7 Bonding Hormone Boosters for More Oxytocin

Sharing activities that boost Oxytocin and mix a dash of adrenaline in the cocktail have the most lasting effect on increasing your love bonding.

And here are 7 other well-known activities you can do to boost the bonding hormone, Oxytocin, that will also help to deepen your love relationship:

1. Listen to music together

The act of two people sharing a song together boosts the bonding hormone. Share each other’s favorite playlists. Go to a nightclub that provides good music, kick up the ante by kicking up your heels and getting out on the dance floor. For the biggest boost, go to a concert together.

2. Go on an adventure

Do something or go somewhere you’ve never been before. Anything you can do to make it a little more exciting, like trying a paddleboat, going on a hike, riding go carts, going on a roller coaster. The more you add a little adrenaline, the greater the bond.

3. Snuggle

Oxytocin is known as the “cuddle hormone,” so do more of that. The 7 second hug is notorious for boosting the bonding hormone. Make more occasions to snuggle on the couch, and embrace each other more spontaneously, it works.

4. Have meaningful sex

Sex is fine, but when you make it something meaningful when a couple is aligned and the lovemaking is an extension of your heartfelt connection one with the other, this is the physical representation of genuine bonding through physically sharing each other, essentially drinking in the full flavor and thoroughly enveloping of each other.

5. Meditative practices

Meditative practices, such as guided visualization, meditating, or practicing yoga together will ramp up your Oxytocin-fueled bonding mechanisms.

6. Volunteer

Get out and do something together for the greater good, to add value to your community, help someone in need, and make the world a better place.

7. Gift giving

Even the smallest token of appreciation or expression of affection in the form of a gift can light up Oxytocin and deepen your bond with your partner. It doesn’t have to be big or store-bought, something you make with your hands, even a note or silly poem will do the trick.

All this attention to detail and each other with an open mind, and without judgment, increases your level of trust as your hearts meld together in truth and honesty.

Will it be easy? Hell no. The best stuff is never easy, and if it were, it wouldn’t last long.

You are both on independent journeys, but this co-creative journey which you share, could be the highlight of your life’s path, an integral part of your unique destiny.

And if you can survive this deepening relationship, you are well on your way to true and enduring love.

Want to learn more about how to best love your beloved, or help others explore the boundaries of their love?

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