Benefits of Working from Home

For those who have made the transition from having to work in an office to telecommuting, they have discovered that there are definite benefits of working from home, some they found as welcomed surprises, when initially they may have felt disappointed, dejected, or felt like they were being unduly punished for living in an infected world.

Nonetheless, there they were, plugged in remotely, performing their regular work tasks at higher levels of productivity, and enjoying the benefits of working from home.

The Top 6 Benefits of Working From Home

1. Life and Work Flexibility

One of the most impressive benefits was the flexibility that comes from being able to telework. Even with the most rigorous works schedules, the advantage of being in your own home allows you to multitask a bit, to interface with family occasionally, maybe even accomplish a home detail, while you are officially on the clock.

Many people have the flexibility to adjust their work at home schedules accordingly, but even the teleworkers with the most rigid schedules, like that of a call center, can enjoy some household interaction while on the clock because you are not at work, you are at home.

When you are at work, you may have the ability to visit with a coworker on your way to and from the bathroom or pause at the water cooler, but at home, you could hold a baby, enjoy a visit with your pet, do a load of laundry, hug and kiss your significant other, all without missing a beat.

2. No Commute Stress or Anxiety

Telecommuting means saying goodbye to your commute, which eve in the best scenarios adds stress and anxiety to most any worker. This is an immediate benefit of working from home.

3. Saving Money

Not only do you save the cost of commuting, you also save the cost of preparation to make your appearance at work, because at home, but you could also work in more casual attire, and may even find yourself working in pajamas, or skipping out on washing your hair every once in a while.

Look at all the money you are saving in the cost of commuting, the extra work wardrobe laundry, in the cost of makeup, hairstyling, or cologne. And the most significant surprise is that you are getting a part of your life back that you had taken for granted. Your precious time.

4. Reclaiming Precious Time

The time you lost to getting ready for work or commuting, is reclaimed instantly. This can account for many hours every day. Ever wish there were more hours in the day? Well, here they are. What will you do with them?

5. Peace and Harmony

There is a sort of peacefulness that comes with telecommuting and working from home. It feels as if you have been able to step out of the rat race and taken your life back, even though you are still having to work for someone else, but now, you are doing so on your own terms (more so than not, if you take advantage of these benefits). This leads to a satisfying work/life balance.

6. Increased Immunity and Heath

Health benefits associated with working from home may take a bit longer to notice, but reportedly remote workers are experiencing lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels. This can be attributed to the lower stress and anxiety that comes from not having to commute or feel as though you are “on display” or “under the watchful eye of management” in the workplace. Not having to commute also allows you to enjoy sleeping in and eating healthier which also supports a healthier immune system, and lowers your potential to be depressed, as you might otherwise be inclined.

Be assured that there are many other benefits of working from home as well.

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