Christmas Morphing

Let’s fight over stuff, anything that can keep me separated from you, so the powers that be can sit back and laugh at how we’re mere puppets playing into their hands as they roll on the floor laughing out loud, or not. What? Christmas morphing? They never thought that Christmas had enough power of love built-in to its design to morph into an idea that spans all thought systems. Love wins out, again.

While many religions still reject the idea of Christmas as heresy, more and more Americans are embracing the idea and finding their own way(s) to define it for themselves. Christmas is becoming much more than just the celebration of the birth of Jesus, it’s an American tradition.

Here, in the United States, you are allowed to subscribe to any religious belief you like, or no religious belief at all, if you so choose. Angels are like that; they don’t care who or what you are. Angels love you and are there for you, no matter what you believe. God is like that, and increasingly, the All-American-Christmas is embracing all peoples with open arms.

This brings comfort to most but is reason for concern and disdain for the traditionalists who think they are the chosen few who can celebrate Christmas authentically (even if it does have roots in religious beliefs which they do not ascribe to). Christmas is not just for Christians anymore.

The American Christmas rekindles the flame in all of us, that the world could be a better place. That any of us could find a place in our hearts to be kinder, gentler, friendlier, and loving to our fellow human being(s). Even, if only momentarily, we set aside our differences and find joy in being alive, getting a glimpse of what it might look like if we were all “one.”

All one, we are.

During the holidays we are able to find within ourselves the ability to set aside our differences for a better world. This is part a parcel of our burgeoning human evolution. We get to peek into the future, thanks to the All-American Christmas.

We believe there could be goodness in anyone. We believe even Scrooge or the Grinch could find love in their hearts, someday, somewhere.

Even though a government-ruled legal and financial system, and a failing societal structure which are not sustainable are still in place, even amidst all the chaos, there is peace for Christmas. Something inside us wants to reach out, love, and help those who have less in some way because ‘ere but by the grace of God, go I.

During the holidays we are optimistic and hopeful for a better world. We are grateful for what we have, as little as it may be, and may have a twinge of sadness or compassion for those who have less than we do.

Empathetic caring and compassion are in the air. And as much as we’d like to help our fellow man, still many homeless will be hiding out without adequate basic human needs. The sick and dying will not be offered the medical treatment and care they need, and it is well-known this is the most popular time of the year for suicide. There are so many in need who are just outside our reach.

We set aside our differences to have get-togethers with family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, and even people we have never met. We greet, smile, tell stories, laugh, cry, and embrace. At that moment, the world is a better place.

Our ego takes the back seat while we find our place in the vibration of the Christmas spirit, which by the way is the same frequency as love. ‘Ere love and the American Christmas are one and the same. You feel the vibration and you instantly know, this is not how you feel under normal circumstances because you are engulfed in the field of love.

It is a wonderful place to be.

This is the future of humankind, to bask in love’s frequency, and not to be controlled or lorded-over relentlessly, but to love, to be loved, and to be free, indeed.

You don’t have to wait for Christmas, and you don’t have to let go after New Years Day. You can have this for the rest of your life.

And when you realize this, you have awakened to the idea of the endless possibilities which lay in wait for you and your evolution which has only just begun.

Peace on Earth is not a fantasy.

Say, “Goodbye” to all the barbarianism of the day, peace on Earth is the only hope for our survival.

Merry Christmas Morphing

For the Christians who are torqued-off because your private party has been crashed by non-Christians: Lighten up and see the miracle in Jesus’ ability to bring the world together, if only for a moment, and bless all who celebrate His birthday in whatever way they want.

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