8 Highly Sensitive Person Super Powers

The Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) often has difficulty being accepted by peers who see them as so unlike the crowd, which is why I attract them because we rejoice in our being somewhat dissimilar when compared to the vast majority. Unsuspecting onlookers may even be unaware of the HSP’s secret super powers.


1. Learn by Osmosis


The highly sensitive possess an uncanny ability to absorb information, data and skills without having to be physically interactive with the training. A keen observation skill in combination with internal intellectual processing produces excellent skills without much exterior integration. Since they are highly thoughtful, they can process passive information more deeply than the average person, without the need to practice or have actual hands-on experience.

2. Attention to Detail


Due to the innate skills of the highly sensitive person, they are likely to be attracted to opportunities to excel as editors because they have the ability to quickly spot inconsistencies or errors. The can immensely focus more intently than the average person (though they may need a pristine environment to help maintain their focus).

3. Fine Motor Skills


Think about it, mix the aforementioned abilities with excellent dexterity and focused motor skills and you have almost unlimited potential. Depending on the individual persuasion of the highly sensitive person, they could be an articulate design artist, master painter or computer programmer, engineering circuit board or chip designer. They may excel in the arts, and industries that can benefit from their special gifts like law enforcement, snipers, machinists, musicians, jewelers, dentistry, cosmetology, robotics and electronics or watch repair, etc…

4. Intense Feelings


While they may not be highly expressive externally, internally they are processing incredible amounts of deeply felt feelings. They are highly empathetic (meaning they feel the feelings of others within themselves) which makes them the best counselors and coaches because their clients actually report they feel as if their empathetic counselor has virtually removed some of their ill feelings. And, in fact, they have assimilated some of the client’s pain and taken it on themselves. If they can manage releasing the emotions they take on from their clients, they can have a highly successful, long term practice.

Though those within the HSP’s social circle may not be aware they have much in the way of feelings at all. They are for the most part not likely to express their feelings externally, but inside they have a full range of emotion (that could be much more intense than their peers) and process their emotions more intimately. These vibrant inner forces allow them to maximize plugging in and turning on.

5. Introspective


Since they spend a great deal of time reviewing their inner thoughts and how they are perceived in the world, they are excellent candidates for becoming more self-aware and interested in personal growth armed with their successful characteristics. While being highly introspective deeply feeling people, they are drawn to like-minded people and must find someone for whom they are well-suited for long-term romantic relationships.

6. Benevolent


Having a propensity to be more likely an active supporter or giver than a gracious receiver, as the compassionate highly sensitive person awakes, they are likely to feel an intense desire to help others, reach out to the greater community at large and embrace a lifestyle that will help to make the world a better place.

7. They Do It in Style


Highly sensitive people are the best doers. While others may train and talk about their potential or expertise, the highly sensitive person is many times more likely to actually engage and do what it takes to get from point A to point B.

They are manifestors and achievers who can accomplish most anything they put their attention on.

8. Excellent Leaders

Excellent leaders highly sensitive person hsp

While they might initially be reluctant at the outset, when honored with a position of leadership, the industrious highly sensitive person (HSP) will more often than not outperform even the best over-the-top Type-A personality if given the chance to create and manage their own culture.

The diligent HSP can oversee difficult projects with a high level of accuracy see challenges and obstacles before they are apparent to others and are able to deal with potential problems before they arise.

You gotta love ’em

I love working with HSPs and they are by far make up the majority of the individuals with whom I find myself working with while knocking out the most outstanding results.

And if you’re building your team, seek to include a highly sensitive person on your team.

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  1. It’s true that the highly sensitive person has some significant powers which are important and beneficial. The highly sensitive man and woman bring high value to the community regardless of the challenges they might face.

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