Victims of Psychopathic Relationships

Psychopath Victims helps and supports those who have suffered abuse from psychopaths, sociopaths or other predators on the Anti-Social Personality Disorder (ASPD) spectrum. Suffering at the hands of a psychopath can have devastating results. At the very least, they can drain all of your energy, leaving you broken and alone and they may have drained all of your financial resources, leaving you broke and alone.

If you think you might be suffering at the hands of a psychopath, it might be a good idea to know how to identify whether the person responsible for your suffering is a psychopath. So, how can you identify a psychopath?

is he or she a psychopath sociopath victims help

Here are some signs that you might be dealing with a psychopath:

  1. Psychopaths are charismatic and are able to attract supporters easily. They are wonderful speakers who are able to engage their audience who can easily engage the emotions and attention of those fortunate enough to be in their presence. They exaggerate stories skewing the truth for their self-serving benefit, and will go as far as to lie and place themselves in someone else’s story and claiming it is their own.
  2. Psychopaths are intellectual. They have a gift of having incredibly sharp wit and intelligence enabling them to masquerade as highly-educated, bob and weave in live situations. This also      makes them excellent con artists able to conceive, plan and execute elaborate schemes, while (mostly) staying one step ahead of the authorities.
  3. Psychopaths are devoid of feelings. They do not grieve, are in capable of feeling guilt, shame or remorse, empowering them to easily victimize anyone. They will enthusiastically engage in      anything that bolsters their position at someone else’s expense. They do not love. They are incapable of giving or receiving love, but terribly acute at acting as though they are in the throes of love, if it will help them achieve a desired result. They are great actors/performers with no      real feelings whatsoever.
  4. Psychopaths are impulsive, often acting or speaking without thinking through potential consequences of their words or actions, and are more likely to take risks, being free of repercussion, since they see themselves as above the law or the constraints of the social norm.
  5. Psychopaths never lose. They will dominate anyone who gets in their way, will vehemently defend their position, often by telling lies and spinning wild tales in an effort to discredit      naysayers.
  6. Psychopaths are never wrong. They never apologize; do not feel remorse for hurting others and are incapable of feeling guilt. If asked to apologize, will often strike out and attack their victim, rather than admit they may have made a mistake or misstep.
  7. Psychopaths believe their own press. Once they have said something, it becomes gospel in their mind; so much so, that they can often believe their own bold-faced lies, even to the point of      being able to pass a lie detector test. They keep a long list of secrets, and are not forthcoming about intimate details of their past, unless they are fictitious.

In most all cases, the victims invariably ask, “Why me?” This is often followed by feelings of self-doubt, taking responsibility for the loss to the extent of blaming themselves and even self-ridicule.

The truth is, it is not your responsibility, any more than it may have been your responsibility for being hit by a drunk driver; except in this case the drunk driver did carefully seek you out and ran over you on purpose!

If your currently in a relationship with a psychopath (either professional or personal) you might ask, “Why not have the psychopath seek treatment?” You might think that your psychopath is not truly a psychopath, but simply displaying the symptoms of psychopathic behavior due to some life circumstance.

You are an authentic human being and you would not purposely do something to harm or defraud another person, so why would this person of whom you are quite fond of – and may even love – act out in such a nefarious fashion? Surely he (or she) would not treat someone who cares about them so much this way unless there was some deep-seated issues that caused them to act-out like this…

Certainly, normal people may temporarily act in a manner similar to that of a psychopath if under some extreme type of stress, but for the psychopath it is a life-long condition and there is no successful form of treatment for their psychological disposition.

That is why specific coaches and counselors specialize in reaching out to and supporting victims of psychopaths. This is a special calling. Victims of psychopaths have a wide range of pain, needs, resources and options. The range of techniques and tools available vary significantly based on each individual circumstance.

The needs of the victim whose relationship has been forever severed are completely different from the needs of someone who must navigate an ongoing relationship with a psychopath.

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What is a Psychopath?

Okay, I have received some notoriety and obtained a level of expertise thanks to my interactions with a psychopath.

Believe me when I say, I would have rather avoided the whole affair and remained in my naïve little world concept believing that all people were basically good, with the capacity to love, if only given half a chance.

Because of my particular level of expertise people seek me out for information and support in the areas of psychopathy and dealing with predators along the Anti-social Personality Disorder spectrum (ASPD). In my work as a coach/counselor I will take on clients who are embroiled in the psychopathic struggle. Though I restrict my work with psychopaths and/or victims of psychopaths to a ten percent limit.

Limiting my work to 10% in regard to dealing with psychopaths and their victims keeps me from getting distracted from my main mission of helping others achieve their highest and best.

Doesn’t life seem to want to do that to us all? To throw us off-track and distract us from our life’s purpose?

It’s as if, when you’re just getting your life on the right path and everything seems to be just right, that something knocks you off kilter, derailing your train of thought (or life’s progress, altogether).

When I do engage in psychopath-work, I usually find myself in service to a particular segment within the psychopathic community. Victims of psychopathic predators are the people who need the most help getting back on their feet, though it is important to note that not all psychopaths are predators (even though this is their natural inclination) and victimizers.

I find myself also working with psychopaths who lead normal lives, serving the community at large in beneficial occupations and providing enormous value to the world. As hard as it may be for them, they continue to work hard at staying focused on living a “normal” life; they also, seek out people like me for assistance.

What is a Psychopath

Diagnosing a psychopath is difficult work. It can consume the lives of the psychologists and psychologists who work with them. For victims – or potential victims – of a psychopathic predator, it is of primary importance to

#1 – Identify the psychopath

So, I’ve devised a short list of attributes to quickly identify a potential predator who is a psychopath. Here is is the short list:


While this list is not complete by any means, it is an effective way to quickly identify a psychopath, enabling the victim to take action (which is the next step).

What if the predator is not actually a psychopath?

Does it really matter? Shouldn’t the victim take steps to protect themselves as quickly as possible to eliminate additional suffering and loss?

#2 – Take immediate action

The best way to deal with a psychopath is to take immediate action to protect yourself. Here is my short-list of steps you can take:


For more information, you can view my short video (below), or get my How to Deal with A Psychopath book. You can also visit my web site:

Stop the abuse and begin to live your life again to its fullest.

The best revenge is to live your happiest days ever, free from psychopathic influence as you achieve your highest and best.

You might be interested in attending the Victims of Psychopaths Event