your life, and you’ve though, “If only I’d been in the right place, at the right time.”

The pitchman assures you, “This is your chance to hit the big time, all in one fail swoop.”

You think about how hard you’re working, how diligent and faithful you’ve been to your own project, and sometimes, you must admit, it’s seems more like work than you thought it would be when you first signed on.”

If this opportunity worked out, it needn’t require all of your focus. You could just basically dabble in it for a while and use the financial windfall to fund your real project, pay for what you need to get to the next level, or answer your true calling.

Plus, you’ve made sacrifices. Sacrifices who have also cost those around you, the people you care about. You’ve been working late hours, not taken high quality vacations, or spent the kind of time you’d like to with family and friends.

This opportunity would make the world right; and it only costs $X.xx amount to get started. Not unlike any of the headlines of stories you’ve heard about others who made a modest investment, taking a chance on something unfamiliar to them, and they became rich beyond their wildest dreams.

If your payroll was $27,000 and all you had was $5,000, would you withdraw the $5K and risk it in an all-or-nothing gamble in Vegas? (Okay, maybe not a good example, because Fred Smith did that, and ended up saving a young FedEx from extinction.)

I know, you’ve heard a multitude of lucky gambles, and you might try something that bold, and end up losing it all.

This is nothing new, people following their path, diligently doing the work to build their thing, being faithful and earnest, often suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome, with the hope that some miracle will help them enjoy the fruits of their labor, without all the labor.

There’s nothing wrong with being involved in more than one project at a time. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to build your holdings exponentially. Keep in mind though that for those who have done so successfully, proceed with caution in succession. That means they,

Get One Done

They complete one project, and get it to a place where it is self-sustainable, then consider adding another project or property.

If you do not do this, it may be the death-blow to your otherwise successful career.

We all love entertaining the idea of shiny objects, or imagining how the grass may be greener on the other side of the fence, and there is no doubt that spreading your investments over a wide range of cyclical investments can add incredible stability to your organization and increase your efforts exponentially. But you can’t put the cart in front of the horse and expect a prudent outcome.

Your horse is what you’re tending to now. Take care of your horse until it is healthy and able to be profitable enough to cover its own expenses, caretaker and vet bills. Then, you can think about taking on another horse, creating, inventing, or investing in something “shiny” to add to your holdings.

You will get many opportunities presented by folks taunting, “Have I got a deal for you…” Thank them for sharing, and stay focused on your dream. Don’t put your dream at risk by being distracted by other opportunities that might end up in the loss of everything you’ve work for.

You got this.