Put a Little Meaning in Your Life

Was today pretty much the same as yesterday, the day before that, the week before, the month, the year? It seems like the same ol’ same ol’, merely maintaining a level of existence but not having much to show for it; nothing lasting or meaningful.

We do what we have to do, to pay the bills, come home, turn in the TV and collapse into the white zone of awareness (basically awake, but unaware of life as it goes on around you), maybe turning our attention to our inter-connected devices designed to keep our minds busy enough not to notice, occasionally interrupted by brief opportunities to socialize face-to-face, or frolic to break up the monotony of it all.

All you have to look forward to are the holiday celebrations, get-togethers with family and friends, and yearly vacations (if that), but still it leaves you wondering if this is what life’s all about?

Well, there are a few things you could do to raise your awareness and broaden your horizons, self-education is hugely beneficial in expanding your imagination and realizing that you may be surrounded by a sea of possibilities and opportunities to look at things in different ways or realize that other lives are yours for the taking.

Something inside you longs for growth and expansion and a bit of learning goes a long way. Your ability to be creative or potentially empowering your personal genius reduces the more you settle for a more mundane lifestyle. Cracking a book, doing some research, attending a class, or seminar helps to feed your mind’s desire to get more out of this life.

Find opportunities to expand your being by engaging in activities and trying new experiences, things you have never done before. This empowers your creative genius and takes you to a whole new area of human existence, your immune system gets ramped up, moodiness or ill feelings fade away as you feel new life pumping through your veins, and your whole biological system thrives while you’re experiencing something new, and its effects remain for 8 hours or more.

Look for ways to switch up old routines, do things differently (if you’re right-handed, try it with your left hand, take the scenic route, etc.), take up a new hobby, volunteer, or take up a new language.

The most amazing people living the most incredible lives on our planet are constantly learning and trying new things.

Still looking for meaning? Seek to create more meaningful relationships in your life. These are the people you can love freely and they reciprocate that love as you are able to share your experiences with them. Your joy is their joy, and their joy is yours.

This new, deeper style of friendship goes far beyond the relationships you’ve known in the relationships of family, friends, even romantic interests you may have experienced in the past. In this case, you share a heart-connection, you are connected with an honest openness where there is nothing to hide, as you share more than others could, without judgment or ridicule.

The champions of finding meaning and fulfillment in life are on the lookout for a challenge, which may even light the light of exploration and adventure, going where no man has gone before, while mot being afraid of facing your own Goliath in battle, if necessary.

The element of the intrigue in exploring unknown territory is exhilarating and offers the spice of life. Facing life’s challenges when you’re in the flow and have the synergistic energies of the universe as the wind beneath your wings makes you soar and achieve new heights.

It’s these experiences which create not only meaning but become a part of your legacy, possibly inspiring others to face their fears and excel through adversity for generations.

Getting out of town helps to put it all in perspective, experiencing other cultures and customs frames the canvas of the adventures of your life. You don’t have to go far, but be sure to go. Each time, think about going a little further. You might find yourself enjoying you’re being a world traveler, giving your life even more meaning.

While you’re doing these things, if you’re ready to make an impact and leave your mark, try to make each place you visit, every life you interact with just a little better than it was before you came along… Now, your living making a positive contribution, living your best life and making the world a better place.

Are you up for that?

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