Get Out of Your Way

When you look at your life, the way it is now, and you think that you’d rather live a different life; what keeps you from doing it?

In most (if not all) cases the only thing that is holding you back from having everything that you desire is you.

You think that having everything you’ve ever wanted isn’t possible – but it is – if you’re willing to step out in faith and make it happen. Isn’t it time you got out of your own way?

Get Uncomfortable

My friend and one of my mentors, Robert Allen said to me, “Everything you’ve ever wanted is just outside your comfort zone,” and he is spot on.

It can be frightening to consider doing something that you’ve never done before – or more importantly – thinking, like you’ve never thought before. It’s all in your thinking.

I know people – right now, in this very moment – whom would be wildly successful, if they could change their thought process, just enough to reach outside their comfort zone.

7 Steps to get out of your way and get what you want

It is Possible

First, you must be able to wrap our head around the idea that your dream is a possibility; it could happen. It’s happened to other people, “So, it could happen to me.”

They have the dream; they can see it, taste it, touch it… playfully imagining and fantasizing about what they could have, what their life could be like, all the success, love and happiness they have ever wanted… Yet there is a key component in their plan that is missing.

Take Action Now

Tony Robbins calls it, “Taking massive action.”

You must be willing to commit to doing the work that it takes to allow your dream to come true. You must be able to place yourself in the right time and place in space to let it be your new normal.

And you must do it now, not put it off until tomorrow because we know too well that tomorrow never comes.

Identify Obstacles

Figure out what keeps you from making it happen and deal with it, or forget it. See a therapist, your doctor, a coach, a hypnotist, the preacher, etc… (Don’t seek out a friend, unless your friend is wildly successful, then seeking them out might be advisable) whatever it takes to break you out of your self-imposed limiting beliefs.

You know the ones; I’m not good enough, worthy enough, educated enough, don’t have enough time, energy, money… The list goes on and on.

Doing Beats Luck

Also resist the idea that what you want is going to just happen by fate, luck or magic because you heard about the someone, somewhere who was struggling along through life and woke up one day to be unimaginably successful. While this does happen, it is very rare. You’re chances are better at winning the lottery; if you buy a ticket. Forget about it. Far more people become successful by doing what it takes.

No one else is going to do this for you. Resign yourself to take responsibility of your life and purposefully do something about it.

Do What It Takes

If you need skills, get them. Read a book, Google it, figure it out and start going through the motions of having the skill, practice it until you can get a grip on it.

You don’t have to do it all at once, but you must do something every day.

Resist the thought or feeling that an action you might be taking is uncomfortable; of course it is. Doing something you’ve never done before, going somewhere you’ve never been before is uncomfortable, but isn’t it often an exhilarating experience to be on the other side of something that you never thought was possible?

Map It Out

Chart your course (the most successful people create a specific map denoting their starting place and where they want to be) and stick to it. By having your goals clearly defined – and keeping your list with you at all times – you can keep yourself from being distracted or thrown off course.

The next time I see you?

I don’t want to hear. “If only…”

I want to hear, “Guess what I did?”

Now, you’ve got my undivided attention; I love the doers.

My response is something, like, “Wow! Tell me more,” followed by, “What can I do for you to make it even better?”

And I’m not the only one. Men and women who are on the move, gravitate toward people on the move and many of them help to bolster others who are movers and shakers, or are taking action to move themselves into position of being a mover and shaker.

We’re constantly on the lookout for you.

Are you there?

What have you done lately?


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