7 Bonding Hormone Boosters for More Oxytocin

Sharing activities that boost Oxytocin and mix a dash of adrenaline in the cocktail have the most lasting effect on increasing your love bonding.

And here are 7 other well-known activities you can do to boost the bonding hormone, Oxytocin, that will also help to deepen your love relationship:

1. Listen to music together

The act of two people sharing a song together boosts the bonding hormone. Share each other’s favorite playlists. Go to a nightclub that provides good music, kick up the ante by kicking up your heels and getting out on the dance floor. For the biggest boost, go to a concert together.

2. Go on an adventure

Do something or go somewhere you’ve never been before. Anything you can do to make it a little more exciting, like trying a paddleboat, going on a hike, riding go carts, going on a roller coaster. The more you add a little adrenaline, the greater the bond.

3. Snuggle

Oxytocin is known as the “cuddle hormone,” so do more of that. The 7 second hug is notorious for boosting the bonding hormone. Make more occasions to snuggle on the couch, and embrace each other more spontaneously, it works.

4. Have meaningful sex

Sex is fine, but when you make it something meaningful when a couple is aligned and the lovemaking is an extension of your heartfelt connection one with the other, this is the physical representation of genuine bonding through physically sharing each other, essentially drinking in the full flavor and thoroughly enveloping of each other.

5. Meditative practices

Meditative practices, such as guided visualization, meditating, or practicing yoga together will ramp up your Oxytocin-fueled bonding mechanisms.

6. Volunteer

Get out and do something together for the greater good, to add value to your community, help someone in need, and make the world a better place.

7. Gift giving

Even the smallest token of appreciation or expression of affection in the form of a gift can light up Oxytocin and deepen your bond with your partner. It doesn’t have to be big or store-bought, something you make with your hands, even a note or silly poem will do the trick.

All this attention to detail and each other with an open mind, and without judgment, increases your level of trust as your hearts meld together in truth and honesty.

Will it be easy? Hell no. The best stuff is never easy, and if it were, it wouldn’t last long.

You are both on independent journeys, but this co-creative journey which you share, could be the highlight of your life’s path, an integral part of your unique destiny.

And if you can survive this deepening relationship, you are well on your way to true and enduring love.

Want to learn more about how to best love your beloved, or help others explore the boundaries of their love?

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Oxytocin Awakening Love

Well known for its increasing the bond between those who are in love, Oxytocin is also an active component in the process of spiritual advancement. You will find Oxytocin awakening love, opening the heart to new possibilities, making you more curious about expanding thought, having a sense of purpose, and a desire to make the world a better place.

We continue to uncover the part that Oxytocin plays in the part of love and relationships. Quaintly referred to as the “cuddling hormone,” Oxytocin fosters a feeling of connectedness between two people. Active when a personal bond is felt between a mother and her child, as well as men and their children, as well as increasing the connection between the romantic couple in love.

When you’re actively falling in love, you will find a natural increase of Oxytocin makes everything associated with love much better. Combined with extra doses of Dopamine, you feel even better, with increased intimacy, sexual satisfaction, and more in love. You have a tendency to overlook “the small stuff” and see the big picture and all the possibilities the two of you may be able to share in the future.

Couples who share an Oxytocin-fueled sexual bond have an increased potential for not only being connected to each other, but also in achieving higher shared levels of spirituality, and impactful effect on others, the local community, and the world at large.

This is not dissimilar in the role that Oxytocin plays in your spiritual advancement. It makes you feel as if you are part of a bigger whole, fostering a feeling of connection with others, even the whole of humanity.

Scientific studies report groups with increased Oxytocin levels feel more, “love, sincerity, hope, inspiration and interest,” when compared to their peers.

Fostering an optimistic outlook with unlimited possibilities for the advancement of the world, including the proliferation of love, peace, and harmony between all peoples, as well as an increased interest in self-improvement and spiritual expansion.

Left to itself in the process of falling in love, levels of Oxytocin are likely to level off then fall, causing a reduction in the early phases of the love process, leaving the participants to question each other, but combined with spiritual awakening further increases bonding and a longstanding growth in love, connectedness, and optimism.

The connection between romantic love and burgeoning spiritual exploration could very well keep a couple in this state of romantic exhilaration while combining forces to make the world a better place, exponentially.

Far beyond the hormone’s role in social bonding, childbirth, and sexual reproduction, Oxytocin is also referred to as the Bliss hormone playing a part in expanding consciousness and spiritual enlightenment.

Oxytocin also increases the efficacy of the use of imagination’s role in engaging in processes such as the Law of Attraction, manifestation, creating abundance, increased potential for an inclination to prayer and/or meditation.

To make Oxytocin even more interesting, you will find this hormone increases the positive impact of the immune system, self-healing, and cellular regeneration.

More and more, the more we learn about the connection between science, the built-in hormonal and expansive evolution of human potential and its connectedness to something far superior than imaginable by our less-evolved ancestors, is ushering a new world of possibilities for all of us.

See you at the Soulmate Wizardry event.

Sharing Your Love With Others

Want to make the world a better place? Try sharing your love with others.

Whenever you share love with others, you’ll notice the peace that comes to you and to them. ~Mother Teresa

Sharing your love with others is the best way to feel love, because as love flows through you to someone else, the overflowing of your love soothes and satisfies your soul. It’s as if you have discovered the meaning of life in this benevolent act of sharing your love with others.

All of us (whether you are willing to admit it, or not) are hardwired to love and be loved. Some of us reject or deny love at all costs due to certain life experiences and/or a chemical imbalance in the brain, nonetheless you are designed and equipped to love and to share your love.

Sure, we all put on a façade to protect our vulnerable selves that reside beneath the skin, but the deeper we go inside ourselves, we find a longing for love that is often left unrealized. So, we covertly find ourselves in search of love. Occasionally, we find ways to satisfy our desire to be loved, like eating chocolate, listening to soothing music or soaking in a warm bath. Light some candles and combine all three of those for a solo experience which is better than the most common way to create the feeling of love, which is having sex (and an orgasm).

What do all these things have in common? Biologically, when you eat chocolate, listen to soothing music, relax while soaking in warm bathwater, or have an orgasm, any one of these things releases a chemical hormone called Oxytocin (also referred to as the love hormone).

When our brains release this hormone we enjoy the feeling of being loved or being in love but as the feeling fades a craving for more love develops. Sure, you could pet your cat, make a contribution to charity, or get a massage, three more ways to ramp up Oxytocin, but no matter how you try to cut it, noting satisfies more than experiencing unconditional true love that lasts a lifetime.

You might think that finding your soulmate might be the answer, “If I could just find someone to promise to love me ‘til death, then I will have the love I’ looking for.” If you’ve tried that one, how is that working out for you?

The truth of the matter is love, true love, comes from inside of you. It is the core of who you are. When you came into this world your heart was full of love, then life happened. As you grew and matured (this all starts not long after birth) you find your capacity for love decreases over time. Most of us are reluctant to love due to fear, or afraid to let someone love us for fear of losing the love we’ve shared with another.

And you couldn’t be more right because you will never find true love from another person. You, your life, your love must come from within. You must find love for yourself first, and the more love you can find and honor yourself with, the more love you will have to share with others. True love, the love that each and every one of us sincerely desires but cannot seem to find, lies hidden away inside us locked away and only you have the key to your treasure chest of love.

True love comes from within and sharing it with others allows it to flow from us to someone else and be reflected back to us creating a completed love-cycle that satisfies. While chocolate and sex satisfies briefly, sharing love from your unlimited source is more satisfying and can be savored over time without fading away, once you realize all the love you have inside of you.

Sharing your love is the most amazing way to feel your love, but for it truly to be meaningful, satisfying and long-lasting, you must have something to share. If you are giving love but don’t have much supply to share from, this can leave you feeling drained, reducing you to a caregiver, which satisfies for a while, but it is not long when your reserves of love begin to dwindle leaving you feeling used, resentful and burned out.

Alternatively, sharing your love from an unlimited supply of love from within fills you with love, peace and joy.

Fortunately, none of us are too damaged that we cannot find the love we seek within, because it’s always there, it’s always been there. You have the key, all you need is the courage to access it, and set it free. The problem is that often our individual treasure chest of love is secluded under layers of life experiences, so finding the lock may require some work.

You can do the work by reaching out and seeking ways to love yourself by taking full responsibility for your physical and spiritual needs and snuggling up with your inner treasure chest of love by any method that you can. I might suggest the book, The Mastery of Love by don Miguel Ruiz, or any of a hundred other books on finding big love deep within, or you could attend an Awakening to True Love Workshop, or similar seminar or retreat.

With your increased ability to love yourself and others, you can attract and achieve all the things in life that you’ve longed for while enjoying greater peace and happiness as your love overflows.

True love, the unconditional love that never ends imbues you with the ability to be bulletproof as you make your way through this life. You will find things that used to get to you, no longer have power over you because you are empowered with an unlimited supply of invincible unconditional love that loves no matter what.

Your love is not limited by time and space; you can share your love anytime, anywhere, in person, over the phone, via email or even from a private, meditative state. Your love is an energetic force that emanates within and can be transferred to others.

You will find yourself not only loving yourself, your family, your friends and your mate but you will also find the ability to share your love with complete strangers as well as your enemies.


Celebrate Good Times Come On

Every now and then good stuff happens… and it’s easier to document now, more than ever. Most everyone has a cellphone with a camera built in. I’m still getting adjusted to all this communication technology, where we’re all more connected digitally, thanks to the high-tech gadgets and apps that keep coming out regularly.

Even though my kids live out-of-town, we can keep in contact in real-time and I absolutely love sharing in all the little celebrations, no matter what they are or where they are.

I share in their wins, celebrating with them, and share the celebrations with my friends, like, “there’s a party going on right here…”

celebrate celebration celebrity celebrations celebrate good times

It is so important to celebrate all the things that happen in your life – even if they are small wins – you should celebrate them in a big way.


Because celebrating your wins enthusiastically acts like a happiness magnet. The more you celebrate the good stuff, the more good stuff comes to you.


Thanks to Kool and the Gang for the celebration soundtrack

Celebration Hack

Here’s a hot tip to supercharge your happiness, goodness and life moments worth celebrating:

Celebrate Enormously

If your celebration attracts more celebratory events, it stands to reason (and it’s true) the more enthusiastically you celebrate, the better the events to celebrate that are attracted for you to celebrate.

The benefits of exaggerated celebrating include the increased biochemical release of hormones like Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin and Endorphins. It’s the perfect cocktail for a natural high, with the added benefit of attracting even more of the same. Based on your enthusiasm, you can expect even more in both frequency and volume.

I Don’t Feel Like Celebrating

It’s understandable that when you’re feeling blue or under the weather, you may not feel like celebrating much. This is when it’s most important to muster up as much celebratory ambition as possible, because of the whole attraction-thing.

When something good happens worth celebrating, even if it’s not about you (it might be something good that’s happened to someone else, like your friend, child, grandchild, relative or even a celebrity) just the act of sharing someone else’s good fortune helps to release the celebration hormone cocktail. So, brace yourself…

We’re gonna have a good time tonight
Let’s celebrate, it’s all right

Even if you cannot manage to be feeling very happy at the outset, sharing it with someone who has more capacity to embrace someone else’s celebration, helps release more celebration hormones within you, like a happiness virus, it doesn’t take long and you’re feeling much better.

Want even more?

No problem, find someone else to share the same information with, next thing you know you’re a full-on celebration machine!

And as you ramp up all that celebratory enthusiasm, you know what happens next:


Here comes even more stuff to celebrate

Comin’ down the pike

Say, “Goodbye,” to your funk and, “Hello,” to your best life of enthusiastic celebration.

So bring your good times and your laughter too

We gonna celebrate and party with you

See also: Happiness How to be Happy

Happiness How to be Happy

The most important component for enjoying a fun-filled life full of happiness and joy is just like magic or anything else: It’s easy once you know the secret of the happiness hormone. Once you have this knowledge, the question is

Happiness how to be happyWhat will you do about it?

Hidden within our molecular structure is a hormone that when released into our bloodstream allows us to experience happiness and joy. The hormone has been identified and named, “oxytocin.” There is no pill or supplement that you can take to replace the hormone or trigger its production.

Oxytocin is created naturally during moments of great feelings of love, falling in love and loving orgasm. We experience the greatest happiness when oxytocin levels are at their highest levels. This is why oxytocin is referred to as, “the love hormone.”

The higher your level of oxytocin, the happier you are; you feel better, experience less cardiovascular stress, enjoy increased immune system and a longer lifespan with a higher quality of life.

How to Be Happy

Fortunately, there are things that you can do to ramp up your oxytocin levels to increase happiness and joy (besides the obvious: falling in love, engaging in love-filled sex or having a newborn baby).

Only you have the ability to pull the trigger, releasing the happiness hormone, but you must take action to do so.

Here are some things you can do to increase your oxytocin levels post haste:

Watch a movie

There are two types of films you could watch that will trigger the release of oxytocin. They are movies that make you laugh out loud, or cry tears of joy or sadness.

Social media

Yes, engaging and interacting with other people in a positive manner (haters are excluded because “haters gonna hate” indicates increased testosterone – not oxytocin) via social media, like facebook, Twitter, etc… increases the happiness hormone.


Making a contribution or donation, expecting nothing in return, is an excellent way to release the happiness hormone.


If you’re open to prayer/meditation, the idea of interacting with your higher source or self (feel free to call it whatever you want. I am quite comfortable with the idea of praying to God, but to each their own…) this will release oxytocin.

Pet an Animal

If you’re so inclined, petting a cute, adorable animal (who is amiable to the idea and not a ferocious man-eating critter) will get those happiness juices flowing.

Nature Walk

Taking a stroll through natural surroundings, especially on a sunny day, when you can appreciate trees, grass, flowers or a natural body of water or shoreline will do the trick.

Get a Massage

A little trip to the massage therapist for your choice of either a sports or relaxation massage (or a spa day) will do the trick.

Increase Happiness Hormone X2

You can achieve twice the amount of oxytocin release by engaging in activities with another person (also, in most cases, the other person gets similar benefits). This elevated type of happiness is more related to joy. Consider:

Full-on Listening

Talk to someone – or more importantly invite them to talk and share – focusing totally on the speaker and their delivery. Look into their eyes, watch their mouth, note their voice inflection, posture and be aware of their body language. (And for god’s sake, turn your cell phone off.)

Do a Meal

Either take someone out to share a meal – your treat – or make someone a special dinner to share with him or her.


Getting out on the dance floor with someone to bust a move is a great way to increase your happiness levels. (And don’t worry; it’s more about the wiggling to the music than it is your proficiency at dancing. No judges here.)

Have a Thrill

Do something that you’ve never done before – especially if it has a little danger thrown in for flavor – like a roller coaster ride or skydiving.

Be Trusted

The feeling that comes with being trusted by another person (not trusting someone else) releases the happiness hormone. Being trustworthy, helps stack the deck in your favor.

Say, “I love you.”

Every time you communicate your admiration for another person, using the words, “I love you,” works just like an injection of oxytocin.


Doctor’s orders a daily prescription of 8 hugs per day to keep your hug quotient at its optimal levels.

Happy Happiness

Enjoy these little activities that can give you a happy life.

May each day be your happiest day ever.