Live in a Perfect World and Have Everything You Want?

In a perfect world, if you want something, something that would fill your heart with joy, you could have it, no matter what it is. Right?

Guess what? We live in a perfect world. Maybe you can’t see it from where you are right now, but ask yourself this:

Are there people who can have whatever they want?

Do you know that there are people on this planet who can have whatever they want? Maybe the things they dream of do not appear instantly, as if by magic, but they are able to put all the necessary components into motion to manifest their heart’s desires.

These people live in a perfect world. Even though they may be surrounded by a planet infested with confusion, chaos, and poverty, they live in a world that is in harmony with the good things in life.

In no way am I suggesting that these people do not experience challenges or hardship. They must navigate the world through relationships with other people, which is often a root cause of conflict, which must be resolved on one way or another to maintain one’s positive momentum.

If there are people who can have whatever they want and live in a perfect world, could you agree that if you could change places with them, you too, could enjoy the life of living in a perfect world, regardless of the confusion that surrounds you.

From the vantage point of the most powerful people on our planet, you could see how there is a supreme order in all things, that you have the ability to influence the world, and that ultimately, all things work out for a better future world.

If that is true, then you live in a perfect world, one where you can influence the way things go and can have the desires of your heart.

But you protest,

That’s not me!

Agreed. But ask yourself,

Aren’t you made of the same trillions of cells mostly composed of generally the same amounts of raw elements which include hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, calcium, and phosphorus of those other people?

Yeah, but…

There are no yeah-buts about it. You are no different, and you do live in the same world, though admittedly, you are not in the same shared vibration. These people maintain a vibrational frequency which matches the “world” they live in, while you are more a vibrational match for the world you recognize and experience every day.

The good news is that you can change your vibration.

Start dreaming of the things you want, and making those dreams come true.

Start small and work your way up from there. I mean, you can start really small, like with a bag of Jelly Belly’s or a cup of Dutch Bros.

This is not rocket science, but this is science. Some refer to it as Quantum Science, but regardless, the results are verifiable though much of what these unknown elements that comprise the universal power that keeps us in perfectly balanced motion are yet to be identified.

Even so, those who possess the ability and knowledge of how to use this power, are the most powerful people, and you can be one of them. Because,

If one of us can do it, any of us could do it

and that means you could do it, too.


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