2 Quick Stories About You

It is hugely beneficial to your success to have these 2 quick stories about you locked and loaded and ready to fire at any given time. These two stories are invaluable when your growing, expanding and readying yourself for your ministry, that thing that you do, as you are discovering and developing your own individual brand.

You are starting to wrap your mind and your heart around the idea that you were meant for something greater than you had previously allowed yourself to be.

You don’t need to know it all or have all the answers but what you do need is the experience. We’ve already established you’ve got that.

You need to be able to want to help others so that they could have a chance to increase their quality of life.

You need to be willing to take inspired action, to do the work, to set yourself up as a valuable resource, an expert in your field. And we’re going to help you do that today.

Remember, you don’t have to know it all. Let’s say you faced some tragic unfortunate ordeal in your life and were able to make it to the other side. For example, maybe your home went into foreclosure and your family was at risk of being thrown out into the street, but you were able to turn that situation around, and you made it.

There are people out there, right now, who are losing their homes and are at risk of being thrown out. Do they need you? Could you help them?  Hell, yes.

You don’t need to know more than anyone else about your topic, you just need to know more than the people who need what you have to offer.

If you’ve been following along, you have some lists.

You have lists of drama, trauma and positive outcomes, experiences where it clearly was not easy for you. You struggled. You made a stand against adversity. You persisted against the odds, and you’ve lived to tell about it.

And your lists of power and special abilities, including activities which settle you into your power, and an inventory of your special gifts and abilities. You could teach someone else on any of these topics.

You do not have to be the top expert in your field or know all the answers to have a massive impact on the world and make a lot of money teaching in your field of expertise. But you do need to know

1. Who you are

2. Why you are here

3. What you have to offer

4. And to whom


Basically, I want you to reduce your life story down to a minute-and-a-half monologue. You have 90 seconds to tell your story. Ready? Go.

I already know, I’m looking out at a sea of deer-in-the-headlight looks (except for a few of you who have already been through this process) so, I’ll tell you what, I’ll go first. Let’s say we’re talking about branding me, today. So, somebody time me…

Who am I?

I don’t know. Many years ago, I was born premature and was lucky enough to be one of the ones who survived, but I had a laundry list of learning disabilities and social dysfunction. But I was blessed to encounter so many challenges and obstacles in my life, and I had no other choice but to stand up and fight against the odds because my family depended on me. I was forced to become courageous.

Life was never easy for me.

Over time, I learned that my disabilities were actually my special abilities, and they helped me to see opportunities and to seize them passionately. So, I have experienced a life rich in adversity, growth, change, and have lived a life with more amazing experiences than most people.

I was gifted with the ability to see people at their highest and best, when no one else, not even they could see the possibilities, but I could see it all, and a map to get from here to there. And so, I started my journey of helping others achieve their highest and best.

I use my gifts and abilities to help people, like you, to live a better life, your best life, and make the world a better place.

This is my life’s mission.

But it’s not for everyone. I only help others who are passionate about what they want to accomplish in this life. Let’s say you wanted to work with me. Then you would have to be able to see you, like I am able to see you, at your highest and best. And if you’re willing and able to do the work, then we can work together, step for step, and help get you from where you are to where you want to be.

That’s what I do.

What do you want out of this life?

Now, I don’t know how long that was, but it’s somewhere around 90 seconds.

Get your notetaking equipment out and write out your 90-second script. Ready, Go!

Who Are You?

Why Are You Here?

What Do You Have to Offer?

And Who Needs You, or Is a Good Match for Your Service(s)?

You don’t have to complete this right now, but you do need to do this before you can effectively be a teacher or offer your assistance to others.


Once you have your 90-second life story, you can whittle it down to what we call an elevator pitch which is 20 to 30 seconds in length.

Pretend like you’ve just stepped into an elevator and you have 20 to 30 seconds to give your spiel.

Like, I might trim mine down to go something, like this:

Hi, I’m David M Masters. I’m a Transfiguration Specialist. I help people to envision and achieve their highest and best. I do this using innate special gifts and abilities combined with a lifetime of vast experiences, both which I’ve gone through personally, as well as from a lifetime of doing this work with others. In doing so, I help people, like you, transform into that higher version of yourself, enabling you to live a better life, your best life, and make the world a better place.

Okay, now it’s on you.

Take some time to refine what you do for others, your area of expertise, down to a 20 to 30-second speech.


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