All Things Work Together for Good

In a world that appears to be so unstable, when life tosses you about like a rag doll, it’s easy to settle into the ol’ Charlie Brown line, “Why’s everybody always picking on me?”

As you begin to awaken, live more life and live it more fully, compassionately, enthusiastically and lovingly, you also begin to see this life through a new set of enlightened eyes. With these eyes you can see that even when you thought things were at their worst, looking back you can see those things were moving you toward something better.

Even in those deepest and darkest moments, something beautiful springs to life within you or around you and in retrospect you realize, though it was painful, it was necessary, in your best interest and may have been the only way, you could have redirected you to live a better life.

Enjoying the long distant vistas from the mountaintop of your life experience, you can see how all the events, the good, the bad and the ugly, were all perfectly conceived and enacted in such a way to bring you to this place as your heart wells up with gratitude and love for every inch of the journey.


In fact, on the map of your life, you can see each event – even those that you thought were accidents or coincidental – were perfectly precise pins, strategically placed leading you to where you are today. It’s almost as if, each step was divinely guided (you might be surprised to discover that each step was). In this way, we can rest in the assurance that,

All Things Work Together for Good

Then you ask yourself, “Is ‘good’ good enough for me?”

You believe there is more to this life. You desire more, and you begin to query as to,

What else is possible?


How much better does it get?

This is the moment you decide to take a proactive approach to creating your own experience in the world.

For instance, you can look around at the world to see it as it is. In your mind’s eye you can see the world as you might like to see it, not only for your own enjoyment but for the benefit of all creatures inhabiting our planet. And you ask yourself,

What can I do to make the world a better place?

While there is so much beyond your control, you reason there must be something you can do to make the world a better place, even if only in some small way. As you ponder these things your mind is quickened with ideas about how you can make a positive contribution, affecting change in the quality of your life, your community and/or the world at large, without having to fight.

Want a different world?

want-a-different-world-donald-trump-no-president-will-do-it-for-youI don’t know if you’ve noticed

No leader, politician or

President will do it for you.

Only you can change your world.

As you take personal responsibility for changing your world for the better, you realize the time has come for you to

Live a Better Life, Your Best Life and Make the World a Better Place.

And so it is.

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