Celebrate Good Times Come On

Every now and then good stuff happens… and it’s easier to document now, more than ever. Most everyone has a cellphone with a camera built in. I’m still getting adjusted to all this communication technology, where we’re all more connected digitally, thanks to the high-tech gadgets and apps that keep coming out regularly.

Even though my kids live out-of-town, we can keep in contact in real-time and I absolutely love sharing in all the little celebrations, no matter what they are or where they are.

I share in their wins, celebrating with them, and share the celebrations with my friends, like, “there’s a party going on right here…”

celebrate celebration celebrity celebrations celebrate good times

It is so important to celebrate all the things that happen in your life – even if they are small wins – you should celebrate them in a big way.


Because celebrating your wins enthusiastically acts like a happiness magnet. The more you celebrate the good stuff, the more good stuff comes to you.


Thanks to Kool and the Gang for the celebration soundtrack

Celebration Hack

Here’s a hot tip to supercharge your happiness, goodness and life moments worth celebrating:

Celebrate Enormously

If your celebration attracts more celebratory events, it stands to reason (and it’s true) the more enthusiastically you celebrate, the better the events to celebrate that are attracted for you to celebrate.

The benefits of exaggerated celebrating include the increased biochemical release of hormones like Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin and Endorphins. It’s the perfect cocktail for a natural high, with the added benefit of attracting even more of the same. Based on your enthusiasm, you can expect even more in both frequency and volume.

I Don’t Feel Like Celebrating

It’s understandable that when you’re feeling blue or under the weather, you may not feel like celebrating much. This is when it’s most important to muster up as much celebratory ambition as possible, because of the whole attraction-thing.

When something good happens worth celebrating, even if it’s not about you (it might be something good that’s happened to someone else, like your friend, child, grandchild, relative or even a celebrity) just the act of sharing someone else’s good fortune helps to release the celebration hormone cocktail. So, brace yourself…

We’re gonna have a good time tonight
Let’s celebrate, it’s all right

Even if you cannot manage to be feeling very happy at the outset, sharing it with someone who has more capacity to embrace someone else’s celebration, helps release more celebration hormones within you, like a happiness virus, it doesn’t take long and you’re feeling much better.

Want even more?

No problem, find someone else to share the same information with, next thing you know you’re a full-on celebration machine!

And as you ramp up all that celebratory enthusiasm, you know what happens next:


Here comes even more stuff to celebrate

Comin’ down the pike

Say, “Goodbye,” to your funk and, “Hello,” to your best life of enthusiastic celebration.

So bring your good times and your laughter too

We gonna celebrate and party with you

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