Healing Hands Restrained by Pharmaceutical Bonds

Hey there, folks! We’re diving into some murky waters today, exploring a topic that’s been bothering me for a while. We all put our faith in doctors, thinking they’re the ultimate healers, but what if I told you there’s more to the story? You see, there’s this underbelly of influence lurking behind the scenes, and it’s time we shed some light on it. Strap in as we uncover the not-so-rosy relationship between my fellow doctors and those big pharmaceutical giants, and how it’s shaping the way medicine is practiced.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m all about natural methods, about working with the body’s innate wisdom to heal. But it seems like many of the practitioners who are out there every day on the front lines of medicine missed that memo. They entered the world of medicine with dreams of helping folks get better, but somewhere along the line, they found themselves caught in a pharmaceutical web. The training they received, well, let’s just say it was more about pills and procedures than about tapping into the body’s own power to heal.

Ever wondered why doctors seem to have a prescription pad glued to their hand? It’s not just their penmanship; there’s an invisible puppeteer at play. You see, these pharmaceutical companies aren’t just making pills – they’re crafting an intricate web of influence. They wine and dine doctors, fund research studies that just happen to showcase their latest wonder-drugs, and throw lavish conferences with promises of exotic vacations.

It’s sad, really. We’re made to believe that doctors work for us, that they’re our partners in health. But often, it’s not the patient they’re serving – it’s the pharmaceutical overlords. Those snazzy cars, fancy houses, and yachts? Not just a result of hard work – they’re rewards for playing the pharma game. Doctors end up trading their white coats for marketing stunts, pushing pills they might not even believe in, all for the allure of a bigger paycheck.

Here’s the kicker: they might not even realize what’s happening. They weren’t trained to think about herbal remedies, nutrition, or the body’s innate capacity to heal. They were trained to diagnose, prescribe, and move on to the next patient. The missing link? A lack of education in natural healing methods that could complement, or in some cases replace, those pharmaceutical solutions.

It’s high time we break these chains and reclaim the essence of healing. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not anti-medicine, and I recognize that pharmaceuticals have their place. But it’s time we brought back the balance, the art of natural healing that our ancestors relied upon for centuries. Doctors need to broaden their horizons, to be open to alternative methods that honor the body’s wisdom and minimize the reliance on synthetic fixes.

Folks, it’s time we peel back the layers and question the norms. Our doctors, they’re not villains, but they’re ensnared in a system that prioritizes profits over true healing. As we venture forward, let’s encourage medical education that encompasses the best of both worlds – the advances of modern medicine, alongside the age-old wisdom of natural healing. It’s time for doctors to reclaim their healing hands, and for patients to expect nothing less than comprehensive, balanced, and individualized care.

Energy Healing and Modern Medicine

Early in my ministry, I had the opportunity to study with a small group of enlightened nuns who taught me how to administer energy healing in the form of “laying on of hands” to heal the sick. The sick could be any kind of dis-ease, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual.

In those early days, I used this practice with varying degrees of success. It made me wonder if I could increase my effectiveness by embracing and combining other healing modalities? This began my continued quest to seek out and understand new methods of administering energy healing.

Most people cannot wrap their heads around the idea that someone (really anyone) can plug-in to the power source of all life, all that there is (was) and ever will be, and direct this energy to heal the human body, mind and/or soul with more accuracy and efficacy than any hospital, doctor, or drug therapy.

While the medical community will do anything to discount the veracity of the claims of those who have been healed by energy healing methods, the fact remains that statistically, these energy healing methods are every bit as effective (if not more so) when compared to modern medical interventions.

Modern medicine does have a statistical advantage over emergent trauma intervention, thanks to an organizational organizational-wide emergent response system that is quite effective in our present-day society. These efforts to establish such a system should be applauded and honored.

Medical schools teach doctors to prescribe medications which are proving that while they may relieve a particular discomfort (which is highly beneficial) some pharmaceuticals might not have good long-term effects on the human body over time. This will bear itself out by reading the small print on any flyer accompanying a designer pharmaceutical drug or alternatively attempting to listen to the fast-talking announcer reading the disclosure of side effects following a drug commercial.

It makes you wonder why so many people are eager to take prescription medication with the potential of having so many side effects, some of which may include death? No problem, the drug industry responds, we have a prescription for each of those side effects as they appear (and each of those comes with its own set of side effects).

This is why you’re seeing more and more people turning to energy medicine and more natural remedies.

Long before there were patented designer drugs, there were medicine women and healers who rose up within a community. These natural healers used whatever means they had at their disposal to administer healing throughout their communities.

The requirements to be a healer were basic enough. If you healed people, you were a healer and people in the community came to you and supported your gift of healing. If you did not heal, or God forbid, if your patients died, you were forced to find a more suitable vocation.

Not so in modern medicine.

Note that most modern medicines, which may be invaluable in the saving of human life in critical situations, do not appear anywhere in nature, which makes them difficult for the body to process over time, even though they are often chemical recreations of substances found in nature which God has provided us for healing purposes.

In side-by-side comparisons, there are advantages to both energy healing and modern medicine. Except for the negative effects of long-term prescription medication usage, they both have their merits, though tapping into the life power source of the universe has many advantages over modern medicine.

Among other advantages, one is the ability to administer healing over time and space without having to be within the immediate proximity of the patient. This is referred to as distance healing.

Other huge benefits include healing of past wounds, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual all at the same time (or within a very short time), with little or no side effects.

This is why energy healing is creating competition for psychotherapy in our modern society.

Since modern medicine is promoted by the government, natural energy healing and “spiritual” interventions are disregarded as being ridiculous or practicing witchcraft and in many cases are considered illegal practices (if not practiced correctly) which are crimes against the State.

If you practice natural healing modalities, there is some concern that the government will fine you, jail you, even send you to prison for helping to heal people who come to you for help, if you can believe that.

Thankfully, for those of us who choose to seek out natural healing and energy medicines, there is no law against you doing so for yourself if you are of age. Though if you are making the decision to seek out natural healing alternatives for your minor child, there may be legal exposure to you for doing so.

All of this said, note that increasingly more progressive hospitals are inviting natural healers to frequent their campuses and integrate energy medicine with modern medicine. Why? Because patients who use a combination of medical and natural modalities recover and heal more rapidly with longer-lasting results than those who do not.

Go figure that.

So, the next time you come down with something that might need medical attention, what will you do?

Will you rush off to the doctor, or seek a form of natural medicine or energetic healing?

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You May be a Natural Healer

Back in the olden days, before modern medicine took over, natural healers would rise up within the community. These were people with an uncanny ability to heal people and help them overcome extreme challenges in life, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You may be a natural healer.

Caucasian woman practicing yoga at seashore

Before modern medicine became a powerfully controlled profit-driven machine, anyone could be a doctor. You could go into any community and hang a sign over your door that had the word, “Doctor,” on it. People in pain might come to you for whatever treatment you offered. If you healed them, you ran a successful business or ministry, if not, you might starve to death unless you found another vocation which you were better suited.

This was a far more honest and credible method of practicing the healing arts than the present model of practicing medicine for the most successful doctors today are those who can prescribe the most expensive designer drugs and refer to or perform the most surgical procedures, all driven by profit.

There is no requirement for a doctor to heal, only to manage pain, or sell services, justifying themselves by an oath “to do no harm” rather than heal. For the most part, they are not healing, they are practicing medicine for profit.

This is not to say that all doctors are not healers. Some are natural healers who were fortunate enough in life to follow the path to become doctors recognized by the State and authorized to treat people. But the natural healers go on throughout their lives, possibly never knowing that they themselves were born as natural healers.

You may be a natural healer. You may have been born to be a natural healer. I think most people who possess the innate gift of natural healing find their way into serving the community in ways that are somewhat in alignment with their gift to dispense healing. We refer to their gift as a natural healer, when in reality, they have the gift of channeling source energy to another person’s body, which brings the patient’s body into alignment, allowing the body to effectively heal itself.

Natural healers may also have insight into potions and lotions which may help to promote healing, pain management, health, and/or wellness. Back in the olden days they may have learned about these enhancements from family, passed down generation to generation, or from other natural healers who used the methods because they worked.

Besides nursing and medicine, if you are a natural healer you are probably attracted to certain vocations which offer huge benefit to the community. Natural healers are drawn to professions such as counseling, coaching, health and wellness advocacy, and various forms of activism, following one’s instinct to heal.

You may be a natural healer if you are compelled to help others in your local community and/or have a sense that you were meant for more and have a desire to help make the world a better place.

You may be a natural healer if you are beginning to understand that there is far more than meets the eye happening in our world today, if you are in the process of awakening, and long to play a part in the support of the blossoming human expansion and evolution in consciousness.

You may be a natural healer if you are withdrawn from society, an introvert. This is the result of a knowingness that things are not as they appear to be. You sense the dichotomy of truth as it is presented to you by the community and that which feels vastly more real to you. This is due to your innate deeper connection to source energy, which makes you more sensitive to the goings-on of everyday life that others take for granted.

You may be a natural healer if you find yourself at home in nature, and feel a deep connection to the natural beauty, elegance, and admire the complexities of both flora and fauna. You may find yourself promoting the nurturing of natural resources and the preservation of wildlife and/or rescuing animals both wild and domesticated.

Natural healers bubble up out of the crowd in many ways. First of all, they find it difficult to “fit in” with their peers, though some develop the social skills necessary to appear to be normal while watching others in the maze of life in utter fascination, possibly thinking questions, like, “How could they be so blind?” as they are struggling with their particular growing calling trying to emerge.

Most natural healers today will suffer prior to their emergence because social programming is so severe that they deny their own sacred gifts. This can cause a great deal of stress and conflict in the life of the undeveloped natural healer, leading to dramatic trials and tribulations, including suffering severe illnesses or disease which may reach chronic even near-fatal proportions forcing them to “wake up” their ability to heal themselves first.

Once their healing senses have been awakened, they know first-hand that the body has its own innate ability to heal itself and begin to recognize their ability to channel the healing (in whatever form they are blessed with) to others, enabling their bodies to heal themselves.

Natural healers may also suffer great life traumas throughout their life in effect to equip themselves with the tools necessary to have empathy and compassion for those whom they will serve or will be their “patients” but also to force them to come to grips with their natural healing abilities.

If any of this resonates with you, you may be a natural healer.

DIY Life Threatening Disease Elimination

Having recently witnessed yet another elimination of a life-threatening disease, I am reminded of how incredible our bodies and the planet which surrounds us like a warm blanket on a winter’s day are. When they are allowed to work at their highest potential in concert for the greater good, nothing can thwart their natural and grandiose power with a grace and elegance that only leaves me in shock and awe at the perfect design of it all.

How magnificent our bodies are in their natural ability to repair, rejuvenate, regenerate and defeat any disease or malady, if empowered to operate at full capacity, and if you need a little help from outside yourself to support the process, we are surrounded by natural substances that make up Mother Nature’s natural pharmacy, available to us 24/7.

While more and more doctors are awakening and realizing that there is more to healing than making the big bucks signing people up for expensive surgeries and prescribing Big Pharma’s patented medicine, people are taking responsibility for their own health and self-healing using alternative medicine and natural remedies.

Is it easy? No.

First, let’s take a look at “disease.”

A specific disease is not anything that will harm you. The disease is simply a way to categorize a set of symptoms and commonalities within the body into a group that is standardized enough that doctors can share information with each other quickly, without having to share all the individual specifics about a patient’s condition.

When you are given the diagnosis of a disease by name, it is generally understood that you are having “these kinds of symptoms” in “these areas of the body.” Once a diagnosis has been made, the doctor will go about the work of investigating what has worked for other doctors who have been diagnosed with the same disease and hope that they can help you in the same way.

All are very logical, systematic, and efficient when things work out the way you’d like them to. Normally, successful treatment is assumed when the patient is experiencing fewer symptoms of the disease.

Often the symptoms exist from something not right inside the body, and the something not right could be pathogens, bacteria, viruses, or parasites that are attacking the body from the inside out. When this is the case, a universal antibiotic, like chlorine dioxide might be effective in killing off the pathogens that are causing this particular set of symptoms.

Your body, as incredible as its potential to heal itself, has been reprogrammed since birth to be incapable of healing itself, making it dependent on the chemical incarnations of natural elements, the corporations, and the staff which administer them.

So, if you’re thinking about taking personal responsibility for your own health, wellness, and defeating of disease, even including the most horrible life-threatening challenges, you will need to take the proactive approach of building your body’s natural ability to heal itself. If your body has its natural ability to self-heal restored, it can do the work it was designed to do, on its own; what an amazing design all of this is.

And it happens all around us every day. I have been fortunate enough to know some of the people who have taken a holistic approach to healthcare defeating their own life-threatening diseases. They have emerged on the other side of their death sentence, with outstanding health, enhanced quality of life, and longevity.

Yesterday, another joins the ranks of the many who have looked death in the eye and put the Grim Reaper on notice, “Mother Nature and I are gonna kick your ass!” and they do.

Befuddled doctors all say the same thing, “It must have been a misdiagnosis,” blaming botched tests, or alternatively, “a miracle.” (84% of Americans believe in miracles.) Even the medical community admidst that for no known reason, cancer patients go into spontaneous regression for no reason whatsoever (accounting for 1 in 80,000 cancer patients).

Although, even among this exclusive club of the medical community, there are a growing number of them who are awakening and taking note of the magnificence of the self-healing human body, as well as the natural elements which surround us, as if they were gifts of God, all provided in perfect harmony to support the melody of our lives.

Those who have healed themselves of catastrophic maladies know better. Their new lease on life was not a misdiagnosis, miracle, or accident of any kind. They healed themselves by exiting the flow of the mob and cleared a path through nature to healing and wellness, which few others dare to consider.

I too have allowed my body to deteriorate and become dependent on the chemistry which I’ve been force-fed since birth. Still, now, I am joining the burgeoning ranks of the natural nutcases who are living life in a different way, a better way, embracing the magnificence and power of a brilliantly conceived and engineered closed system, where God has provided everything we need to achieve our highest and best, live a better life, our best lives, and make the world an even better place.

Maybe even you might be interested in the concept that you, too, could heal yourself.

Holistic Approach to Healthcare

There is a growing trend in alternative medicine and natural remedies among the people (about one-half of the American population believes in alternative therapies and this number is growing rapidly). Even so, many people are still locked into the science of believing in traditional medicine and ongoing medical care by trained professionals. Remember, these professional doctors have been professionally trained in dispensing designer patented drugs, referring patients for tests by exposing themselves to expensive scientifically advanced equipment and surgeries.

Some people aren’t buying it anymore. They are questioning the idea that expensive designer drugs and surgery are not always (and maybe never) the best answer. These free-thinking individuals are refocusing their attention on natural remedies and alternative medicine.

This is part of the expansion explorer’s journey. In order to make a break from the mainstream you have to stop believing in the propaganda which exists all around us in an effort to make us believe this information is true, yet those who do believe in all the persistent lies, think that if they’re not feeling well, they must seek out a doctor and blindly follow his or her recommendations.

If you want to make the move toward more natural approaches to your individual health care you must think differently. After you’ve decided to believe the hype in the false claims of advertising and promotion of these designer drugs, you need to look at your maladies in a different way.

Instead of thinking about going to the doctor, you will need to look at other things that are going on in your life that might be affecting your mind, heart, and body. One of my favorite people, Louise Hay, shared a list of symptoms and the conditions of life which contribute to these sicknesses and diseases in her book, You Can Heal Your Life. This book is probably one of the most significant contributions to making the world a better place and will long be revered even though she has left us to continue her journey on the other side. What a gift.

Although it is known that these principles, as Louise Hay presents them, are not necessarily a new idea, as these concepts are found in ancient spiritual practices, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and other holistic health systems. But she, so cleverly inspired, provided the modern world with a map that we could wrap our consciousness around.

When you’re entertaining the idea of taking responsibility for your own health care, you need to look outside the box of traditional medicine. When you use Doctor Google to help self-diagnose and treat your own symptoms, you will note that expensive clinical research and scientific studies have been conducted and their results published and made easy for you to find.

Keep in mind that these expensive studies are funded by the pharmaceutical company that created the patented drugs, as well as the organizations, universities, and government agencies that support them. While natural remedies are free or extremely inexpensive, so there is no scientific proof to support any claims that you might find for results associated with these alternative therapies. What you will find, though, are anecdotal stories and personal experiences of those who have taken this road less traveled.

While you are looking into these alternatives, also keep in mind that there are people who specialize in these alternative therapeutic interventions. There are natural healing modalities and practitioners who specialize in these, as well as other approaches to natural healing. These practitioners agree that healing is a three-fold process addressing the body, the mind, and the spirit; this is the holistic approach, treating the whole body.

When you’re considering self-healing, be sure to take the time to examine all three areas of your life, the body, the mind, and your spirit.

Alternative Medicine and Natural Remedies

I know this is a tender subject. When you talk about alternative medicine and natural remedies, people start to roll their eyes and imagine you dancing with a rattle in a grass skirt, like some kind of cartoon witch doctor. A toast to the powers that be responsible for brainwashing the general population, hat’s off to a job well done. We’ve all been duped and we don’t even know. That is unless you do know…

If you do know, maybe you’re like me and you’ve seen in impact or natural holistic health modalities which embrace the idea of natural medicine as an alternative to patented designer prescription medications.

As a matter of fact, I’ve witnessed natural cures (I realize I’m not qualified to use the word, “cure,”) using simple techniques and herbal medicine that have far-surpassed whatever promises the medical community might make.

I’ve known many people who were given six months to live. For those who simply accepted their dire diagnosis, they passed away within a year.

For the others who sought to fight the doctor’s death sentence, with alternative medicine and natural remedies, guess what? You guessed it, and something deep inside you knows it’s true. They are all living their lives fully and joyously.

What do the doctors have to say about this when they are confronted by their self-healing now healthy beyond belief patients? They all have this response down pat, “It’s either a misdiagnosis or a miracle.”

There is nothing miraculous about the healing of themselves, except for this:

The miracle of the human body to heal itself while accelerating natural healing with what mother nature has provided for us. Our planet and its inhabitants are perfectly matched and attuned to work in concert for our highest and best outcome.

Everything you could possibly need was placed here on earth before we were put here. We experience life in the most comprehensive closed system, which is in itself is one of the most amazing miracles, confounding the highest thinkers of time since our introduction to this planet.

Nothing is more natural than having the ability to heal yourself; this is what your body was designed for.

If this is true (and you know it is), then why is it illegal to honestly tell your story? There are people who have boldly proclaimed the power of natural healing and natural cures. Where are they now?

The answer is so impossible to imagine that I won’t even attempt to offer any suggestions. Suffice it to say, in general, they do not continue their professing natural cures for very long until their voice slowly fades into the confusion of obscurity.

I have long been a supporter of natural healing, studied and practiced in various areas of alternative health care, though this is not the main focus of my personal calling. I was first so impressed early in my ministerial career, at how effective prayer was in initiating spontaneous healing, this sparked my interest in natural healing.

And believe me, if you’re seeking out natural remedies or an active participation in holistic health, consider spirituality as part of the comprehensive therapeutic approach. A little belief goes a long way. The integration and calling upon a higher power can make all the difference.

If we can agree that all disease affects three separate but unified parts of us, our body, our mind and our soul, then neglecting the soul can hinder your healing and wellness significantly.

Can natural healing be accomplished without spiritual integration? Absolutely, but the results are far greater and more rapid with your heart connected to the source of all life.

If you think you’re ready to take responsibility for your own health, the good news is, Google is a good repository for the otherwise hidden jewels for natural remedies. You can pretty much find anything you could possibly think of, though much of the information is anecdotal, and you will find a lot of people swearing that considering any of these natural cures is dangerous, if not lethal.

Be smart about it. Exercise your due diligence and see what dies. If you’ve been given six months to live, it may not be you, it might be your belief in what you’ve been trained to believe about health and medicine.

Natural Pain Relief

Chronic Pain Management
(the problem)

For many people chronic or persistent pain can be debilitating. It can render you incapable of experiencing the good life that abounds all around you. Doctors can medicate you in such a way so as to keep you in a mild state of pain, which further limits your ability to find joy in life, but as soon as the drug wears off, you rush to the pain medication again for some relief.

The thing with drug interventions for pain, especially long lasting pain associated with some physiological trigger, is that it can develop an addiction or dependence on an unnatural substance which leads to liver failure and a declining overall health of your biology. In other words, the pain medication, while it does offer relief, is making you susceptible to contracting other disease, bodily malfunction and deterioration, and quite frankly is slowly killing you.

There are options for natural pain relief

Throughout my life, I have had the opportunity to respond to people who have suffered from persistent and chronic pain and offered some impressive relief. Successful methods of eliminating pain which were not associated with drugs or other medical intervention included prayer, meditation, positive thinking, hypnosis, life change (living a better life), and Reiki.

All of these are sound eliminators of pain which had been suffered as a constant or persistent state for long term victims of pain. Prior to these interventions, chronic pain victims could only mask their symptoms by maintaining a medicated zombie-like state. Though this is not much quality of life, it is far better than living in constant pain. Yet, these same people were able to start new lives free of pain and were able to reverse the process of deterioration resulting from the pain and its medical management.

And it makes me wonder…

Why is it that these alternate methods of eliminating pain (instead of managing it with drugs, which have known side effects, including but not limited to resulting in death) are not taught in the colleges and universities responsible for training our health care professionals?

While our medical professionals are trained on the body’s neurology and biology, the only treatments offered as solutions include surgery and drug therapy. While these can be necessary and prudent in urgent interventions, are they all there is?

Where are the classes being taught about other known and proven therapeutic models, such as prayer, meditation, positive thinking, hypnosis, life change (living a better life), and Reiki? (a short list of all the possible healing modalities that can be found all around us, yet ignored, if not shunned, by the medical community).

While my life’s work has been more focused on the human ability to change one’s life in a powerful, transformational metamorphosis, the modalities and therapeutic sciences I have trained in and use as tools to effectuate massive changes in neurology often are effective and also used to allow sufferers of chronic pain to let go of the pain, and live highly productive lives without pain and in unexpected states of fulfillment, happiness and joy.

Eliminate pain without the threat of deterioration or death?

I don’t know about you, but to me, this is a much better potential outcome to therapeutic intervention than deterioration and death by patented medication.

I am tempted to develop a support system for alternative therapeutic models that maintain a drug-free alternative to traditional medical practices. I call many of these practitioners friends, and I so appreciate their answering the call to follow these practices and helping so many people find a better life, without pain allowing them to find fulfillment, happiness and joy.

We can do this together

If you’re practicing an alternative healing modality, contact me. I think I can help you better answer your call and help to make the world a better place.

Blessings to all the natural, alternative healers.

Thank you for all that you do.


Heal Yourself

There is a growing sense that all things medical may not actually be as presented by the current medical community. Increasingly people are starting to take full responsibility for their own healthcare. Even though it has been thoroughly beaten into every fabric of our being that to do so would not only be folly, but potentially suicidal to attempt to heal yourself.

There is that part of me that looks at the magnificence of the human body, and I feel coherence with the idea that this gift that I’ve been given of this body comes prepackaged with all the science and technology necessary to maintain itself for some 120 years or so.

Certainly, there will be times, when push comes to shove and something exposes a chink in the armor and something gets through that is incongruent with your body’s otherwise healthy state of being and intervention is necessary.

So what do you do, if you’ve taken responsibility for your own healthcare?

You try to heal yourself in any way that might be available. Fortunately, I know a PhD of Natural Medicine with whom I consult. Don’t tell him I told you this, but I always fact-check his advice on Google before jumping into any regimen he might suggest. And you know what?

Nine times out of ten, I could have just gone straight to Google. You might be surprised at how much genuine alternative resources are available with the typing on a few letters into a search engine. Keep in mind, that for as much valid information is available via the web, there is just as much misinformation, and sometimes, it’s impossible to determine which you’re looking at.

On either side of the fence you will find representations and exaggerations of otherwise commonly believed ideas supported by wild claims and/or death warnings for anyone who might even consider such a type of alternative approach to healing.

I might be much more cautious if I didn’t personally know of people who were given death sentences by Medical Doctors, threatened with certain death from unspeakable maladies if not offering to sacrifice their bodies on the altar of pharmaceuticals in exchange for a few more moments on planet earth, who did heal themselves.

Your body will heal itself if you love it with everything youve got You cannot chastise punish or poison yourself to health
Your body will heal itself if you love it with everything you’ve got. You cannot chastise, punish, or poison yourself to health.

Knowing hand fulls of folks who have successfully looked professionally prophesied death in the eye and decided to heal themselves, did just that. I mean, I couldn’t possibly disclose the details of these true life stories without risking being thrown in prison or at the very least being labelled a liar and a kook, here and everywhere else. The fact remains, these people are not only not dead, they are quite fruitful and are thriving healthfully.

And if you know someone, like that, it can’t help but make you wonder…

You might find me studying alternative therapies from time to time along my journey. To date, I have not been diagnosed with one of those frightening diseases that makes you feel like if you don’t submit to the full barrage of authorized treatment, the result will be certain death, so I can say for certain what my response would be. But since I know so may people who have done so, successfully, I would think I would give it a go.

I partake in some natural maintenance regimens, and tweak my own personal cocktails according to the natural response of my body, as well as a bit of research and checking with my inner circuitry to keep myself from falling prey to some nasty malady.

I also feel that I, along with all the others who are taking responsibility of healing themselves, are making a contribution to humanity in some small way, as though my self healthcare might be contagious.

I realize there are wildly opposing point of view on this pharma vs. farm-a idea of natural healing, but I can see both sides, and I am not – by any means – suggesting that someone not go to the doctor. I have both a primary care medical doctor and my natural health doctor that I keep open lines of communication with, so I feel I’ve got both feet on the ground, but I must admit, I am more inclined to seek a natural alternative rather than a pharmaceutical intervention, but if I need it, it’s there.

What about you?

Heal yourself lately?