Energy Healing Treatment Resistant

What if you’ve sought out alternative methods of health care and healing and are not experiencing the healing you expected? You might be energy healing treatment resistant.

Energy healing in all its many forms focuses on energy, represents not only the energy which is the source of all life but as it encounters and integrates with the energy source(s) which is/are active within your holistic being.

We see this in our work with clients who suffer chronic pain over a long period of time. The patient may have such a strong energetic tie to the symptoms and/or pain associated with the malady, that they may not be able to even imagine having a life without it. In this case, the dis-ease has become a part of his or her very being.

Certainly, there may be many reasons for various healing blockages, and it might be as basically simple as one’s refusal to accept that healing is possible at all. This is not dissimilar to having the malady being a part of your identity, except that it is a more conscious blockage to energy healing, consciously refusing to accept healing because you believe it is not a possibility.

The power source of energetic healing is pure love energy which honors the patient above all. You cannot force energy healing on someone who is not in the receiving mode. To receive energetic healing, one must first be receptive.

Advanced energy healers are able to help determine what your blockages might be to healing, and if you are willing to do the work, these blockages may be released or removed so that true healing may commence. Kinesiology, or muscle testing, is one such method which is highly regarded by many practitioners of alternative healing modalities.

Emotional (and possibly long-hidden from one’s conscious mind) wounds and scars may also be responsible for one’s resistance to healing. The underlying emotional trauma, though not expressed openly in everyday life, can be a heavy cloak which shrouds one’s being, disallowing one who suffers from it to enjoy any of the best things this life may have to offer. All this emotional trauma may be released through the process of love’s energy healing.

In most cases,

Repressed emotional wounds are the source of disease

To think that childhood trauma, family dysfunction, fear of the unknown, stress of work or life, an overwhelming sense of unworthiness, victimization, abuse, and pent up emotions could be responsible for major disease may seem beyond belief, but nothing is more critically true.

The continued denial, covering up, pressing down, and suppressing these negative emotions builds up a growing force festering malignancy throughout the entire biological, physiological, and spiritual system that represents our existence in this reality. And your disease becomes more powerful as your ability to fight it declines and the system deteriorates at a more rapid pace.

Simple negative emotions will eventually manifest themselves by making you sick. Even if you do not speak the words and only think the negative thoughts, your immune system weakens and you are more apt to become ill or susceptible to disease.

This is why alternative treatment methods focus on treating the whole person, body, mind, and spirit.

Our modern society and the lives we live and not conducent to living a life in harmony with the energetic frequency of true love’s vibration. Only as the human being brings his or her own full being (body/mind/spirit) into alignment is one able to be fully receptive to the fullness of one’s true birthright.

Maybe it’s time for you to consider a more holistic approach to healing and if you find that you are initially energy healing treatment resistant, maybe it’s time to dig deeper to see what may be lying underneath the surface. It might be time to take a look at any deep inner work you might need to do.

Healing Blockages

You might have a long history of receiving healing from energy healing therapies, then all of a sudden, when you least expect it, find yourself unresponsive to energy healing. You may be suffering from healing blockages which are preventing your efforts to heal energetically.

Don’t give up. Keep working with the energetic healing modality that has a history of being effective for you. It is highly likely that you don’t need to seek some new therapeutic model. You have reached a place in your life’s journey that you will not be able to receive the healing you seek until you have dealt with your personal healing blockages.

I see this happen in both clients and even the energy healers themselves.

Sometimes we get so busy doing the work of living life or serving others that we forget that the whole purpose of our life’s journey begins with us, then what we offer others or the world, flows out from the work we’ve done inside.

This work is never done and is continuously an ongoing process.

Occasionally, if we overlook the work that is waiting to be done deep inside, our efficacy or responsiveness to energetic or positive spiritual insights, awareness, or power begins to fade.

You’ve done so much deep inner work, that you felt confident that whatever little remains were of little consequence. Still, it longs to be resolved, and if ignored for long enough it will become a blockage to personal growth, expansion, or healing.

If you want to get back on your game, you’re going to have to do some inner detective to find out what issues you’ve failed to deal with or are blocking out which are affecting your ability to be fully in the energetic stream or are being expressed as healing blockages.

Some places to look at might be unresolved fear which is either recognizable consciously or has been locked away in the deep recesses of your heart or mind.

Incongruency in the words you speak could be the reason for your blockages. How you talk about what you do or who you are may be inconsistent enough to create a block in the otherwise pure flow of energy or love. Look for better ways to be open, honest, and transparent about you and who you are.

Not honoring yourself, loving and caring for yourself fully as you continue to grow and expand, or harboring unforgiveness for someone who as hurt you or let you down (even if that person is you) can result in healing blockages.

Healing blockages may be the result of holding onto old dogmas or false beliefs which no longer serve you and who you are today in the now.

If you are aware of your Purpose, Message, Passion, and Mission (PMPM) and are not expressing these in your life, failure to do so will result in continued blockages. Answer your call, start exercising your special gifts and abilities and watch your blockages fade away.

You can also experience healing blockages from not walking in faith and manifesting the desires of your heart.

There are many different things, hundreds if not thousands of possibilities, that can come up which can become energetic blockages hindering your efficacy or susceptibility to intuitive awareness or healing.

Maybe it is time to look at what might be causing your healing blockages.