Exposure to and Healing from Toxic Energies

Everything is energy, which means you and I are also made of energy. You get the idea of the form of energy that you recognize as electricity, which is basically what we are, though our bodies use a higher form of infinitely intelligent energy which is more difficult for us to understand entirely. Energy is what keeps you alive. Your body, without having to be plugged into any outside source, provides the 5 watts of continuous electricity necessary for beating every hour over the course of your life. If your heart stops, it will take 200 to 1,000 volts from an outside source (like a defibrillator) to restart its regular beating, providing your body has the wherewithal to supply the electricity necessary to maintain its activity.

All matter, everything that we can experience with our five senses (and beyond) is also made of this energy, including us. This infinite intelligent energy is referred to by some as God Source Energy, spirit, or any other vast array of definitions that might help us understand this energy that is in all things and cannot be created or destroyed. We live in and our ever-expanding universe is a closed system of this vast energy that keeps everything, I mean “everything” in form and balance.

Since we are energy (though some will disagree with this, so think of it as any way that resonates with you at this moment and call it whatever works best for you) it makes perfect sense to use this very same energy to affect our bodies and the environments that we interact with. Learning how to do this presents a challenge at the moment but we have seen huge scientific advancements in the arena. Quantum theory paved the way for quantum mechanics, and now in the last 30 years or so, we are seeing quantum sciences emerging as human technology and sciences evolve.

Still, the mystics and religious folks discovered ways to harness this energy and effectuate changes in the human body. I first became acquainted with this when I learned laying on of hands healing from Catholic Nuns, and later master training in Reiki. Now, quantum science is discovering other methods to influence energy vibration, frequency, and vibration in the body and the environment around us.

By manipulating a patient’s energy with energy, we can effectively change the frequency of that person’s challenge or problem to an alternate frequency, just like changing the channel on your television. For instance, we could pray for someone who feels as though they have no reason to live and may be suicidal, resulting in a frequency change, where the individual emerges as someone who feels they have value in the community, desires to make a contribution and make the world a better place. You can call that a miracle, if you like, or an energetic frequency adjustment. Whatever you call it? The effects are real. Adding support to the energetic intervention will help the sustainability of the healing process over time.

If everything is energy, then every condition that interrupts the otherwise happy, healthy, and fruitful human being has a specific energetic frequency and signature, as well as every good thing. Change the frequency, and the whole world changes, too.

Let’s not forget the environment, because it can have a great impact on the human body. In a monastery, free from technology, Wi-Fi, and other waves of energy that may have a negative effect on any life frequency, human biology thrives. For the rest of us who live in the real world, we are bombarded by radical energy and toxic pollutants all day long.

These negative frequencies have a devasting effect on you. If you are under constant toxic energies, you will feel it, by noticing a lack of energy, headaches, lethargy, deterioration throughout your physiology, affecting everything from cognition and eyesight to loss of breath, gastrointestinal disorders, and loss of agility and dexterity, and may be a major contributor to promoting the growth and spread of cancer in the body.

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Lightning Reiki

So many people have been asking me about Lightning Reiki, so I thought I would just take a moment to share with you the basics of Lightning Reiki. First, Lightning Reiki is not a standalone modality, it is a Reiki plug-in for Reiki III Masters only. If you have received a Lightning Reiki treatment, it was from a Reiki Master who has received the Lightning Reiki attunement. That said, let’s take a look at what Lightning Reiki is.

What is Lightning Reiki?

Lightning Reiki is for use for clients who have severe blockages that come from traumas from the past which hide in various locations in the body.

Lightning Reiki, in a very short period of time, will seek out and destroy all the hidden festering wounds that are associated with past drama or trauma that is preventing you from being all you could be.

It would take months or years of traditional therapy, and the therapeutic environment can be extremely traumatizing.

Reiki Masters who use Lightning Reiki empower you to do deep emotional work in minutes without unearthing complicated chains of trauma buried deep within the subconscious and emotional wounds hidden at secret locations within your body.

Most people can go on through their lives and live a completely normal-looking life, but if they are harboring hidden trauma from the past. Just ignoring it and pretending like nothing ever happened is a pretty good method of getting by. No one need ever be the wiser. You are moving on, and things are looking good enough that no one would even know you had all this trauma in your past.

And the longer you ignore it, the memory of it just fades away into nothing. Sounds like a great plan, Right? Wrong.

Repressed trauma, while it can be hidden from the conscious mind, hides away in the body, where it festers and spreads deadly poisons throughout the body which cause biological deterioration, disease, and can lead to an early grave.

Unresolved traumatic wounds do not go away on their own. If the patient can survive it, years of therapy by following all the traumatic links in the chain can finally get to the root cause of the trauma where it can be dealt with, and this is not an easy process. Each successively linked incident can be painful to remember and process, which comes with its own new trauma, which can only be wiped away after the entire chain of traumatic wounds have been healed.

That’s what’s great about Lightning Reiki. Following a normal Reiki session, in one fell swoop, in a single energetic burst, Reiki energy finds and follows every link of the chain, down to the primary traumatic incident that was the first wound or link.

What to Expect from a Lightning Reiki Session

Here is how the Lightning Reiki session works. First, you will have a conversation with your Lightning Reiki Master to get a general idea about the type of emotional trauma that is expressing itself and determine how it is looking when it rears its ugly head in your life.

You may discover that you are being blocked by past trauma or adverse childhood experiences that have a cumulative effect on your life.

Following a normal Reiki session, the Lightning Reiki Master will send a burst of pure God Source Energy through your crown chakra which surges like lightning bolts throughout your entire seeking out all the stored negative energy and trauma from this chain of past life events. Then administers healing to each otherwise hidden wound, cauterizing the wound and dissolving it from your body, instantly.

There is no drama or trauma associated with the Lightning Reiki treatment, and you do not even need to acknowledge or process any of the potentially horrific details.

An entire lifetime of traumatic wounds vaporized just like that.

All you need is a great place to start. Like, if you are experiencing difficulty being successful and you are constantly having difficulties with keeping a job or getting promotions, this may be due to early trauma hidden from your everyday consciousness. This is enough information to initiate a Lightning Reiki session.

Lightning Reiki does all the heavy lifting by instantly following the chain of associated traumatic events, locating where these poisonous wounds are hiding, seeking and destroying the source of the chain, and setting you free.

This works for any chain of negative energetic wounds that can be found hiding deep within your body. It works for being disease-prone, blocked romance, stifled personal growth, limited financial resources, being your own worst enemy, abusive relationships, self-destructive behavior, depression, even suicidal ideation.

Let your Lightning Reiki Master channel god source energy to do the work.


Energy Healing Treatment Resistant

What if you’ve sought out alternative methods of health care and healing and are not experiencing the healing you expected? You might be energy healing treatment resistant.

Energy healing in all its many forms focuses on energy, represents not only the energy which is the source of all life but as it encounters and integrates with the energy source(s) which is/are active within your holistic being.

We see this in our work with clients who suffer chronic pain over a long period of time. The patient may have such a strong energetic tie to the symptoms and/or pain associated with the malady, that they may not be able to even imagine having a life without it. In this case, the dis-ease has become a part of his or her very being.

Certainly, there may be many reasons for various healing blockages, and it might be as basically simple as one’s refusal to accept that healing is possible at all. This is not dissimilar to having the malady being a part of your identity, except that it is a more conscious blockage to energy healing, consciously refusing to accept healing because you believe it is not a possibility.

The power source of energetic healing is pure love energy which honors the patient above all. You cannot force energy healing on someone who is not in the receiving mode. To receive energetic healing, one must first be receptive.

Advanced energy healers are able to help determine what your blockages might be to healing, and if you are willing to do the work, these blockages may be released or removed so that true healing may commence. Kinesiology, or muscle testing, is one such method which is highly regarded by many practitioners of alternative healing modalities.

Emotional (and possibly long-hidden from one’s conscious mind) wounds and scars may also be responsible for one’s resistance to healing. The underlying emotional trauma, though not expressed openly in everyday life, can be a heavy cloak which shrouds one’s being, disallowing one who suffers from it to enjoy any of the best things this life may have to offer. All this emotional trauma may be released through the process of love’s energy healing.

In most cases,

Repressed emotional wounds are the source of disease

To think that childhood trauma, family dysfunction, fear of the unknown, stress of work or life, an overwhelming sense of unworthiness, victimization, abuse, and pent up emotions could be responsible for major disease may seem beyond belief, but nothing is more critically true.

The continued denial, covering up, pressing down, and suppressing these negative emotions builds up a growing force festering malignancy throughout the entire biological, physiological, and spiritual system that represents our existence in this reality. And your disease becomes more powerful as your ability to fight it declines and the system deteriorates at a more rapid pace.

Simple negative emotions will eventually manifest themselves by making you sick. Even if you do not speak the words and only think the negative thoughts, your immune system weakens and you are more apt to become ill or susceptible to disease.

This is why alternative treatment methods focus on treating the whole person, body, mind, and spirit.

Our modern society and the lives we live and not conducent to living a life in harmony with the energetic frequency of true love’s vibration. Only as the human being brings his or her own full being (body/mind/spirit) into alignment is one able to be fully receptive to the fullness of one’s true birthright.

Maybe it’s time for you to consider a more holistic approach to healing and if you find that you are initially energy healing treatment resistant, maybe it’s time to dig deeper to see what may be lying underneath the surface. It might be time to take a look at any deep inner work you might need to do.

Energy Healing and Modern Medicine

Early in my ministry, I had the opportunity to study with a small group of enlightened nuns who taught me how to administer energy healing in the form of “laying on of hands” to heal the sick. The sick could be any kind of dis-ease, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual.

In those early days, I used this practice with varying degrees of success. It made me wonder if I could increase my effectiveness by embracing and combining other healing modalities? This began my continued quest to seek out and understand new methods of administering energy healing.

Most people cannot wrap their heads around the idea that someone (really anyone) can plug-in to the power source of all life, all that there is (was) and ever will be, and direct this energy to heal the human body, mind and/or soul with more accuracy and efficacy than any hospital, doctor, or drug therapy.

While the medical community will do anything to discount the veracity of the claims of those who have been healed by energy healing methods, the fact remains that statistically, these energy healing methods are every bit as effective (if not more so) when compared to modern medical interventions.

Modern medicine does have a statistical advantage over emergent trauma intervention, thanks to an organizational organizational-wide emergent response system that is quite effective in our present-day society. These efforts to establish such a system should be applauded and honored.

Medical schools teach doctors to prescribe medications which are proving that while they may relieve a particular discomfort (which is highly beneficial) some pharmaceuticals might not have good long-term effects on the human body over time. This will bear itself out by reading the small print on any flyer accompanying a designer pharmaceutical drug or alternatively attempting to listen to the fast-talking announcer reading the disclosure of side effects following a drug commercial.

It makes you wonder why so many people are eager to take prescription medication with the potential of having so many side effects, some of which may include death? No problem, the drug industry responds, we have a prescription for each of those side effects as they appear (and each of those comes with its own set of side effects).

This is why you’re seeing more and more people turning to energy medicine and more natural remedies.

Long before there were patented designer drugs, there were medicine women and healers who rose up within a community. These natural healers used whatever means they had at their disposal to administer healing throughout their communities.

The requirements to be a healer were basic enough. If you healed people, you were a healer and people in the community came to you and supported your gift of healing. If you did not heal, or God forbid, if your patients died, you were forced to find a more suitable vocation.

Not so in modern medicine.

Note that most modern medicines, which may be invaluable in the saving of human life in critical situations, do not appear anywhere in nature, which makes them difficult for the body to process over time, even though they are often chemical recreations of substances found in nature which God has provided us for healing purposes.

In side-by-side comparisons, there are advantages to both energy healing and modern medicine. Except for the negative effects of long-term prescription medication usage, they both have their merits, though tapping into the life power source of the universe has many advantages over modern medicine.

Among other advantages, one is the ability to administer healing over time and space without having to be within the immediate proximity of the patient. This is referred to as distance healing.

Other huge benefits include healing of past wounds, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual all at the same time (or within a very short time), with little or no side effects.

This is why energy healing is creating competition for psychotherapy in our modern society.

Since modern medicine is promoted by the government, natural energy healing and “spiritual” interventions are disregarded as being ridiculous or practicing witchcraft and in many cases are considered illegal practices (if not practiced correctly) which are crimes against the State.

If you practice natural healing modalities, there is some concern that the government will fine you, jail you, even send you to prison for helping to heal people who come to you for help, if you can believe that.

Thankfully, for those of us who choose to seek out natural healing and energy medicines, there is no law against you doing so for yourself if you are of age. Though if you are making the decision to seek out natural healing alternatives for your minor child, there may be legal exposure to you for doing so.

All of this said, note that increasingly more progressive hospitals are inviting natural healers to frequent their campuses and integrate energy medicine with modern medicine. Why? Because patients who use a combination of medical and natural modalities recover and heal more rapidly with longer-lasting results than those who do not.

Go figure that.

So, the next time you come down with something that might need medical attention, what will you do?

Will you rush off to the doctor, or seek a form of natural medicine or energetic healing?

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