Love is all there really is

Life offers us so many distractions from all that is beautiful, all that is kind, all that is magnificent and perfect in every way.

It starts at the very earliest of ages, trying to fit all the various activities into the 24 hours we all have in a day, and it appears things just pop-up out of nowhere – just to knock you off balance – throwing your life a little off track.

There’s the rushing, here to there, in an attempt to take care of business as we pursue life in the fast lane… Or for those of us in the slow lane, we might be lying on the grass on a clear summer night, looking up at the stars, only to find that you can barely see the stars for all the stuff flying and floating around in the sky.

On the way to your destination, billboards, transit signage and a myriad of other distractions are all interrupting your thoughts in an attempt to distract, encourage you to buy or modify your thoughts.

This pace continues until later in life and to some degree until we take our last breath. In those final moments you realize that all that really mattered was how you loved.

How did you express your love to others?

When did you feel the most loved?

When my grandmother was transitioning from this life, she was in a hospital bed, unresponsive… but you could feel the love in the room. She laid there, heart beating, until after her son arrived from San Diego. After he arrived and shared his final moments with her, surrounded by her family, she quietly left the room; in love.

At the time, I was busy starting my own family and had not spent very much time with my grandmother in her final years; but I was confident that she loved me and knew that I loved her deeply, regardless of the separation. Although in that moment I decided to initiate the intention to expend more effort in communicating my love to others.

Love is the basis of all my relationships, personal and professional. And when life tries to throw me a whammy, I try to switch perspectives around until I can see it through the eyes of love (which can take some time to adjust).

Do I get surprised, distracted, upset or angry? Yes. Then I start doing the work of looking for the love.

Has the openness of love left me vulnerable? Have I been hurt? Yes and yes. Then I look for the love, the love (or lack of love) in the participants, the people (and pets) who love me and I find love’s repose.

Love is all there really is everything else is an illusion

Love is all there really is; everything else is an illusion

In my final moments, I know I will be reviewing the love in my life. I will have loved deeply which has led to some pain; the glorious massive discomfort that comes with separation from something so meaningful. Some call it a broken heart and in some moments, my heart was crushed and bleeding out, as I embraced the fullness of the loss of love or a loved one. And it was good. Good in the sense that it validated the love enormously.

Expressed love is vulnerable, sometimes it hurts and sometimes it is the sweetest feeling you can ever have.

You could build a wall around your heart – many have – in an attempt to safeguard yourself from being victimized. Or, you could love like there’s no tomorrow.

You could start today.

What about yesterday?

The love life that you live from this point forward washes over all the unexpressed love in your past. Yesterday’s gone.

Love is alive and spreading like a sacred virus throughout our bodies, emitting a love energy that influences everything around us.

And in all things, if you look for the love, you will find it.

Today is love – expressed loving – without regret.

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