Problem Solving Attitude

You’re an enlightened individual on your way to clearing your own path and making your own way from here to where you want to be while making the world a better place on the way from here to there, making progress, kicking ass and taking names when invariably you hit the wall.

What do you do when your momentum is at a standstill due to an unexpected problem or obstacle? What are you gonna do about it?

Why, you’re gonna tackle this thing head on. Right? (Right.) I didn’t hear you. Right? (Right). C’mon, man, that was weak. Gimme all you got. Stand on your feet and let it out, with all you’ve got! Right! RIGHT!

That’s more like it, now hold up your invisible sword and I hereby empower you with the power of the Castle Gray Skull, let me hear you, I have the power! I HAVE THE POWER!

Amen, now sit down and let’s get real.

It’s time to put on your thinking hats, this ain’t no time to be talkin’ shit, this is it. This is where the rubber hits the road, it all comes down to this. This moment right here. You are staring it right in the eye, you best get your shit together and center yourself right now, because the most important thing fro you to do, right now, in this moment is to

Keep Control

You gotta stay behind the wheel. Ain’t no one throwin’ you out the driver’s seat. No, you get a death-grip on the wheel if you have to. You must maintain control of this situation to the best of your ability. And don’t you let them see you wince or sweat. Stay calm, cool and collected. Let them know you are an unshakeable force and you are not letting this thing get to you. Ain’t happenin’. Not then, not now, not ever. You got this.

You don’t worry about any potential thing that might happen. Why? Because you know that worrying about anything that hasn’t happened is not only a waste of time, you know you can deplete all your energy reserves fretting about potential negative outcomes that will leave you wrapped up in a shriveling fetal position with the only hope of escape might be to hopefully breathe your last breath, but that would be too kind.

No magic wizard or fairy godmother is gonna show up to save your ass, not your mom, not your best friend, No, this is all on you. No worrying, you got that down. You’re not going there. You’ve seen others let worry get to them. Truth be told you’ve been there in the past, but that was the old you. This is the new you. No, worry or what it leads to: Depression is not on your calendar today.

As unexpected as this was and as insurmountable as this moment may seem, you know… you’ve been here before. Sure, not exactly like this, but you’ve faced insurmountable odds before and you rose victorious. You know this is just the same, only different. Only this challenge… Think about it. Inside this situation, in the overcoming of it, are the keys to unlock any door that will stand between you and what you want.

So, what you gonna do about it?

Okay, you got your thinking cap on, you got this. You got the wisdom of the ages and you’re letting go of the why or how things got to be where they are right now, in this moment. Those are only distractions. It’s time to focus.

Focus on what you’ve got to deal with, and review what resources you have access to in this moment. Focus your attention on only what the options are for achieving an effective solution. You don’t care about the problem or how it got there, all you know is that you want to arrive at a positive resolution as soon as possible so you can resume your journey.

Remember today is a new day. In fact, it is the only day. No day that ever went before exists. This is the only day that stands between you and tomorrow. And this situation is not there. Not in your tomorrow,

You can see your tomorrow clearly on the other side of this monolith some, “come on.” You say. “Let’s do this thing.”

“Hit me with your best shot.”

You so got this.

Read about it in tomorrow’s news. I’m out’a here.

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