Creating a Book Cover for Your Book

You are working on your book and by now, you’ve settled on a title, if you’re serious about your brand, you have already purchased the dot-com to associate with your book and/or project. Now you need a book cover for your book, even while you are still working on it.

You may have already created a mockup of your book cover to post on your website. Even so, we are going to look at some different ways you can create a good book cover to post on your personal website and link it to your book’s website.


Canva allows you to explore various graphic design tools such as book covers among others. The process is simple but may appear to be a little sketchy for someone who has never tried this before. Just go to Canva, and if you don’t see book covers right away, click on the three dots designating “More” options.

Shift the display left and right until you see Book Cover. Then you will be delighted to find hundreds of book cover templates that you can choose from. You can search for ideas by category or keyword if you like. Once you’ve found one that you like, simply edit it to match your book’s details.


When it gets to be the way you like it, save it. Now you have cover art for your upcoming book that you can post on your website.

Keep an eye open for surprises, some options may require an additional fee for certain graphics or templates. Or you can opt to upgrade to a membership fee, which you can try for 30 days free.


PosterMyWall offers free and paid tools to help you create professional content such as book templates, and much more.

There are three programs to choose from starting at free and going up to $29.95 a month subscription models.

Get Covers

For ten to thirty-five dollars, you can get a fancy cover from Get Covers, and they will do the heavy lifting for you.

Just let them know the genre, and an example of the type of book cover that you like and they take it from here.

Two days later, you have your book cover done.

Book n Brush

At Book n Brush you can choose from 3,000 templates and quickly create a book cover for free, all you have to do is register.

After you’ve completed your book cover, you will have to upgrade to one of three membership levels to download your book files.

100 Covers

If you’ve got a hundred bucks, try 100 Covers. Packages go up from there, there’s a $200, and a $400 pack as well. different designers compete for your business. You get a lot of submissions, pick the open you want, and pay for the one that you want. Basic eBook bronze package $199 with guaranteed payment and no extras and get over 200 to choose from.

Edit dot org is an excellent tool that provides editable templates for you to create stunning book cover templates, as well as other tools.

Simple, just browse the templates and edit them. You get a 7-day free trial for premium use with unwatermarked downloads of your covers.

The premium upgrade is under ten dollars a month.

Template dot net provides an array of designs that you can choose from.

When you’re using the free version, you can download basic quality JPG images of your designs.

The upgrade is a reasonable $2 per month, with a business tier at $10.


Visme offers a large gallery of royalty-free images and templates which can be found under Printables to create your book covers.

You can sign up for free, and use a limited number of easy-to-use templates, but cannot download your high res images until you upgrade.

Then, of course, there’s


At Fiverr you can get $5 to $10 book cover art within anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Note that you can also get book cover designers at Fiverr in the upper price ranges as well (up to $500).



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