Exposure to and Healing from Toxic Energies

Everything is energy, which means you and I are also made of energy. You get the idea of the form of energy that you recognize as electricity, which is basically what we are, though our bodies use a higher form of infinitely intelligent energy which is more difficult for us to understand entirely. Energy is what keeps you alive. Your body, without having to be plugged into any outside source, provides the 5 watts of continuous electricity necessary for beating every hour over the course of your life. If your heart stops, it will take 200 to 1,000 volts from an outside source (like a defibrillator) to restart its regular beating, providing your body has the wherewithal to supply the electricity necessary to maintain its activity.

All matter, everything that we can experience with our five senses (and beyond) is also made of this energy, including us. This infinite intelligent energy is referred to by some as God Source Energy, spirit, or any other vast array of definitions that might help us understand this energy that is in all things and cannot be created or destroyed. We live in and our ever-expanding universe is a closed system of this vast energy that keeps everything, I mean “everything” in form and balance.

Since we are energy (though some will disagree with this, so think of it as any way that resonates with you at this moment and call it whatever works best for you) it makes perfect sense to use this very same energy to affect our bodies and the environments that we interact with. Learning how to do this presents a challenge at the moment but we have seen huge scientific advancements in the arena. Quantum theory paved the way for quantum mechanics, and now in the last 30 years or so, we are seeing quantum sciences emerging as human technology and sciences evolve.

Still, the mystics and religious folks discovered ways to harness this energy and effectuate changes in the human body. I first became acquainted with this when I learned laying on of hands healing from Catholic Nuns, and later master training in Reiki. Now, quantum science is discovering other methods to influence energy vibration, frequency, and vibration in the body and the environment around us.

By manipulating a patient’s energy with energy, we can effectively change the frequency of that person’s challenge or problem to an alternate frequency, just like changing the channel on your television. For instance, we could pray for someone who feels as though they have no reason to live and may be suicidal, resulting in a frequency change, where the individual emerges as someone who feels they have value in the community, desires to make a contribution and make the world a better place. You can call that a miracle, if you like, or an energetic frequency adjustment. Whatever you call it? The effects are real. Adding support to the energetic intervention will help the sustainability of the healing process over time.

If everything is energy, then every condition that interrupts the otherwise happy, healthy, and fruitful human being has a specific energetic frequency and signature, as well as every good thing. Change the frequency, and the whole world changes, too.

Let’s not forget the environment, because it can have a great impact on the human body. In a monastery, free from technology, Wi-Fi, and other waves of energy that may have a negative effect on any life frequency, human biology thrives. For the rest of us who live in the real world, we are bombarded by radical energy and toxic pollutants all day long.

These negative frequencies have a devasting effect on you. If you are under constant toxic energies, you will feel it, by noticing a lack of energy, headaches, lethargy, deterioration throughout your physiology, affecting everything from cognition and eyesight to loss of breath, gastrointestinal disorders, and loss of agility and dexterity, and may be a major contributor to promoting the growth and spread of cancer in the body.

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