Quantum Energy Usage and Healing

Everything is energy and as the First Law of Thermodynamics states that “Energy can be changed from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed.” This means the total amount of energy and matter in the Universe remains constant, merely changing from one form to another. This is the science on which quantum energy usage and healing technologies are based. These quantum energy healing technologies use energy to affect the alteration of energy, especially negative energy, to reduce the impact of negative energy and increase the quantity and quality of positive energy in a given area.

This is quantum energy, not rocket science, so this is very simple technology once you learn how to focus it when are where you want to achieve the maximum human efficacy. We have discovered, and continue to discover, the many beneficial ways these alternative energetic technologies can benefit those of us sharing the human condition.

In the beginning, there was nothing, an empty void. Then suddenly, whether God spoke it into being or not, there was a quantum event that resulted in the explosive birth of the existence of energy, light, matter, space, and time, all nearly 14 billion years ago. The date may vary according to any belief system, but there is no doubt about the instant that created our universe including our galaxy and others, which are numerous. According to recent quantum calculations, there may be as many as two trillion galaxies in the universe, and it wasn’t that long ago that we thought our Milky Way was the universe. The future is coming into the present at an alarming rate.

Our universe is made up of infinite energy that to date is still difficult to understand and we are only within the last ten years or so learning how to better measure, track, and direct it. As the scientific knowledge base begins to progress and expand, we will better know how to harness it.

What we do know, is that the quantum energy, the energy that we are using to affect changes in the body and to protect the body from otherwise counterproductive or harmful energy, exists in the spaces between the tiniest pieces of matter.

For instance, you probably remember the idea of what an atom looks like, where the nucleus made of protons and neutrons is held in suspension while the electrons rotate around the nucleus. The atom is a very small energetic component. But the drawing or illustration that you may have remembered seeing, like the one above, was not drawn to scale, because we now know that if the neutron was the size of a golf ball, the electrons would be a football field away.

And what is holding this tiny energy component in perfect harmony? quantum energy. It is the energy that exists between the protons and neutrons and holds them in place and is the force or space between the nucleus and the electrons, holding everything spinning in perfect balance. Even though quantum energy cannot be seen, and only had been introduced to us by science fiction writers in our recent history, it turns out there is far more of this quantum energy than anything else known and makes up the greatest part of our universe. It is the space between all things, no matter how large or small, and is the vacuum of space. It intelligently allows all matter to exist in the manner it is perceived, enjoyed, or shocked by all of us who are blessed to share this experience.

Quantum energy has also been referred to as zero-point energy by science fiction writers and quantum theorists prior to its discovery as a measurable scientific reality.

You might ask, “With all of this energy all around us, why do we have to pay for electricity?” Which is an excellent question. The answer? Well, I’ll let you ponder that one for yourself, but for me? I believe there is a profit-fueled control mechanism in place to prevent the emergence of harnessing the pollution-free energy all around us which certainly could be freely powering all electronic devices all around us. This technology is being suppressed by the powers that be. But be rest assured, these powers are losing their control of us. As more and more of us become more aware of what is really going on, they are losing their grip on us.

They will no longer be able to wield their power of profit over us anymore.

Our stepping up and using these new technologies as they become available to us is one of the methods that we begin to exercise our freedom to exert our personal freedom and lessen their control over us.

Quantum energy is infinite, and we can use it to affect our lives in so many ways, even our physiology. We are finding more and more that this energy can affect our bodies in ways that can be damaging to us, increasing deterioration of the human body and psyche, leading to disease and early demise. And if we do nothing (like we have in the past) this becomes the fate of humanity.

The profiteers have designed medicines, protocols, and medical schools and legislated control over this world, or at least in the United States, to make certain, that, if at all possible, they can fleece us of everything we have been able to accumulate over the course of our lives, prior to being shoveled into a hole in the ground.

Those of us who are awakening are taking a decidedly different approach.

This medical system which has been put into place for the control of the people and the protection of the profiteers is desperately opposed to you, the individual, finding out about these emerging alternative healing devices, and they will do anything and everything they can to dissuade you from embracing these new technologies. This also includes the natural medicines that came long before the emergence of modern medicine. Which they disregard as “folk medicine” which no person in their right mind would consider using in the light of modern pharmacology. (Sarcasm intended.)

Why does the system not want you to embrace these technologies, both ancient and currently emerging quantum energy advancements? Because there is no way to profit from anything that you can pull from the soil or the energy which freely surrounds us and exists within each and every one of us.

They cannot charge us for it (though there may come the day that they decide that they can charge us a tax for using it. This remains to be seen).

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