You Can Change Your Vibration

Key #2: You Can Change Your Vibration

Following Key #1 (Your Life Matches Your Vibration), Key #2 is: You can change your vibrational frequency at any time by choosing to take action and take the steps necessary to modify your emotional state and your surroundings to match the high vibration you want to maintain.

Let’s say you want to maintain a high vibration of love, in the 500-area frequencies, and someone or something disrupts your vibration and brings you down. For instance, you see a really negative advertisement or post on social media which causes your vibration to plummet.

Your frequency could immediately drop from 500 to 150 and now your upset. What you do in the next 7 seconds can change everything. You can’t change the fact that you’ve been exposed to this thing which upset you, but how you respond to it changes everything.

If you respond at with a reaction from one of the lower level frequencies on this chart, you reinforce that lower vibrational state for hours, and you add energy to that which has disrupted your otherwise high vibration.

If you repost it, or respond to it in any negative way, you have increased the prevalence of that which you find offensive as it gains more fuel to spread more rapidly and you remain at the 150 frequency, or even lower, if it has made you feel helpless or sad.

You could choose to ignore it (I don’t even know if you are able to unsee or un-experience such a thing at this point) and focus your attention on something else. But, if you can do this, you’ve moved your vibration from 150 up the scale to 250. Good job.

But you could do better.

What if you could immediately respond in love? You already know that is a frequency of 500, and you could take yourself right back there by choosing to respond with a love-reaction.

If there are victims of that negative news, you can support them, support the organizations which are helping them, make a small donation or some other contribution, light a candle, meditate, pray for them (positively for the victims), send them love.

Be careful not to energetically push against the bad guys or the evil in any scenario, that only makes them stronger and keeps your vibration low. When you spend time at those lower level vibrations, your life begins to match that lower vibration.

If you want to raise your vibration

Stop Responding Negatively

Consciously decide to respond in love to any given scenario. It may not be easy at first, but it gets easier because every time you do it, you are effectively raising your set point up the scale. And as you do, responding in love becomes a more natural response for you.

Find ways to spend your time throughout the day basking in the high vibration activities. Feel empowered to take action and create an environment which support your decision to live a high vibration lifestyle and have everything that your heart desires in this life.

Yes, you can have it all, but it will take some time, attention, and inspired action on your part to affect your personal powers of manifestation and abundant life.

Spend more time surrounding yourself with the people, activities, and things that you love. And when something upsets you, don’t get defensive. Instead, respond in love.

The more you practice high vibration energy activities, the higher your setpoint raises up the emotional frequency chart. Maintaining a high vibration will give you the abundant life you’ve been waiting for.