Break Free from the Same Ol’ Same Ol’

Ever felt the need to break free from the same ol’ same ol’ routine? You know what I mean, you’re getting a bit cabin-feverish about life, the day in/day out of everything, everyday sort of seamlessly flows into the next, in succession, just this side of drudgery, and it comes to mind that it might be time to break out of the same old routine.

Reducing your life to nothing but a routine can get you feeling down like there is little satisfaction to be garnered from living your life. Society might be content with the idea that you’re living a complacent and somewhat robotic lifestyle in a pseudo-zombie state (making you easier to manage) you could possibly find yourself headed toward depression.

Life being what it is, we all have some routines which may be unavoidable, like going to a place to work for eight hours a day or having to shuttle your children to and from school and associated activities. On the other side, there is a bit of comfort associated with having a structure that gives us a sense of security and helps to make sure we get the things done that we need to do without too much effort because we know what to expect each day.

But then, there’s the same ol’ same ol’ feeling that there must be more to life, because how can you feel any life if it’s just an endless drone?

There must be more to this life

… and there is.

Here are some ideas that can help you turn the corner and break out of the same ol’ same ol’ and start living a better life.

Since you are aware of your routine, challenge it by doing something different or out of the ordinary to break up the monotony. Take the scenic route, take a coffee break, walk through the park, read a chapter of a book, or do something that made you feel exhilarated before you settled into the routine of your life.

Think about trying something new, going to the gym, trying yoga, or take and art class or think about experimenting with different hobbies.

Mix up meal times, have breakfast for dinner, experiment with green smoothies in your blender, try exotic recipes or something new in the kitchen,

Expose yourself to new people. When you’re stuck in a routine, you only have access to the same ol’ people day in/day out, which is nice, but you can mix it up by finding new places to be which might include attending a class, joining a group, or changing up your regular stops by shopping across town, or trying new vendors.

Try to find opportunities to break up your routine by walking or riding a bike while you’re doing what you need to get done, or just for recreation and fitness enhancement. Maybe it’s time for seeing if there is a sporting activity that may interest you, either to watch or participate in yourself.

Make adjustments and changes around the house to change things up, (or the office) rearrange the furniture, kitchen, or decorate.

Find ways you can streamline your workspaces, or make improvements in your routine(s) so that you can pick up a little extra time to do something else. You’d be surprised how saving a few minutes here, a few minutes there might yield an hour or more per day of free time for you.

Just remember to try to do something different, trying to think or do something new every day.

You will be surprised how making a few changes here and there throughout your day can add the spice back in life and awaken your mind to new possibilities that are just around the bend.

There is a better life waiting for you, and it’s about time you started seizing the day.

Carpe diem.

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