You May be a Natural Healer

Back in the olden days, before modern medicine took over, natural healers would rise up within the community. These were people with an uncanny ability to heal people and help them overcome extreme challenges in life, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You may be a natural healer.

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Before modern medicine became a powerfully controlled profit-driven machine, anyone could be a doctor. You could go into any community and hang a sign over your door that had the word, “Doctor,” on it. People in pain might come to you for whatever treatment you offered. If you healed them, you ran a successful business or ministry, if not, you might starve to death unless you found another vocation which you were better suited.

This was a far more honest and credible method of practicing the healing arts than the present model of practicing medicine for the most successful doctors today are those who can prescribe the most expensive designer drugs and refer to or perform the most surgical procedures, all driven by profit.

There is no requirement for a doctor to heal, only to manage pain, or sell services, justifying themselves by an oath “to do no harm” rather than heal. For the most part, they are not healing, they are practicing medicine for profit.

This is not to say that all doctors are not healers. Some are natural healers who were fortunate enough in life to follow the path to become doctors recognized by the State and authorized to treat people. But the natural healers go on throughout their lives, possibly never knowing that they themselves were born as natural healers.

You may be a natural healer. You may have been born to be a natural healer. I think most people who possess the innate gift of natural healing find their way into serving the community in ways that are somewhat in alignment with their gift to dispense healing. We refer to their gift as a natural healer, when in reality, they have the gift of channeling source energy to another person’s body, which brings the patient’s body into alignment, allowing the body to effectively heal itself.

Natural healers may also have insight into potions and lotions which may help to promote healing, pain management, health, and/or wellness. Back in the olden days they may have learned about these enhancements from family, passed down generation to generation, or from other natural healers who used the methods because they worked.

Besides nursing and medicine, if you are a natural healer you are probably attracted to certain vocations which offer huge benefit to the community. Natural healers are drawn to professions such as counseling, coaching, health and wellness advocacy, and various forms of activism, following one’s instinct to heal.

You may be a natural healer if you are compelled to help others in your local community and/or have a sense that you were meant for more and have a desire to help make the world a better place.

You may be a natural healer if you are beginning to understand that there is far more than meets the eye happening in our world today, if you are in the process of awakening, and long to play a part in the support of the blossoming human expansion and evolution in consciousness.

You may be a natural healer if you are withdrawn from society, an introvert. This is the result of a knowingness that things are not as they appear to be. You sense the dichotomy of truth as it is presented to you by the community and that which feels vastly more real to you. This is due to your innate deeper connection to source energy, which makes you more sensitive to the goings-on of everyday life that others take for granted.

You may be a natural healer if you find yourself at home in nature, and feel a deep connection to the natural beauty, elegance, and admire the complexities of both flora and fauna. You may find yourself promoting the nurturing of natural resources and the preservation of wildlife and/or rescuing animals both wild and domesticated.

Natural healers bubble up out of the crowd in many ways. First of all, they find it difficult to “fit in” with their peers, though some develop the social skills necessary to appear to be normal while watching others in the maze of life in utter fascination, possibly thinking questions, like, “How could they be so blind?” as they are struggling with their particular growing calling trying to emerge.

Most natural healers today will suffer prior to their emergence because social programming is so severe that they deny their own sacred gifts. This can cause a great deal of stress and conflict in the life of the undeveloped natural healer, leading to dramatic trials and tribulations, including suffering severe illnesses or disease which may reach chronic even near-fatal proportions forcing them to “wake up” their ability to heal themselves first.

Once their healing senses have been awakened, they know first-hand that the body has its own innate ability to heal itself and begin to recognize their ability to channel the healing (in whatever form they are blessed with) to others, enabling their bodies to heal themselves.

Natural healers may also suffer great life traumas throughout their life in effect to equip themselves with the tools necessary to have empathy and compassion for those whom they will serve or will be their “patients” but also to force them to come to grips with their natural healing abilities.

If any of this resonates with you, you may be a natural healer.

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